Ikea garden chairs

Ikea garden furniture

As always, the Swedish furniture and furniture giant is the perfect solution for those who want to furnish their home without spending a waste of time: the low cost lines designed for those who want to decorate the economy but with a taste and fashionable look, add more lines expensive, high quality materials, for those who prefer beautiful, trendy but also quality furniture. The brand is one of the most popular with regard to garden furniture.
The proposals offered are, in fact, multiple, suitable for all tastes and environments (as well as within the reach of different portfolios).

As far as outdoor furniture is concerned, the brand focuses on always fashionable materials, particularly suited to green spaces, such as wood, rattan, but also colorful plastic, ideal for children or pets and prefer furniture that can be cleaned easily and weather-resistant.

Ikea garden chairs

Outdoor furnishing adds a lot of difficulty to the classic interior design: they need to be more durable and above all easy to clean, given the amount of dust, pollen, and everything else that is deposited in the open air.
Of course, every type of chair is combined with tables, tables and coordinated lounge chairs: all designed to furnish the garden perfectly and make it a livable environment not only in summer and spring, but during all 365 days of the year, time and only allowing. Ikea garden chairs are designed to be extremely durable but at the same time impeccable from an aesthetic point of view, which makes them suitable even in the interior or to furnish medium sized terraces or balconies.

The Ikea collections of garden chairs are vast and varied to meet the tastes of all buyers.
The basic collections, from the essential line and the reduced costs, are the Tarno, classic folding models with iron structure and dark wood slats: these are products for all occasions, suitable when serving dinner in the garden and there are a lot of invited; being foldable, in fact, they are very small and when they are not in use, or in winter, they can be safely restored in small closets. They can also be used as “emergency” items, thanks to their classic design, the Tarno adapt to any garden furniture.

The Applaro are chairs with dark, massive and linear wooden armrests, suitable for spartan decor, without frills, but also appreciated by those who love wood and essential lines as well as those who also want to have stable chairs in the garden and can also afford that they are cumbersome. The Applaro, in fact, have a structure that makes them similar to the armchairs and can be enriched by fancy pillows.

Ikea chairs

The Falster are also very basic models with no armrests: they are only found in gray variants, they can be purchased individually and together with the coordinated table. In addition to the garden, given its small size and classic design, it can also be used for furnished terraces and balconies. Along with the table are ideal for those who in the beautiful season love to dine outdoors.

Other models in the catalog are the LacKo, characterized by dark color and a slim line, ideal for those who love wrought iron furniture accessories (or that imitate this material), also available in a series with armrests, and the Vaddo , with clean design and essential lines, typical of the bar furnishings; both of these models can be combined with as many tables in the same series.

For those who conceive the garden as an environment dedicated exclusively to relaxation, and perhaps even have a pool, the Falster in reclining is the ideal solution: this is a lightweight, handy but very comfortable model that looks more like a small chair that is not the classic chair.

Ikea garden

What’s better about having an open space and thinking of how to enjoy the warmth of the sun outdoors, in the garden or on the terrace? In the garden catalog we will find everything we need to organize a conversation area or a dining corner with comfortable, practical and functional items; we will also find the most suitable accessories to furnish a relaxation area or a small play area for the youngest.

The outdoor furnishing proposals are made of durable and weather-resistant materials: wood, which gives us the warmth of a natural material, aluminum as well as plastic materials, which are very durable and easy to clean.
We can choose a table to match chairs, comfortable armchairs or pool chairs. We can choose from colorful chairs that give a jolly note to our space and choose the most suitable complements to make our garden comfortable and enjoyable to look at. Ikea presents numerous accessories such as lamps, candles, fabrics that are well-matched with the exterior furnishings.

All products are of good quality and affordable, so that even those who do not have a high budget can house their home style with style.

Ikea garden catalog

For garden furnishings, Ikea proposes from the catalog many different types of furnishings and furnishing accessories. From furniture to lunch, to flooring: everything you want for the garden!

