Modular bookshelves for your living room

Perfect for the living area, the bookcase furniture is able to fulfill several functions, enclosing in one space more decorative solutions of different styles. Often furniture libraries combine day-to-day modules and locked rooms with blinds or glasses because they are not only useful for hosting volumes and magazines, but also for concealing all those items that you do not want to show. Versatile and technologically advanced, compilable libraries are therefore a perfect synthesis of functionality and aesthetics because they can meet any need for customization of space and taste. Many of the materials and models in which companies can shape the most diverse needs of living, offering modular elements that can be fitted in height and length or equipped with a fixed structure. As it was said, bookcases can be equipped with doors, height adjustable shelves, and storage containers for TV, for example. Among the most up-to-date solutions, there is the Maisons du Monde mobile portable bookcase made of solid oak and gives a delicate vintage atmosphere to the room. In addition to providing a space for the TV screen, it has several other spaces for the hi-fi system. Finally, the vintage style makes it ideal for any type of furnishing.

Modular Bookshelves Module

Modular bookshelves module furnish the home in a functional way, meeting the most diverse housing needs. As modular compositions fit perfectly into any environment and above all give endless possibilities of customization. Among the various models in the market, the choice is really vast: there are wall models or even double-faced solutions that are, for example, ideal for dividing spaces into an open space or in a room very large, to separate the cooking zone from the one in which to receive the guests. Even the materials fit perfectly to any need because they are for all tastes and also for all available budgets: it goes from wood to glass to steel and so on. For example, it is entirely made of aluminum, the Rimadesio Wind Library, characterized by a rounded connection between the shelf and the upright. It is also available with tempered glass backs and is provided in 4 widths and 5 heights. This modular system combines aesthetic lightness and technological innovation. The terminal element of each composition is in fact the lacquered top and laminated in MDF coated with a double sheet of aluminum.

Modern modular bookcases

Contemporary modular bookshelves are ideal for storing and arranging books, but also magazines, objects, photos or ninnles. Ultimately they are perfect for ordering everything you want. We have seen how they are made up of modules to be joined or overlapped and, if necessary, these libraries can also function as partition walls. So the solutions are so many and they all allow to furnish living with originality. The fact of being modular makes these compositions extremely versatile in both style and, above all, in size because they are a perfect solution even for small spaces to elegantly furnish. Among the many brands of furniture there is Doimo Design, for example, which offers a number of models of modern modular libraries to choose the one that best suits their needs. Among the various proposals, the Citylife # 35 bookstore is very interesting, which gives the environment refinement without weighing it through the combination of both single and front bookcases and the choice of colors and depths of the elements. The result is a perfect composition for your stay and gives the whole home a strong personality.

Wall-mounted bookcases

If you want to give a touch of style to a bare environment, the best choice is always that of wall-mounted bookcases. Thanks to their enormous versatility, these libraries succeed in characterizing living by optimizing spaces and functions. Wall-mounted or wall-to-wall storage libraries are highly customizable solutions as they can elegantly furnish a small or large living area. Well-stocked wall will then be able to accommodate your living quarters transforming your stay into a small library. The different modules and shelves can therefore be arranged on the part to create a real mosaic, giving motion and character to the entire area. Pianca Spa space for example is an ideal library for modern environments. Available in both ground and suspended versions, it is suitable for any environment and situation thanks to the various finishes in which it can be laid: lacquered, matt or transparent, this compartment book finds its function already in the name: “Create Container Space and rationalize it.

Modular bookshelves design

Modular libraries are also called “systems” and / or “programs”: these are definitions that emphasize the concepts of multifunctionality and versatility. Personalization allows you to optimize all the space available in the living area while at the same time getting the best result from the aesthetic point of view. It starts with a type composition to make it the protagonist of a tailor-made project, tailored to the specific needs but also to the individual tastes. Many models can, however, always be modified over time, and therefore always meet any lifestyle changes and daily-related dynamics. Designer bookstores are experiencing a golden season as they assure a great stylistic impact and make the environment in which they are placed unique, in the true sense of the term. Originally, sometimes quite aroused, they are still characterized by a high level of quality and structural solidity from which the best companies never leave. In the picture, Magis Boogie Woogie, a two-sided modular bookcase that also allows back-to-back compositions. Available with or without bottom wall. Material: ABS standard molded injection molding. Stackable and adaptable.

Modular bookcase

Large compartment bookshelves, alone, furnish living. And they can also be used as a dividing element, to delineate the various areas from which the environment is composed or even to separate the kitchen area from the one dedicated to relaxation. If you do not have enough space to accommodate an important size mobile, do not give up the idea of ​​having a modular library. There are, in fact, small ones in the market, the size of which is considerably reduced, but in contrast they offer good containment capacity and are also of great personality in terms of aesthetics. They are design libraries that can cost a bit, of course, but it’s worth it. Also because the quality is not undermined in favor of the image. EmmeBi Rubik’s Design by Carlo Cumini Design: a library made up of cubic modules with sloping facades that, placed on one another, give the aesthetic impression of a precarious balance, typical of the books that lie behind each other; stability, on the other hand, is guaranteed. Cubes: Embossed lacquered in standard colors. Base: aluminum color.

Modular bookshelves module

Modular Bookshelves contain, expose, offer support plans for objects of different sizes and typologies, in some cases incorporate the study angle and in many others become real equipped walls. The market choice is vast, the modular library becomes (along with the couch) the undisputed protagonist of the contemporary living. Generally, the more complete and flexible systems also provide for the possibility of inserting corner modules to make better use of your space; often, in fact, the corners remain unused and this applies not only to living but to all other home environments including the bedroom. And in the bedroom, the bookstore represents an added value in the sign of elegance and creative freedom. The panels that make up them, freeing themselves from their weight, allow the shelves to remain suspended, returning an unusual sense of “visual lightness”. Crossing’s geometric disorder creates compositions up to now unusual, free from the usual constraints.

Modular Bookshelves for Living Room: Modular Bookshelve

Day-to-day bookshelves, double-sided libraries, bookcases with storage compartments and tv-room, with writing desk, space-saving, bridge, suspended: today there’s a real embarrassment to choice. Also with regard to colors and materials. Everyone who loves tradition chooses wood, which preserves intact its charm and success; those who prefer contemporary trends are oriented towards more innovative solutions such as steel worked according to industrial taste. In all cases, advice is not to focus on savings but on quality. And on the most well known and reliable brands. In the picture by Byblos of Ozzio Italia, design Hanno Giesler. It is a modular modern library that can be swiveled both horizontally and vertically. Made of MDF veneered in wood or MDF embossed white lacquered thickness 10 mm.

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