Exterior wall sliding door

The quality of the spaces with the exterior wall sliding door

Doors are locking elements that are increasingly used to characterize space and enhance it aesthetically.
The choice of choice varies between swinging elements and sliding door solutions, which are divided into retractable sliding doors and exterior wall sliding doors.
Choosing the exterior wall sliding door means preferring contemporary and contemporary style to home environments, featuring glass, crystal and transparency with hi-tech, discreet and elegant touch of steel or aluminum finishes.
The exterior wall sliding door is still above the wall hole by means of a guide that allows it to move horizontally to open or close it.

Retrieve space with sliding doors

Can be installed even when there is no possibility of introducing a counterframe, the external wall sliding door allows you to recover deep space replacing the traditional swing doors that need instead of a front width compass.
Choosing an external wall sliding door allows you to customize it for your material, shape, and style. The sliding closure panel is generally made of transparent or opaque glass, which allows both lighting to be transmitted to the darker interior space. Alternatively, many proposals from other wood-based materials to composite materials.

Published on Sep 15, 2017 | Cat: Doors | By Lisa
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