Shabby chic sofas, elegance meets romance

Shabby chic sofa The shabby chic style has also conquered Italy. “Shabby” means “unkempt”; the meaning of the second ....

Dec 21, 2017
Furniture / Lisa

Classic lounges, a choice of style

Classic lounges They are harmoniously inserted even in today’s homes, making refined and timeless elegance a protagonist of the ....

Dec 18, 2017
Living Room / Lisa

Sofas and sofas, how to choose the right one

Sofas for the living room The sofa, when it welcomes us at the end of the day or in ....

Dec 17, 2017
Living Room / Lisa

Modern living room furniture, ideas and advice

Modern living room furniture In order to obtain a living area that has a contemporary cut and manifestly free ....

Dec 9, 2017
Living Room / Lisa

Wall-mounted wardrobe in plasterboard, comfortable and functional

Wall cabinets The wardrobe is a furnishing element indispensable in every dwelling or work structure, its realization depends on ....

Nov 24, 2017
Furniture / Lisa

Ikea wardrobe cabinet, opinions, dimensions, tips

Ikea Wardrobe The innovative solutions of Ikea wardrobe give us the possibility to create customized spaces and to solve ....

Nov 22, 2017
Furniture / Lisa

Cheap wood kitchen, a modern choice

Cheap Wood Kitchen The cheap wood-burning kitchen with oven is a type of economical wood-fired kitchen that uses wood-fired ....

Nov 21, 2017
Kitchen / Lisa

Home Theater equipment, choose the quality

The home theater Want to cinema? Today it is no longer necessary to go to a cinema room to ....

Nov 21, 2017
Interior / Lisa

Ikea floor lamps, light and design

Ikea lamps In a home furnishing design or a work environment, one can not help but consider lighting as ....

Nov 19, 2017
Lighting / Lisa

Wooden veranda, advice on buying a wooden veranda

Wooden veranda The veranda was created as a space for the extension of the house with the aim of ....

Nov 18, 2017
Exterior / Lisa

Car shelter, protective and beautiful to see

Car shelter Protecting the car is a true “mission” for thousands of peoples, especially when it comes to a ....

Nov 18, 2017

Small gardens: how to make small green spaces

How to think and design small gardens Often the underdeveloped spaces are underestimated, but one has to know that ....

Nov 18, 2017