Cheap rugs

How to Choose a Cheap Rug

Cheap rugs are characterized by a low cost price and generally the material used is cotton: appropriately choosing them can be customized in any home environment. Fiber processing can be flat, dense, long-coated, or weave coarse to give different effects. When choosing an cheap rug you should first evaluate the price that must be related to the product by providing a good ratio. Thickness is a factor influencing price, such as style and colors: very often, lower prices are associated with simpler and sober design models.

Ikea’s cheap rugs

Ikea proposes different models of cheap carpets, characterized by color, shape and size of various kinds. From a few euros, Ikea offers practical and functional solutions for the entire home. Flat fabrics, long hair, short hair, are the choice of fibers: materials such as cotton, synthetics and wooden sticks complete the offer. Different shapes offer the possibility of finding space in different environments: circular for bathroom fronts, rectangular elongated shape to complete kitchen space in sink front, articulated shapes and details for living space and front sofa.

Amazon cheap rugs

Internet is a great tool to find and buy cheap rugs. On e-commerce sites they find many, of every type and size, of every style and imagination. Made with the most diverse materials. Vastissima is the offer on Amazon, the best known of these sites. Just enter the word “carpets” from the home page so that you can see all available models, complete with photos, description and price indications, and any delivery charges. Or you can type the phrase “amazon carpets” directly from google and you will also get a complete overview. Be careful, however: on Amazon you can get into some scam. But just take some steps to avoid it. First, read the comments on the article and publish it by other users who have purchased from the same retailer; Many opinions concern services and assistance, so it becomes easy to understand that parcels are delivered really, in a timely manner, with what modes. Second, point to dealers who offer clear and affordable guarantees. If you are also able to find information about a particular rug by visiting other sites, it is a good way to check the quality of the carpet.

Cheap online rug

Not just Amazon. Also on other e-commerce sites you can find a rich assortment of cheap carpets; E-Bay, which was founded in September 1995 by Pierre Omidyar, has been operating in Italy since 2001. We recall that E-bay offers its users the opportunity to sell and buy new and used items in at any time, from any Internet location and in different ways, including fixed-price and dynamic-price sales, commonly referred to as “online auctions.” An equally valid alternative is represented by specialized sites, which deal exclusively with carpets. For example, we quote, the leader in Italy in the industry; evaluates and selects a variety of furnishing rugs available on the market to propose a wide assortment with an excellent relationship between quality and price. is certified as SECURE SITE by AICEL (Italian Electronic Commerce Association). We move to a straight line that can be useful to all: some carpets are made of non-virgin wool, mixed wool and acrylic yarns, or in acrylic only. They keep the characteristics of a handicraft product, as they are knotted by hand: think of those of Taj Mahal and Serinegar in India, and many Chinese. They are cheaper than carpets with wool in pure wool and are made with a smaller amount of yarns, but they can still be very pleasing in terms of aesthetics.

Great economic rugs

Economic rugs can be of various sizes; the larger ones usually lie on the floor of the living area, in front of the couch and / or the TV, in order to better define the style that characterizes the environment in question, but also create an area for relaxation and dedication to favorite activities in free time. Before you research and buy it, it’s always good to take the precise measurements of your space. Also be aware that if any carpet requires some care, it is advisable to have additional attention to an economical rug in order to extend its durability and preserve its aesthetic appearance. To keep the carpet during the summer season you have to roll it gently and after washing it, otherwise there is a risk that you will get sick and deform; if you limit it to bending it, it will make unpleasant bends that will hardly go away. Stickers are great enemies of carpets, so the advice is to place them in fresh and humid places, if there is a better window nearby. Every now and then you give him air. If you notice a “flying wire”, try to hide it but do not rupture it. Do not leave the rug in the same position otherwise it will always be consumed in the same areas. Change it around once or twice a year. Put felt hooks under the legs of the tables or furniture. A plywood sheet in marble or stone. If you have armchairs, tables or other furniture with very small feet, try to increase the base of the stand by placing it under a robust object that will increase the surface. If the flap is touched, use the iron using the steam and combing the surface on its side without supporting the iron itself. In picture the carpet Poeya beige and black 100% Polypropylene Leroy Merlin, 133×190 cm. Ideal for two-seater sofas, practical and easy to clean. I decorate lettering, flat weaving.

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