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Tables and chairs Ikea

Choosing chairs for the kitchen or the dining room should take into account some essential factors such as matching with other furnishing components, materials used, and sitting comfort. The Ikea catalog offers countless proposals to find the optimal solution, all designed in conjunction with dining tables. Among the padded models, the Henriksdal line (in the picture) (starting from 44 euros) offers an ideal seat thanks to its high back and seat with polyester wadding while the removable and washable lining is available in eight different colors.

Among the options without padding, the wide range of offers varies from basic models such as the Roberto chair (17.99 euros) to those who love the classic and traditional style of a chair in wood and straw to sophisticated models such as the Wolfgang chair 49.99 euro), an ever-present line model with polished steel legs and flexible seat available in gray or black. Of course, the Swedish company’s offer of seats is very wide and allows these items to be easily adapted to the rest of the furnishings present.

Ikea office chairs

To furnish an office at home or outside, Ikea offers an unlimited choice of ergonomic chairs designed specifically for comfortable sitting, preventing fatigue, contractures or joint pain. Even in this case, you will be able to opt for particularly economical models, such as Arlik models (19.99 euros) or Snille, both with adjustable height and wheels, perfect for carpet floors and locking system.

Or, you will be able to choose more sophisticated products, albeit not particularly cheap, such as the Volmar chair (239 euros) offering a ten-year warranty. The lining is in soft leather, easy to clean, the backrest and the seat are adjustable and the wheels are finally rubber-coated and perfect for any type of floor. Of course there are also intermediate models that combine comfort, ergonomics and economy to ensure a comfortable and functional working environment.

Ikea folding Chairs

For those with little room, the folding or stackable chairs allow you to have extra seats without interfering. Among the first, all very simple to open and close and which can also be hung on the wall, the economical Terje in wood (12.99 euros in white and brown), Nisse (8.99 euros) or fraud (29.99 euros in red, black and green). Among the stackable models, which allow you to have many seats in the space of a single chair, the Adde chair (10 euros in white, gray, red and black), the Martin model (25 in black and white) and the Erland (49.99 euros in white) the latter particularly resistant to scratches and bumps thanks to a special surface treatment. The Swedish company, then, often offers offers, promotions and novelties that extend the proposals dedicated to the home, to make it possible to have items that are well suited to any style of living.

Ikea tables and chairs

Finally, Ikea proposes a set of dining areas to choose from perfectly coordinated tables and chairs, providing infinite possible solutions that can fit every need for style, design and space. One of the most popular combinations is the one between Henriksdale chairs and Bjursta tables. The latter are extensible tables, with a longitudinal axis under the floor, made of durable materials and available in white, brown and brown-black colors and with different minimum lengths (50 cm to 174 cm).

For those who have little room, much appreciated, affordable and the cool style is the combination of Adde chairs and Melltorp table (table and two chairs only 54.97 euros) the latter perfectly matching, at the same price, even in the chairs Nisse. Obviously you can decide to combine seating and table according to your preferences, as items can be sold individually, so each one chooses the perfect combination for your home.

Catalog of Ikea chairs

In the choice of chairs for our home there are different criteria that guide us: usually the first thought is to match them to the dining table; they also test the comfort and the comfort and finally prefer style, materials and colors that respond to their own taste.
It is, however, essential to evaluate the function to which the chair we will acquire. Will it be used in the living room around the dining table? or is it intended for the kitchen counter? Will it complete the area dedicated to home office?
Depending on the position and the function, different materials and shapes will be preferred in choosing the chair. So many proposals in the Ikea chairs catalog: the models are comfortable and cared for in aesthetics. Many brand seats are designed to match the tables produced by the same company to create a coordinated lunch area. There are also the company models, the stackable or folding ones, designed to meet the need for practicality dictated by today’s homes.

Ikea chairs padded

Ikea chairs are also padded: a requirement required for those who always seek the utmost comfort. But also a great solution to the circumstances in which you spend a lot of time at the table, to enjoy the food together with the pleasure of the company. One of the benefits of Ikea padded chairs is undoubtedly sought after in the covers: most are in fabric and wash without any problems in the washing machine. Other models are in eco-leather, so they are cleaned quickly with a damp cloth. Costa 99 euro, has foam padding in polyurethane foam and massive birch frame the chair with Nils armrests, white and black. Perfect in a modern and / or minimalist style living room, in an environment characterized by a more classical taste: it is definitely versatile. Of greater impact, the most authoritative is Henriksdal, featuring a high back and a seat with polyester wadding. You can choose between different colors, that is, amaranth, dark gray and light gray, white, red, beige, orange. The legs are made of solid wood, the lining is 100% cotton.

