Tips for Seaside house furnishing

Relaxing colors for the seaside house
When you need to decorate a home, it is critical to evaluate the purpose of use and according to that, complete it with a suitable nuance. A rustic house for example, will require dark wood furniture, strong colors marked by yellow and red, which define its country character.
If you want to decorate the house to the sea, the predominant shade will have to be that of blue green with sand inserts and creams to recall the style and colors of the marine environment.
The first space to be met is the entrance: it is important to complement this environment in a functional manner with a hanger stand and a storage cabinet with a backrest to deposit everything you need when returning from the beach.
Wicker and rattan furnishings will be perfect for this space, small and streamlined, but optimized and functional.

Decorate the living space in the seaside house
The daytime living space at the sea will be the most lived environment during the whole stay: the sofas will be the central furnishings, to choose from, perhaps by drawing a simple design with a wooden frame and cushions with theme fantasy, rows, waves, corals , shells.
A low bamboo coffee table or soft wood will accompany the sofas: above a large vase that resembles the light tones and bluish colors of the walls, with dry flowers of the warm shades of the beach.
The ideal kitchen will be a simple shabby chic style solution, white in wood with exposed veins.
Upright shelves, wall-hung crockery and generously distributed dishes on furniture or hanging on the walls will make the room warm and family-like.

How to decorate a seaside home style style
To properly furnish a home to the sea, it is good to start with the choice of colors according to the atmosphere you want to attribute to space: classic holiday home, romantic or stylish and eccentric environment?
To decorate the classic-style seafront home, it is good to choose decor and decoration that will make you think of the sea: the walls will be blue, light blue, green, white with light wicker furniture.
For sofa fabrics, pillows and curtains prefer fabrics with floral prints, coral or marine fantasies.
To give space to a romantic style you can choose white furniture in wood or wrought iron: white textiles in raw cotton and linen will make the natural and romantic environment.
To complement the space will be perfect candles, colored decorations on the back and sides, black and white prints and dried flowers. Finally, for original and eccentric furnishings, you can use old furnishings and transform them using colors and fabrics, applying shells and stones to decorate the seafaring style.

Furnishing seaside home tips
The decor of the house to the sea must always communicate an idea of ​​freshness, lightness, airiness. And it must also result in a great opportunity to relax: after all, it’s a vacation spot, is not it? The colors are important, of course. And different solutions are valid. Many choose pastel shades, which create very welcoming and romantic, tranquilizing atmospheres: blue, lilac, turquoise, greenish water. Not everyone, on the other hand, loves this genre. A great alternative is to bet on the white. Which, among other things, blends well with the shades of the sea. And it maximizes the sunlight. The dark colors are avoided, though there is a sort of exception: wood. Yes, because wood is a natural material that is perfect for the home to the sea. In the picture we show you an interesting example of how pleasant: a bedroom featuring a good parquet flooring, a rustic wooden cabinet, a padded bed, a wooden console. Also note the old trunk used as a bedside table: it’s the vintage and winning touch, that’s all. So as to note and copy is the bedding, strictly clear as the carpet.

Seafront home furnishing
The decor of the house to the sea can also be very colorful, of course. Be careful, however, not to overdo it and not to choose too bright and bright shades: they tend to shrink the environments and generally this type of dwelling does not have very large surfaces. Red, orange and purple should therefore be avoided or used with extreme venom. As for furniture, functionality must have the same role as aesthetics. Point on tables that can accommodate guests, on comfy and durable chairs, on sofas that are resistant to stains; if they have a washing machine washable coating it is definitely better. Even rattan is a great material for the home to the sea and it must be added that in recent years it has seen its prices rise: it is very fashionable, in short. Because it is natural and, in fact, practical. Also characterized by an image that blends perfectly with the contexts of seaside resorts. In the photo, here are rattan sized chairs surrounding a long rectangular wooden table: the idea of ​​conviviality is immediate. White furniture illuminates the environment and accessories are reserved for extreme attention. Not just padded cushions but also objects that recall sea life; the hanging on the wall is of great impact. Just like the old framed photographs portraying the place where the house is home, as it was many years ago. Here, keep in mind this too: a vintage element in the house at the sea really does not go wrong.

Seafront home furnishing
Shabby chic and country: Two styles that have different elements in common and are often chosen for the home decor of the sea. Simplicity makes the pair with refinement, the feeling of welcome goes hand in hand with the brightness and the right amount of romance. A kitchen that belongs to one of these styles is certainly a winning choice for the home to the sea. If you do not have a lot of space, make sure the minimum necessary: ​​a small fridge, a four-burner stove and a small oven. It can be enough for the holidays. If you do not have any size problems, then we recommend a kitchen with a well equipped island like the one you see in the photo. The top is marble, the work surface also houses the sink, on the sides of the island are cleverly distributed not only shelves, but also several drawers and closed compartments. The table and chairs are located on the porch and at the same time very far from the operating area. Touché. It also promoted steel suspension lamps, an element that creates a harmonious contras

Consigli per arredare casa al mare: Casa al mare idee arredamento
Are you looking for ideas to decorate the house at the sea? There are others. Striped fabrics are a sure choice, give a touch of vivacity and are also very “summer”: use them for the couch but also for the pillows. For bedding, full promotion deserves candy linen linens. Do not overdo it with the accessories but leave room for the accessories. Accessories that recall the sea: shells, glass bottles filled with sand, mirrors with raw wood frames, ornaments in the shape of fish or boats. Also look towards space-saving furniture, because there is always some guest at the sea and it’s a pleasure to get it in the best of ways. To this end, extendable tables, folding chairs, and bed sofas are precious. As for the lighting, create a system consisting of several light points: floor and table lamps, suspended lamps, applique. Beliefs and toddlers can be a great ally for styling and also for organizing spaces. In the bathroom triumph the light colors and the tub is freestanding. Possibly positioned right in front of the sea, but at the same time it has been sheltered by indiscreet looks.

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