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Making wooden lofts is not a complex job and it does not involve any major difficulties but it is necessary to know that the construction of a mezzanine leads to an increase in the living space, and therefore it is necessary to regularize the volume increase in the landfill. At the project stage, it should also be noted that the Regulations. Municipal regulations set a minimum height for living spaces, normally equal to mt. 2.70, while in mountainous settlements above 1000 m asl, said minimum height is mt. 2.55, with the exception of corridors, decompositions, bathrooms and storage spaces for which a height of min. 2.40 mt is required. If the room you want to go to falls into these features you can proceed with the jobs. The basic thing to build a mezzanine is to have it anchored to carriers or partitions, based on a preliminary design that takes into account its dimensions as well as the materials with which it is made. Of course, to avoid weighing too much, you need to provide minimal furniture.

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The wooden lofts, shown in the photos, have been entirely made of fir wood, a wood that stands out for its high strength and low price, to which L steel teams have been added. Anchoring the structure of the mezzanine to the surrounding walls has the advantage of avoiding, almost entirely, the wall works. Wooden lofts are simple to construct, firstly it is necessary to carefully measure the space to leak, as well as to prepare a pattern of the supporting structure. In the design phase, however, if the span exceeds 3 meters, it is necessary to reinforce the structure with appropriate intermediate poles, at the base of which plates must be placed, to avoid the dangerous concentration of concentrated load. By preparing the layout of the supporting structure, you also have the advantage of having a complete picture of how much wood you need to buy, the expense you will meet and the real dimensions that will have the mezzanine. In this way all the wood can cut it at the time of purchase and then be assembled without having to do more work at home.

Stairs for wooden lofts

Houses with wooden lofts have some charm, but you need to be careful when designing the element that connects the staircase, which is to be easy, functional and aesthetically beautiful. For example, the wrong position of a staircase inevitably compromises the project, triggering a number of problems and disadvantages to those who use it. The stairs are in fact one of the cornerstones of design. Even small scale staircases should be designed with the utmost care, if not, they are likely to turn into real traps full of pitfalls. Today, for those who need to make a wooden staircase to connect the mezzanine, there are three options: one of them is to draw the staircase, in every detail by an architect then turn to a good carpenter to realize it. This first solution is surely the most expensive, but you can customize the scale in every detail. The alternative is to rely on specialized companies that offer a more cost-effective design and implementation service.

Wooden lounges, such as: Wooden lounges for bedrooms

A loft can be a particularly clever solution also to retrieve space in the bedroom, an area where you often have to deal with space problems, making it difficult to position a wardrobe adequate to contain all of the garments and objects . Thanks to a wooden loft, instead, the available space can be expanded; Of course, it is crucial to check if the heights are sufficient to enter a living room, in this case you will be able to have a room in the room. In the event that a living mezzanine is not feasible, a very interesting solution is to provide a lofted structure with the storage cabinet placed under the bed area; In this way, space that is normally occupied by a bed is also space for a comfortable closet. Wood is then the most suitable material because it makes it possible to create a lightweight structure and at the same time very solid.

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