The glass doors for interior

Interior door glasses

Interior glass doors: what are the possible solutions? Certainly we could opt for a smooth, opaque or simply frosted glass: they are the cheapest. Or for artistic stained glass, glass melting, sandblasting and grinding engraving, which are just some of the possible solutions to characterize our home with the use of this noble material dating back to the time of the Phoenicians: glass. Derived from silica, the glass is found in Eastern Europe and in Italy its greatest admirers. Think of Murano’s works, chandeliers and mirrors that adorn villas and noble palaces to have a small idea of ​​the exquisite level that this type of craftsmanship can reach in our country. For engraved glasses, however, it is in Eastern Europe that manufacturing – centuries – reaches absolute levels. We see case by case what does this type of door mean by passing through the different models either with a wood structure or totally glass

Glass decorated for internal doors

For a glass door you can also spend small amounts, for example two hundred euro. Nevertheless, let us not wait for a stained or engraved glass, but a simple transparent or opaque glass, able to give elegance to the whole door structure. The glass door as well as an aesthetic function can also have a practice, for example to allow a nearby environment to be controlled (once glass kitchens were used to control the work of the servitude). Today, indoor glass doors with built-in glass or total glass are very much used for day environments: stays and dining rooms. In this case, high quality glasses are used, finely decorated with glass colors or vitree paste, or engraved with a laser or, in the more expensive versions, by hand, using a diamond tip that rotates like a small drill. These stained glass windows are real works of art, sometimes unique pieces.

Sliding glass doors for interior: prices

In case you decide to install a beautiful integral interior glass sliding door in your home, you need to prepare for a technically and economically demanding project. Sure: in a large, bright and modern environment, perhaps even to distancing the living area from the dining area, a sliding glass door makes its shape, so! The sliding glass doors can be either a classic hinged mechanism or “hung” to a chassis anchored on their upper side by means of roller bearing bearings designed to provide a feeling of extreme lightness despite the heavy weight of a glass plate of large size. This particular type of door, in essence, runs on rails exactly like roller coaster wagons. Glass, even in this case, can be engraved, painted or decorated in many ways and manners. Be careful not to bump it: it is obviously fragile, and replacing it is certainly not an economic deal.

Glass doors for interior

The interior glass doors are aesthetically impacting and perfect for a modern style home. They are, however, extremely costly and fragile in both the mechanisms and the door structure. Not suitable for homes with children or animals, they give a stylish and contemporary look to home furnishings. The partially glass interior doors are more robust structures, though considerably less scenic. However, they are more of a classic laminated wood door, but in this case spending is almost never exaggerated. Of course, wanting to insert a glass of art inside a structure, perhaps blown, the investment will be proportional to the quality of the same. In general there is no reason to give up a glass insert: the prices for the simplest solutions are however within reach of all and the robustness of the door does not affect it.

The usefulness of the glass doors

Purchasing glass interior doors means choosing stylish, modern products and with enormous potential within the building where they are placed. They are usually not installed outside because they need to be repaired by rain although the glass is water-tolerant and temperature changes. Other types of fixtures are often preferred, however, it is also possible to install a glass product in environments such as covered terraces or backrests. The characteristics of this kind of door are obvious and hardly comparable to those of traditional windows because the use of glass places these products at a much higher level, especially in reference to the modern furnishings in which this material is widely used. In fact, these doors offer a significant brightness enabling the environments to be illuminated and, at the same time, separating them without sacrificing the beauty and well-being provided by natural light.

The materials with which they are made

Mostly for indoor glass doors are few and simple materials such as steel or aluminum and, of course, glass. The metal is used to make the chassis and frame structure, which gives durability and durability over time, guaranteeing the customer the utmost safety in the use of these doors. Choosing the best materials is a guarantee offered by the manufacturer to ensure complete reliability, so it is important to know carefully about the production techniques used to buy only a finely crafted door. In addition to metallic elements, there is glass, a material rediscovered in recent decades for its remarkable qualities from transparency. This feature is the reason why it often involves the purchase of these doors as they allow the passage of natural light in all rooms or offices of the building. Lately, attention is focused on reducing energy consumption, so the use of glass doors is a good solution for the respect of the environment and for improving the living conditions of people inside the rooms. In fact, sunlight is essential to human health and having the fixtures that increase the amount is an advantage not to be underestimated.

Where they can be installed

All interior glass doors can be installed in homes, offices, and even in commercial areas such as shops and sales centers. The versatility of these fixtures is wide, they fit in a variety of circumstances, always giving the environment a touch of refinement and elegance. A glass door is often found in professional studios such as lawyers, notaries, doctors, and so on. in which a sober style is required but at the same time suitable for the context. In certain circumstances, given the transparency of the material, it is necessary to ensure a certain level of privacy, which is why effects on the surface of the doors are used to partially obscure vision through the door. One of these is the satin finish that makes the surface of the rough glass diminish transparency without impeding the passage of light. Or colored pigments can be inserted into the vitreous panel that opales it depending on the percentage of material introduced giving a distinctive metallic effect.

The glass interior doors: The price of these products

Interior glass doors have a price that is likely to vary depending on the finishes that are applied to the surface, especially when customized, branded and decorated to enhance design. In general, a glass door costs on average 200 €, considering the standard measurements and classic finishes. You can further price up by purchasing a product with a specific brand or with specific features such as decorations made on the glass panel. Choosing a door with accurate design can cost you three times more than the initial sum, but this is justified by the fact that you will have a unique and distinctive product that will act as a focal point in the room where it is installed. As far as installation costs are concerned, they are no different from those of traditional doors as the mechanism is the same.

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