Window dimensions, the relation with natural light

Sunlight needed at home
The windows in an interior environment are essential to allow natural light to enter as much as possible when the sun is present and to make the interior space bright and natural as it is right to be. When the window size is insufficient for the space to be illuminated, it is possible to create dark, dark, not livable living environments that need constant artificial lighting to meet the lack of natural daylight.
This is a bad thing for everyday life, both from the point of view of eye health and not only, the psychophysical well-being of mind and body, but also from the point of view of energy consumption and pollution, as well as waste of money when paying the bills. It is therefore best to dimension correctly the size of our fixtures during the renovation or design phase, if possible, possibly overdosing them to space, to enjoy more natural light throughout the year, as well as in summer periods where the windows can be screened , and in winter, where natural light is never enough.

How do I calculate the ratio of window hole and interior space?
If we want to make an idea and we intend to “design” our own house, we can evaluate the surface finishing according to the footstep. In fact, it is possible to calculate approximately the minimum window surface, that is, the need for external light in the interior space by evaluating the window surface that is to be eighth of that of the floor. Just take the square meters of flooring and divide them by eight, and calculate the hole or the holes in the window to fit.

In any room and room that is public or private, the width of the window must be sufficiently proportioned to ensure a correct airflow, vital to living in enclosed spaces, and above all an FLD, a daylight factor, not lower at a predetermined value, always taking into account the minimum openable surface, of an eighth of the walkable surface.
But in this case, technicians specializing in lighting engineering, or just architects, will be interviewed, we just need to know that with an eighth floor we have the minimum surface that allows us to live well in an interior space. If it is possible to implement this glazed surface, the indoor environment will gain natural light at the expense of the artificial one.

Published on Sep 13, 2017 | Cat: Window | By Lisa