Shower box prices and solutions for every need

Ikea shower box

With regard to shower enclosures, prices may vary widely. The manufacturer Ikea has in its catalog a wide range of bathroom and shower accessories, made of various materials, with different design and aesthetic impacts, more or less expensive. The Swedish company does not include, within its own products, real boxes, which are not marketed by the brand, but many useful variants at economical prices that can be furnished in any bathroom style.
In any case, it will be possible to find the right solution for our needs. Ikea prefers, even in the case of bathroom furnishings, practical and alternative solutions, customizable. That’s why we will find in the Ikea catalog a wide range of shower curtains, which will cost only a few tens of euros, to be combined with innovative accessories useful for storing soap, shampoo and towels.

Shower box price

In general, shower cabins can be angular or three-sided, square or round, in plastic or smooth or worked glass. The opening can be either door, book or bellows, or sliding. There are standard measures, but there may be variations to meet customer space requirements.
When you make the decision, or you need to buy a new shower box, prices may vary a lot. For this reason, we will need to make an objective and in-depth assessment of our needs: if we have a luxury home, furnished with refined and sought-after items, and we have good money to invest in an aesthetically pleasing model and perhaps equipped with some comfort, such as hydromassage, or chromotherapy, or the Turkish bath? In this case, if we do not pay at the expense, we can even spend two thousand euros. If, on the other hand, the decor of our house is simple, young, made of original and unexpected combinations, then we can find a plastic shower box even spending less than one hundred euros. Then maybe we can embellish it with decorating it with stickers, paintings or what our fantasy will suggest to us.

Only shower box prices

It is only one of the most important manufacturers in terms of sanitary, bathroom and shower enclosures. In its catalog you will be able to find a very wide range of products, adaptable to meet any need. Between Boxes Only you can find both the simplest and most inexpensive model, but always with a close eye on the high quality of the product, both of great value, with contemporary and particular design, and equipped with all the extra accessories that is you can expect in a multifunctional cabin. Some models in particular have tempered glass doors, worked in such a way as to render it unbreakable and particularly suitable for preventing domestic accidents, a solution that should be considered especially if there are children in the home. In general, Samo Company offers very good products in terms of quality and price, and for the purchase of one of its products it can swing between one hundred and eight hundred euro, at least for the most popular products.

If the space available in our bathroom is not really much, then you will need to use a small shower box, in the size 70×90. In general, this is a corner shower box, where the opening is also designed to occupy as little space as possible: these shower cubicles will almost never be equipped with a door opening, but rather a bellows opening . These are often simple models of classic design, and often made of plastic materials. For all these reasons, these shower boxes are often simple and costly, from one hundred to three hundred euros. It is also true, however, that modern design has made a lot of progress, and even in such concentrated spaces, it is possible to find state-of-the-art items with every comfort. In this case the prices go up, and for luxury items you can find it to pay even three thousand euros.

Ikea shower box

Although not presenting any type of cabin, the Swedish company does not neglect the bathroom furnishings, with a multitude of proposals for quality furnishings at a low price and not many useful accessories for different types of showers. It goes from practical containers and shelves to fit inside the cabin, both with a suction cup system as well as the Stugvik model, available at 6.99 with a practical hanger for hanging the storage compartment just like in the Immeln model, for sale at 8.99 euros and made of galvanized steel. In the Swedish company’s store you can also find spray tubes and sliding rods at very low prices, of course, in a wide range of curtains, available in many finishes and sizes at very low cost, as is the case for Innaren tent, for sale less than € 2.00.

Ikea shower curtain

If you are looking for a shower curtain that can be matched to furniture and complements in your bathroom or introducing a color note in a neutral environment, Ikea is a great reference. The Swedish colossus catalog includes several shower curtains, all of good quality and economical. To get an idea and then go safe at a point of sale, take a look at the official website of the company: all the proposals are shown with photos, pricing and measurements, descriptions of the materials used and all the other peculiarities. In the picture the Lillskar shower curtain, price 7,99 euros. Durable polyester fabric with water-repellent coating; the elastic stitched on the lower rim makes the curtain heavier, so it stays straight. Machine washable, 40 ° C. Do not bleach and do not put in the tumble dryer. To maintain waterproofness, ironing (but at low temperature) is required after washing. Do not dry clean. Length: 200 cm. Width: 180 cm. “The inspiration,” explained designer Linda Sjunnesson, “came to play with the shape of the hexagon. It is different from the usual curtains: colorful, original and backpack at the same time, and of course functional. I think it’s perfect to give a good energy boost at the start of the day. ” Color Power.

Ikea shower cabin

ikea does not sell shower cabs, this needs to be said immediately. Conversely, however, it offers a range of accessories to make the shower cabin as practical as possible, convenient and functional. It goes from stickers to stick inside the mirrors, from hooks of various shapes and measurements to brackets (angles and not), shelves, shower stalls, washbasin spatulas. It is difficult to find what you need. We recall that all Ikea products can also be purchased online, comfortably from home, via the official website. In the picture the soap / soap / shower hook Immeln, price 9,99 euro. It is made of galvanized steel, a durable material that does not rust. Includes suction cups that adhere to smooth surfaces such as glass, mirrors and tiles. If the walls are of a different material, you can use the screws to secure the suction cups to the walls. For a better grip, clean the tiles before securing the suction cup. For optimal stability, tighten the screws every 3 months. It resists a weight of 3 kg.

Shower enclosure prices and solutions for every need: Ikea shower

Do you want to equip your shower or shower? Do not have a great budget? Go to Ikea: from polyester tents to the smallest accessories, you will find all the products you need to meet your needs. Of course, from a stylistic point of view you will find an abundant offer. Low prices do not affect quality, indeed from this point of view you can really feel comfortable. In addition, Ikea has made the low cost and good end result of her undisputed strengths. In the picture, the panel with Laddan boxes, 6 pieces, with suction cups, available in various colors. Price 17,99 euro. Designed for children, it helps them when it comes to brushing their teeth or combing themselves. It is possible to fasten it to the desired height using the 4 suction cups that adhere to smooth surfaces such as glass, mirrors and tiles. The panel has holes that allow the baby to easily hang the containers. With hourglass, you are also taught to the small to safeguard natural resources, for example by avoiding running the water for too long. Sand passes from one ampule to another in 6 minutes and two notches indicate intermediate intervals: 2 and 4 minutes.

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