Bathroom rugs, essential bath accessories

The utility of the carpet rug for the bathroom

In order to complete the bathroom space, it is important to insert the accessories and textiles that make the environment more pleasant and pleasant: then insert a soft ground support that can be coordinated with the towels to the colors in the environment will help to enhance the bathroom in the best of ways . But to decorate and make your stay pleasant, the carpet has a basic purpose in the bathroom: to collect and absorb splashing water so that those who stay in this space can not slip to the ground.

Useful at the shower or tub outlet, in front of the washbasin cabinet and under the sanitary ware, bathroom rugs can be in plain weave cotton or with plastic base to avoid any risk of slipping.

How to choose carpets rugs for your bathroom

Bath rugs are commonly included in bathroom kits and for this reason it is easy to find them in co-ordinate with towels: the fabrication materials are generally sponges of hydrophilic cotton to ensure maximum absorption of water but can be found in also trade polyester microfibre patterns. Can they be equipped with anti-slip systems, in some cases on the entire surface of the back: for optimum choice of textile, it is always advisable to choose models that can be washed in a washing machine at 40 ° C or 60 ° C.

Bath rug: size, shapes and colors

The bathroom rugs are available in a variety of color tones, mostly in plain colors: they can be machined superficially or have geometric decorations combined with the color tone of the towels, aesthetics that varies according to the type of style chosen for the space.
The measurements are different to choose from the need and available space, but above all to the function, since according to the arrangement in the bathroom space, they will have different shape and size. The most frequently used measure is about 60 x 90 cm but you can find smaller carpets such as 50 x 80 cm or larger, 70 x 140 cm.
The most common form is the rectangular shape, but today’s rugs are also circular and abstract. There are also square, oval, crescent shaped shapes, useful especially for accompanying ground-based sanitaryists.

Modern bathroom rugs

The modern style of the bathroom can be declinated, as well as in the sanitary ware and in the furniture, even in the choice of accessories, just like in other home environments. Lovers of the essence and of the minimal will therefore choose bathroom rugs in line with this mood. These accessories are not, however, a simple detail because they carry a very precise practical function. First of all they allow you to get out of the bath or shower without slipping and, in summer and winter, also preserve the cold of the floor. For this dual feature, the upper surface of the bath rugs is generally made of soft fibers to be always soft to the touch, while the underlying part is made up of non-stick fibers and, consequently, anti-slipping. A touch of elegance must never be forgotten, especially in a modern bathroom where everything is linear and essential. It is then necessary to create a harmonious environment by choosing colors and materials of bath rugs in co-ordinate with towels, or complementary ones. As in Ikea’s proposal, she chooses to match Barvalla’s brown and beige carpet in the same shades. The result is a very elegant and extremely warm and comfortable bathroom. Barvalla is a very soft and absorbent Ikea bath mat and it dries quickly, since it is in microfiber. In addition, the anti-slip protection on the back holds the carpet and is usable on all types of flooring, even those with panel heating.

Great bathroom rugs

The bathroom has become more and more synonymous with wellness and self-care by combining style and functionality. Having a space that is both handsome and practical is not difficult. Just choose the right accessories and create an environment where you can finally relax by letting out all the stress of everyday life. Among the features that are indispensable, there is the comfort that goes hand in hand with the choice of the right accessories such as bathroom rugs that allow to add softness and warmth. If the size of the room allows it, inserting a large wet carpet – perhaps placing it between the sink and the bath or the shower – becomes a great comfort solution because it allows you to move around the room quietly. Very interesting is the proposal made by Antonio Lupi Design® that creates a regenerated leather bath rug designed by Riccardo Fattori. This is a very special furnishing complement because it employs a precious material such as leather, introducing it into an unusual environment such as a bath. The leather of the Carpets collection is an exquisite quality material, treated to meet the waterproofing requirement and is therefore suitable for use in humid environments such as baths.

Bathroom design rugs

Functional, practical and very elegant, the bathroom rugs/u> are an ideal complement to furnishing the bathroom. As we have seen, they are able to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere, transforming the bathroom into an oasis of relaxation and softness. Even those who love the latest design trends can choose from the many market proposals and furnish their bathroom in line with the mood of the moment. Of course, all bath rugs have certain practicality characteristics and therefore before choosing the type of bath rug you need to decide where to place it to understand the fit fit. Much of the fashion is gray bath rugs that give the room masculine and modern styles. Gray is in fact the undisputed prince of neutral colors, the perfect combination of black and white, the two non-colors. A gray bath rug is not just an item of furniture that gives the room extreme elegance, but it is also a useful complement to be placed next to the bathtub or sink to repair the floor by splashing water. The Fabbrica del Lino by Bergianti & Pagliani proposes the plain bathroom rug (in this case just in gray) in cotton sponge. This carpet is characterized by the absolute essence of the finish, that is, a simple hood, backed or down, on one side (edge) or on four sides (frame).

Bathroom rugs, essential bath accessories: Ikea bathroom rugs

There are numerous types of bathroom rugs that can be found inside this home environment. There is a central carpet that is placed at the foot of the washbasin, which is generally larger and is the one that then nourishes the environment. There is a sanitary rug, still chosen by many because it wraps the base and gives color to the accessories. Finally there is the shower or bath rug that serves as floor covering and is used in shower or bathroom finishes. As always, Ikea is able to concentrate on a single product more features and in fact offers a range of carpets that can be placed in front of the washbasin and in front of the shower cabin or the bathtub for their style and practicality. This is the Toftbo line available in so many colors. This Ikea bath rug is very soft and absorbent and it dries quickly, as it is in microfiber.

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