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Calligaris chairs

An eye-catching design that never ceases to be as functional, a cautious manic about detail, the constant choice of durable and durable materials, and finally the numerous opportunities to come up with a variety of colors, often in a thousand shades. These are all the chairs Calligaris, which are offered in many models, continuously, always in the name of innovation. Often suitable for indoor and outdoor use, these seats are frequently stackable and super-practical.
In the picture is presented one of the latest novelties of Calligaris, MS4: this is a monolithic plastic chair designed by Marc Sadler, sober and elegant and also surprisingly comfortable due to the unexpected flexibility of the seat. The honeycomb surface is the visible appearance of a complex underlying structure that, thanks to the elastic modulus of the thermoplastic material with which it is produced, conveys the flexibility of a cushion to the seat. The MS4 chair is available in seven colors: white, black, turtle, red, mustard, sky blue, hazelnut.

The Calligaris chairs have always been offering high performance in terms of ergonomics, flexibility and adaptability. Moreover, one of the guidelines followed by the company is the term “smart” synonymous with the simple elegance, true added value of our days that meets the desire to play with volumes, combinations, chromaticities to create spaces that are not serial, but who can tell the best person’s personality. Not at all, any Calligaris chair is an expression of a specific taste, ready to enter any kind of home, adapting to perfection.
In the picture is presented the Gamera chair, comfortable, ergonomic, stackable and colorful. This is a high performance nylon monocoque, usable both inside and outside, available in seven colors. The construction technique, the sinuous lines and the materials used make it original in terms of shape, lightness and strength. The Gamera chair was designed by Dondoli and Pocci with a passionate style that materializes the highest level of image, making it a masterpiece of modernity with unparalleled and unique performance.

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Calligaris chairs have often promoted change in this field. The sessions of this brand have been frequently able to harmonize with different styles, creating unique environments, as at the bottom are all the homes. We could also say that they stand out for a great deal … price design, as well as price quality. Possessing a Calligaris session means bringing in a fresh, timeless design in the environments.
In the picture is presented the collection of web seating, chair, high backrest and stool, whose essential features are functional design, detail care, choice of durable materials, multiple possibilities of matching colors between: structure , handle and lining. Five colors for the matt lacquered metal frame and the breathable and washable mesh fabric casing, while eight are the colors of the handle, always in painted metal, placed on the backrest. The Web chair is stackable and can be easily inserted in both home and office situations by offering customized solutions for any need and with the ambition of bringing design closer to the public.

“We started with a chair in 1923. Today, with over 800 catalog products sold in 90 countries around the world, we can say that they have made the right choice.” These are the words by which Calligaris catalog 2017 begins. The proposal is broad, as usual, and concerns the different environments of the home but in particular the living. Once again, the use of plastic is widely used for making chairs. “Because plastic – explains Calligaris’ representatives – allows for endless design freedom, choosing the most appropriate formulation for each product declination.” Polypropylene (solid and durable, resistant to chemicals, shock, abrasion and weather) is perfect for full colors; Polycarbonate offers smooth, glossy surfaces and high transparency and brilliance, and is therefore suitable for semi-transparent colors. In the picture the Bahia outdoor chair: the name refers to exotic landscapes, the shape resembles large tropical flower petals. The session is “bio-inspired and organic,” as emphasized by Dondoli and Pocci designers; the polypropylene shell is flexible and durable, durable and recyclable. Also for outdoor version with four legs in satin-finish metal. The space between seat and back allows the water to slide away.

Calligaris chair

The company Calligaris has among its main goals the functionality and versatility of the products offered. This is why many chairs can be used both in home and outdoors, gardens and terraces in the first place. They are therefore characterized by a chameleon design and resistance to materials, as well as for specific machining that “cushion” the action of atmospheric agents and coincide with a great resistance to wear and the passage of time. If the purchase involves some expense, since we are talking about a high-end brand, it is also true that it can be considered a real long-term investment. As is true that Calligaris furniture and accessories represent a remarkable added value even from an aesthetic point of view: they are original, recognizable, in many ways unique. In Parisienne picture, polycarbonate chair, stackable and also suitable for outdoor use. Dimensions: L46,5 P53,5 H86,5 Hs45,5. 02. With its unique style mixes the recall of the classic French bistro chairs of the early twentieth century and absolute modernity: Parisienne is colorful, comfortable and stackable for four.

Calligaris kitchen chairs

Calligaris chairs are suitable for any home environment. Of course, most models are mainly designed for the living area, but there is also a lack of perfect proposals for cooking. In addition, they are always of high quality chairs, which endearly endear the everyday use and move with great ease. As for the materials, you can choose between plastic and wood or opt for a mix made of efficiency. Stylish versatility makes it easy to combine tables with different types. To have an immediate idea of ​​what is currently on sale, just connect online and go to the official site by visiting the category or viewing the catalog. You will find, along with numerous photographs, prices and descriptive descriptions including dimensions, finishes, finishes and designs. In the picture, Stockholm’s Nordic design chair, characterized by a simple wooden structure and a seat and an independent backrest, padded and covered with fabric. We also note the shape of the cross and the special machining of the legs that adhere elegantly to the backrest.

Calligaris Chairs: the news: Calligaris Chairs available

The catalog of chairs Calligaris also includes many padded models. The seats and backrests have more important volumes and offer a further level of comfort. From an aesthetic point of view, we also talk about products that can catalyze attention and even determine the style of a room alone. Vastissima choice for leather and fabric upholstery. Want to buy Calligaris chairs but the budget you have is not enough? Go hunting for offers: there is and it is not too hard to find them either. Many official dealers, for starters, offer cyclically interesting promotions. The full list of outlets is available on the official website of the company. And always the site is another good landmark to save. At the time we write, for example, who does an online purchase and then retire the goods in the store is entitled to a 10 percent discount. In the picture Claire, chair from the unmistakably sober Nordic elegance. Special signs: a large, curved and enveloping back, a solid ash wood structure, legs in ash wood, upholstered seat and upholstered back and covered in genuine leather. Design Orlandini design.

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