The garden is first and foremost a place to relax and find the lost energy during the day or week. So decorating the garden with comfortable but elegant furniture is really very important. The Swedish company presents in its catalog a wealth of ideas to perfectly fit your relaxation area. Värmdö is the perfect rocking chair to take refuge in the veranda and under a tree with a newspaper or a good book. Made of two colors, red and dark brown, you can complete it with a comfortable cushion to get a very comfortable rocking chair. It is impossible to give up Äpplärö Hällö, the modular garden bench Ikea: a solid wooden construction with soft pillows.

Sunderö is the perfect chaise lounge for those looking for a comfortable chair that turns into a sun lounger if needed. Finally, it is the swing-swing that will make the happiness of adults, but especially children: available in two sizes and colors, will surely be the jewel of your garden.

Gazebo Ikea

Being in the garden during the beautiful days is definitely very enjoyable, but from spring to autumn, having protection over our heads can prove to be a fundamental prerogative. Repairing from the rays of the sun is one of the main reasons to buy an umbrella or a gazebo, but secondly, a moisture cover or while we are at table with our guests can be a great idea.

Ikea, in her catalog, has many proposals regarding garden covers, such as umbrellas and gazebo.
Karlsö is a line of complete and base hanging umbrellas. Proposed in two chromatic variants, one white and one dark, this umbrella is characterized by its practicality, especially when it is necessary to close it or move it from one point to another in the garden. Going through the gazebo, Ammerö and Applarö are surely the two most important models of the Swedish colossus collection. These are two aesthetically pleasing gazebo, able on their own, to fully furnish a living corner in the garden.

Ikea Garden Tables

Among the pleasures of life is surely to spend some hours relaxing in your own garden, maybe sitting at your table with relatives or friends. From the catalog, as well as Ikea chairs, you can choose from different furnishing options for dining sets. Decorating your dining room in the garden will be extremely easy as the brand dining sets truly meet any need, both in size and materials.

Äppläro is a garden set consisting of table and four seats, but is also available in six versions. The material with which this set is made is lacquered acacia wood with protective lacquer, perfect for protecting the beauty of sun and wind furnishings. Ängsö includes a lacquered pine table, available in two colors, black and white. Ideal for six people, this garden table model can accommodate up to eight people, making it ideal for the family but also for accommodating relatives and friends.

Barbecue Ikea

Among the many fortunes of those who are happy to own a large or small garden, there is definitely the possibility of using the barbecue to prepare delicious dinners between family and friends.

Even more is the combination barbecue-outdoor table. Even with regard to this aspect of outdoor living and the ability to furnish the garden with taste but functionality, Ikea proposes several models of barbecue. Lillön is the BBQ model in the basic version, perfect for those who have space problems or those who do not often cook outdoors but love not getting unprepared.

By climbing the level, you can find Klasen, a charcoal or gas barbecue line, complete with various accessories, which can be assembled according to the different needs and needs of the landlord. In addition to the barbecue, you can also complete this cabinet with a side burner where you can cook or keep food at a temperature, and a comfortable sideboard.

Ikea wardrobe

o better complete the furnishings of your garden you may need to place a cabinet that is durable and suitable for outdoor use. Ikea, as far as outdoor cupboards are concerned, does not offer a catalog of classic solutions, but it still allows its customers to find furnishings that prove functional and practical for outdoor use. Thanks to the Hindo furnishing line, in fact, you can choose from different solutions of furniture containers, ranging from mobile shelves and cabinets made of galvanized and varnished steel, for sale at 109.99 euros, also available without shelves at 70 euros, up to a practical gardening counter, at a price of 59.99 euros.

For those who love wood heat, in the Applaro series furniture collection, it is possible to choose a benches with a container that are very comfortable to hold many objects. The Anglo / Tostero bench, however, provides a comfortable waterproof case to hold garden utensils and carry them and have a sheltered seat for the pillows in case of bad weather.

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