Ikea garden chairs

Ikea has always been aiming for outdoor furniture: balconies, gardens, terraces. And it must be said that the proposal is vast but also good. It goes from chairs to dining tables, from furniture to relaxation to umbrellas and gazebo, from sunbeds to a long range of accessories including pillows and lighting of every shape and type. The Ikea garden chairs are solid and look good; in wood, plastic or steel, however, are their beautiful figure and, while keeping their prices low, they gain full quality promotion. Wide choice is also in terms of aesthetics. There are the classic ones, the essentials, those of the most original and modern forms. The latter category belongs to Högsten (49.99 euro), in hand-woven plastic fabric, on a steel structure coated with white powdered polyester. In drawing it, Nike Karlsson has been inspired by the armchairs of a time, but revisiting its shapes and colors. It has high back and low seat, comfort is assured. Designed for the garden, it is also good at home. Also candid, but completely different is Ängsö, chair with massive pine armrests. There is also a pillow but is sold separately. It is stackable; when not used, they can also overlay 4 and save a lot of time.

Ikea children’s chairs

Ikea chairs are also child-sized. The Swedish company has created a wide assortment of both seating and tables for the smaller ones with shapes, colors, materials and ad hoc measures. Lightweight and easy-to-move products: their main room is the bedroom, of course, but an extravagant “transfer” in the living area, perhaps to be with the rest of the family, really takes place in just a few minutes. At the same time, Ikea has focused on robustness. Because house thieves, they know, often move in a way that is not delicate especially when they play; therefore, the ability to resist their impulses was immediately placed among the main goals. A goal largely achieved. It is made of plastic, has a funny shape but guarantees the comfort of the Mammut chair, available in green, pale pink and blue. Costs 17,99 euros; it is matched with tables of the same series – round or rectangular – and with stools. Of course, the classic Kritter chair with the plastic backrest and the wooden fiber seat and acrylic lacquer are just as much classical as possible. Colors: white, red. Again in this case there is a matching table.

The catalog of Ikea chairs is made up of confirmations and new entry. In the sense that year after year, of course, models that continue to meet the public’s favor and are therefore translated into a satisfactory number of purchases. The offer, however, is always enriched with unprecedented models in line with current trends or the result of a reasoned study: as every company, it also strives to respond adequately to users’ needs. With regard to 2015, the chair of the new Norraker series has brilliantly passed the overall examination: all of Scandinavian design wood furnishings and a marked appeal to tradition. The chair, like the other pieces, is made of solid FSC-certified birch and has an undeniable functionality. It has copper fixing accessories and is stackable.

Ikea plastic chairs

The Swedish brand has a large catalog dedicated to chairs and tables where it is possible to find models of different materials and shapes that can fit everybody’s style and taste. A large slice of the catalog is dedicated to Ikea plastic chairs, made according to the latest furniture trends, with modern and contemporary lines. one of the most popular and appreciated models, even for its low cost is the Melltorp chair, which combines the plastic seat and the steel legs for a great deal of strength. The chair costs € 19.99 and is comfortably stackable to save space. A more particular model, always joining steel and plastic, is the Tobias chair, chromed steel flexible base and transparent seat in various chromatic variants of soft shapes. Its price is 59.99 euros. For those looking for an original element and internally in plastic, the Janinge model is the ideal solution. It is made of reinforced plastic and can be chosen in white or yellow light, to illuminate also the most anonymous environments. Costa 29.99 euros. It also comes in the version with armrests, which costs 34.99 euros and is available in white or light gray.

Ikea chairs, guide to choice of Ikea seats: Ikea rocking chair

The Ikea chair catalog also includes several rocking chairs. A wide range at the right point and above all consisting of heterogeneous proposals that can satisfy both the classical style and the modern one. The prices are between € 150 and about € 299. The most expensive are the rocking chairs belonging to the Poang line, launched on the market forty years ago and still being subject to numerous approvals. I deserve a design that does not go in fashion and a project based on the use of good quality materials including authentic leather and birch veneer. Smaller versions have also been made for the smaller ones. And for the youngest, the Swedish company has also developed a rocking chair all over them: it’s called Sundvik, it costs 39.99 euros and is in solid pine. “Swinging – is remembered on the official Ikea site – the baby develops balance and her brain learns to distinguish sensory impressions.” A nice, convenient and useful product. In 2017, we presented the chair that we show in photos, the result of Marcus Arvonen’s creativity; costs 259 euros, has steel structure and polyester liner. The protection is made of ethylene plastic. Captures attention to its particular shape, a contemporary mood daughter but also suitable for environments with more traditional furnishings. It is perfect for moments of relaxation, those dedicated to reading a good book or listening to music. Plastic strips at the bottom of the arches protect the floor from scratches and wear. The lining is easy to keep clean and fresh because it is removable and washable in the washing machine.

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