The Ikea bedrooms

For the Ikea bedrooms, the 2017 catalog has provided several nice new items to suit every need for style and convenience. It’s really a common dream for everyone to have a practical and cozy room within which to spend the night hours in complete relaxation.
In svezia, all this is well known, and every year, new decorative products are always offered, with a single common denominator: the blend of elegance and comfort. The new 2013 catalog opens with bed frames. They are really for all tastes, from the cheapest (Leirvick) in white and from the simple and essential lines to the most expensive (Foldal) entirely in leather. Between the two there are, then, many other alternatives. Another piece of the 2013 catalog is the wardrobe.

Ikea Bedrooms prices

The Ikea bedrooms have really affordable prices at all. In addition to satisfying every need for taste, there is also a special attention paid to the economic aspect reserved to each customer, certainly not second-degree. With less than 500 euros, in fact, you can already buy two of the most appreciated and requested models. At the price of 436 euros, the white “Aspelund” room, complete with 3-door wardrobe with a beautiful central mirrored mirror, the double bed, the drawers with 3 drawers and two pretty bedside tables. Style is essential and sober at the same time. With the addition of about 50 euros, to almost 490 euros, you have the Brimnes, with 4 door lock, bed, chest of drawers, shoe rack, TV and laptop tables. For the most demanding there are more refined accessories, always considering that the net and the mattress are sold separately, and are therefore not included in the price indicated.

Ikea Bedroom for Girls

At home Ikea, however, is not only about the double bedroom, but also the boys and girls are always at the center of attention. In particular, the Ikea bedroom for girls should be able to express 100% what the tastes and personality of the girl who occupy it. Therefore, it is important to be careful in the choice of real furnishing accessories, such as bed, wardrobe, drawers, bedside tables, shoe racks, desks and so on, but must also be aware of the small accessories that make it pillows, duvets, sheets, lighting. The perfect colors for a girl’s bedroom are pastel colors in general, tend to be a shade on the rose, and the rose itself, provided it is not too marked (especially if it is not more than a child). Obviously personal taste makes it a master, because both in color and in versions the choice in pairs is very simple and straightforward.

Ikea bedrooms: Ikea bedroom offers

The section dedicated to the Ikea bedroom offers is always up-to-date so that you can offer the customer a better choice by finding the right compromise between the offer you want and the products you would like to buy. To keep up-to-date on offers (which may concern both products that belong to previous series and products defined as “novelties”), you should periodically consult the official site or take a leap at the nearest point of sale. Taking advantage of the periodic offers of the brand you can buy furnishings for our complete relaxation room (except wooden slats and mattress) at prices that in most cases leave more or less from € 500 for a room of type double and about 350 euros for a single children’s room.

Published on Oct 9, 2017 | Cat: Bedroom | By Lisa