Furnished studio

Furnished studio 30 sqm

Decorating a 30 sqm studio requires a great deal of attention because each piece must be functional and designed to fit the space it needs to occupy. The biggest difficulty is to put everything you need – the kitchen, a living room, the sleeping area – in a quantity of space that would occupy a single room in a normal home. If the height of the rooms is over five meters , then the ideal would be to create a small mezzanine so as to create a clear distinction between the night and the day. But if height does not allow it, there are plenty of solutions on the market that make room for space. For example, a sofa bed with its two-in-one function will be an important piece of furniture, while a retractable monobloc for the kitchen will also keep the dirty dishes of the day before behind the two doors that turn the kitchen into a normal living room furniture. And in place of the table? A console that when not in use approaches the wall leaving plenty of free space.

Furnishing studios: small space saving solutions

To furnish a studio and make it stylish and functional at the same time, one can also resort to one of the many solutions offered by low-cost furniture giants such as Ikea’s example. In the Swedish company’s store you can find complete furnishings to furnish even small spaces, but with all the comforts. In the furnishings of Ikea, the hub of the entire studio becomes the cooking zone that has to be suitable for cooking meals at will. Around this fulcrum turn the day / night area that usually consists of a sofa bed and a multifunctional facility to accommodate television, stereo, books and more. A wardrobe, a table with four folding chairs, so many colored baskets for furnishing utensils, sheets, clothes and more complete the overall d├ęcor of the studio, all made up of versatile pieces that can be easily transformed.

How to decorate a modern studio

How to furnish a modern studio? A solution particularly suited to solving the sleeping area can be the double bed or single bed. In this way, the bed occupies the space only when used while in the rest of its time its opening area can be used for another. As for the colors, the light ones are always preferable because they can give more brightness and spaciousness to the environments. It is better to opt for tables, drawers and wheelchairs so that they can easily be moved when needed. Tents also make their part in the furnishing of a modern studio because they are a very important complement of furniture. In particular, the most suitable ones are packet tents that ensure the right privacy but do not create volume as they are virtually one with the windows.

The cost for furnishing a studio

The cost of furnishing a studio varies greatly depending on the selected pieces and selected brands. In general it can be said that for a home of a young man who is at his first experience alone and has to furnish a small environment, multistage like Ikea, Mercatone One and World Convenience are more than enough to equip the apartment with everything they need. Obviously, it is also possible to invest bigger budgets and buy precious furniture and important manufacturing houses. For example, you may choose a monoblock kitchen that is equipped with quality home appliances and can safely exceed figures such as the three thousand euro cost . Finally, the ideal would be to make custom-made furniture tailor-made by skilled craftsmen to make sure that any available space is best utilized.

Published on Oct 12, 2017 | Cat: Interior | By Lisa