Lube kitchens prices and catalog

Prices of Lube kitchens

Respect for the environment in the selection of ecological materials, integration between design and technological innovation, customer care, both for good value for money compositions and for fast and efficient after-sales services.

That’s why opting for a Lube kitchen means getting into a universe built around the needs of man, and in harmony with the surrounding environment. So, as mentioned, Lube’s kitchen, affordable prices? Taking into account all the concepts just expressed, undoubtedly yes.

In the picture, creative Lube kitchen with melamine doors in white larch and gray gloss lacquered silver. Creativa is a program that allows you to design a unique and unrepeatable kitchen thanks to the innovative door, made with two overlapping panels of different materials, 16 mm thick, which provides openness and creates extraordinary chromatic contrasts.

Lube Kitchen

The Lube kitchens catalog is vast and is basically divided into classic kitchens and modern kitchens. In the latter, much importance is attached to the doors: Lube always proposes new ones to increase the possibilities of personalization by consumers: with panels superimposed in different materials, porcelain stoneware, in special finishes, in the most varied shades. A Lube kitchen can be linear, but it is often equipped with islands and peninsulas with the most unusual morphologies, but always with the utmost convenience and contemporaneity.

In picture, Nilde Gres kitchen with porcelain stoneware element Laminam oxide moro, complete with a linear composition made of bases and wall units of the Nilde program in white gloss lacquered. The wide range of materials and finishes for the Nilde kitchens program is expanded with the new porcelain stoneware door. Equipped with an aluminum frame with brill or moka finish and integrated handle, the door is made of a 3 mm thick Laminam porcelain stoneware slab, available in variants: Metropolis smoke, black, brown or snow; Oxide ivory, pearl, black or dark. Also in the same finishes is the version with push-pull opening. The structure of the furniture is made of melamine laminated panels with low formaldehyde emission.

Lube kitchens prices

Kitchen Lube, what prices do they belong to? Much depends on the size and finishes, but a Lube composition appears on average in a price range ranging from four thousand to six thousand euros. And considering all the peculiarities described above so far, buying a kitchen of this brand is therefore a good deal. Not to mention that, according to online reviews, a Lube kitchen is also very durable and does not betray public expectations over time.

In picture: Adele kitchen with melamine melamine laminate with low formaldehyde emission, proposed in the composition consisting of bases and columns with MDF veneered ash blue ash. The Adele kitchens program is made up of modular, modular wall units, wall units and modular columns with 24 mm thick fronts, made of MDF and available in finishes: dyed oak veneer, natural oak or thermo-treated coffee ash, with highlighted brushing consisting of staves horizontal H 12 cm and solid frame on four sides; dyed ash veneer, natural oak or thermo-treated coffee ash, with highlighted brushing made up of horizontal slats and abstract painting; opaque lacquered textured soft or shiny brushed in sample colors; with brill aluminum frame and Silver King bronze glass or shiny or satin glass in catalog colors.

Catalog kitchens light

One of the strengths of Lube kitchens is the balance between innovation and practicality, design and technological equipment. We talk about kitchens that always keep an elegant and recognizable image and at the same time give concrete answers to all your daily needs. The remarkable customization has always been another winning card; In the latest proposals, the level has increased so far, tailor-made projects have no particular limits and in any case it is possible to create the most suitable kitchen for your home. In the 2016 catalog are the new versions of Imagine (pictured), contemporary kitchens now available in 4 variants: Lux, Neck, Bridge and Head. The first one is distinguished by three new door profiles, curved, “elle” or sloping for throat opening. The second is available in various opaque shades and aluminum with Brill finish and Titanium Oxidated; Bridge has a recessed front handle and an ergonomic shape, Head is more square with aluminum handle. Lube kitchens are quality kitchens, can not stand the opposite. A quality that also applies to the various types of wood with which they are made and the craftsmanship they choose to carry forward, also relying on a certified system that guarantees maximum durability and durability. Prices for Lube kitchens are between 6,000 and 18,000 euros.

Lube kitchens outlet prices

Lube kitchens, prices range from around 6 thousand to 18 thousand euros. Unable to define a precise scissor as the compositions are all customizable and therefore numerous and even very different in size, texture, finishes, and colors. If you want a model already defined and at the same time you do not have the option to buy it at full price, visit the site: this is not an e-commerce but a very rich virtual showcase through which the best mobile shops sell several Lube kitchens at discounted prices to renew their show. By reviewing the various proposals, when a model is considered interesting, only contact the reseller concerned and arrange for a visit in question or directly for a possible shipment. You can do a search on the site itself, depending on the province or for individual stores. In the picture the new creative kitchen, a design program for those who want to design and think about their living space in a personal and exclusive way. Color, material and form games for a creativity that becomes personal style.

Lube modern kitchens prices

The prices of Lube kitchens, both modern and classic, are not within reach. This is true. But two things are true: first of all, this is an investment because we are talking about kitchens designed to last long, if not forever. Customizable, functional, practical, elegant, hardly disappoint those who buy them. Secondly, if the budget can not be enough, it is possible to go the outlet. Some might perhaps look at them with mistrust, but it is a matter of self-prejudice. Outlets offer very cheap kitchens at very affordable prices; that is to say, they were used for exhibitions at fairs and other similar events, for photographic shooting or simply for shop windows of the various retailers. They therefore have no defects and the cost is much lower; you can also buy a complete Lube kitchen for 3,000, 4,000, 5,000 euros. Another new proposal is in the picture: this is Adele Project, Lube kitchen characterized by important volumes that highlight the charm of wood. Here you can see the peninsula version, perfectly aligned with the latest trends in the industry. Also note the harmony with which the fitted wall was inserted: the kitchen is now perfectly integrated into the living area.

Lube kitchens prices and catalog: Modular Lube kitchens

Lube produces a rich assortment of modern modular kitchens that result in tailor-made designs. By going to a sales outlet with all the measurements regarding the environment in which the kitchen will be located, the company staff will illustrate the various models available and propose a series of customized solutions. The color range is vast, there are lively nuances but also very sober and discrete; Among the favorite woods we refer to the oak, walnut and cherry wood. Even the white laminate, timeless, has declined according to numerous compositions. From a stylistic point of view, most of Lube kitchens have a rigid image and dry lines, but that does not mean that the final effect is cold or too austere. Indeed, the sense of welcome is a characteristic that never comes to nothing. Certainly, however, even for those who do not understand the Lube kitchens are immediately recognizable. And many of them are also suitable for a young target. In the picture, the Gallery kitchen, with a chassis frame featuring a modern design. The essences are the most current, in the warm shades of the Rovers, the Ashes and Walnut. A palette of soft or shiny colors, shiny and opaque, combined with smooth or decorated doors, makes Gallery able to express all its versatility. Gallery, like all other Lube kitchens, is based on good value for money.

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