Ikea Wardrobe

Style and convenience are the aspects that distinguish the deck bedrooms. A room must, first of all, give comfort and protection. Feeling comfortable in an enveloping space that best represents our personality is for many fundamental people.
The decor must be complete: the bedside table must be in tune with the color of the bed and cabinet. Illuminating it in the right way is another step to follow. Ikea offers deck bedrooms for both children and couples. Accessories can be picked at discount stores at great prices and in great assortment. Wooden models make the rooms elegant and warm. The modern style is loved by those who own lofts or small apartments where space needs to be well calculated to buy the right deck room. In the Swedish company’s catalog, there is no real ikea bridge cabinet, but there are many valid alternatives that can be an ideal solution for those rooms where space is not wide.

Ikea double matrimonial bed

The Ikea double master bed models are spacious and comfortable.
In the morning, waking up comfortably and resting is a priority for everyone to start the day well. The mezzanine bedrooms are ideal furnishings to have accessory handles and everything you need. Instead of a classic Ikea bridge cabinet, you will find useful solutions to better organize containers such as container cones. Under the bed, which has the advantage of lifting up, you can put objects, towels or blankets.
The mezzanine, on the other hand, is a structure that collects and combines perfectly all the furnishings. Ikea children’s suits for children are a real magic. The lofty models are lively, cheerful as small and full of creativity. The pleasure of staying in a cozy and intimate environment is given by a structure that connects two environments through a ladder or a piece of furniture. The solutions are different and adapt to personal needs.

The brand stores display numerous bedroom models, among which you will find what you’ve always dreamed of.
The indispensable features are few but essential. The bed must be comfortable and ideal to fit well and this depends not only on the mattress but also on its size and structure.
The other furnishings must be functional: the wardrobe must be spacious, it must be provided with drawers outside and useful shelves to store your belongings. The bedside table should not be too big and must match the bed and the closet. Inside a room for a boy, the desk is important. Its magnitude must be evaluated from the very beginning, if the young man studies in his favorite space must be matched with a large bookcase where he can store books, records and other important objects. If the space available is small, the alternative solutions to the classic Ikea deck cabinet proposed by the company can be the ideal solution to best solve the organization of the room.

Bedroom Price

The prices of the bedrooms with wardrobe deck are varied. Before starting a purchase, you are always evaluating more estimates by visiting multiple outlets to evaluate the best deals, taking into account the quality.
A Wardrobe deck bedroom made of precious material is around 5000 euros. Many people do not really know the materials they are using, and often they are fooled by the price they see but do not know that behind that number there is quality guaranteed over time. Medium quality models have prices up to 1000 euros. Often large mobile companies offer furnishings at favorable or discounted prices. Today, it is widespread to order on the web and find products that do not cost too much and reflect personal needs. Ikea offers space saving solutions at very low prices to meet the needs of those who do not have a great budget.

Double cabinet wardrobe

There are different types of solutions for small spaces and to take advantage of every inch of an environment.
The bridge does not only fit small rooms but also in large environments where originality can not be missed. While there is no classic Ikea bridge cabinet, you can have different items, perhaps those of the Pax line, available in many variants to get space for clothing and objects and make the most of your room.
Even for the double rooms, the company offers numerous lines and furniture collections, both in modern style, such as the Pax or Kvikne series, and in more classic litters such as Fjell or Hemnes. Before choosing the best solution, measurements must be taken well and carefully to avoid making any mistakes.

Ikea bridge cabinet: Wooden deck cabinet

In addition to buying Ikea furniture to suit your needs, a comfortable and economical solution, if you are looking for unique furnishings, you can turn to craft furnishings.
The craftman’s old craft still plays a major role. There are many enthusiasts of manual activities and handicraft creations also in the furnishing sector. A custom made deck cabinet with a precious wood and the color you prefer is something unique and exceptional. The shops offer medium-quality furnishings, but also finely worked furnishings and higher costs.
A wardrobe is a key element to store what we need and to give a perfect aesthetic touch to the room. Bridge models are ideal for small spaces and for younger environments. A bridge closet is another solution for those who love the modern style. It can be swinging doors or sliding doors. Dimensions are chosen according to the bed that needs to receive the right lighting and fit well. An experienced and capable craftsman knows very well the techniques for creating an excellent and well finished furniture.

Published on Oct 9, 2017 | Cat: Bedroom | By Lisa