Decorated doors

Decorated interior doors

Back to the trend of decor, in fashion as well as in the world of furniture and in particular doors. Small inserts or even whole designed panels become the protagonists of the environments. Decorated doors extends its already large collection of hand-painted doors launching a line that meets these needs: Venice Gold, featuring exclusive details and gold and silver leaf decorations.
The doors become real furnishings, enabling the environments to be decorated with decorations that turn the panels into pictures. All models are made of wood and can be in different opaque lacquers

Decorated Doors: Hand Painted Doors

Beside the Venezia Gold line, Bertolotto Porte offers another collection that has always been inspired by tradition and classic flavor: hand-painted Antiké, models that are masterpieces of art with hand-painted details by skilled decorating masters. The line attests to the craftsmanship of the company, which with its strong orientation to innovation, maintains and preserves the value of Italian tradition: care and attention to detail. The doors are made of wood, embellished with anti-aging treatments. The decorations are made of lacquered base, water-coated and gold and silver leaf finishes, painted in pastel tones or with Venetian red.

Published on Oct 8, 2017 | Cat: Doors | By Lisa