Decorating a terrace: how to do it creatively

Terrace furniture

There are those who want functional, sophisticated, who “nature” effect, those who are in privacy and who are simply comfortable and enjoyable … in other words, the terrace also has its claims regarding the look, and furnishing a terrace is a very important task to gain a new corner at home, almost an extra environment to spend moments of relaxation or conviviality with relatives and acquaintances.

If you have enough space you can have a table with its seat or a sofa with armrests. When the spaces are even more relevant, you can also guess a gazebo, as well as sun loungers and sun loungers with umbrellas and maybe a hot tub. The available materials are varied, but the most popular are wood, bamboo, wicker, steel and aluminum.

In the picture, Cafè chair in the outdoor version of Living Sofas design Piero Lissoni, realized with tubular structure made of stainless steel 316 satin; slatted laminated HPL laminate panel with PVC profile in sample colors. The pillows are made of exterior polyurethane foam. Exterior fabric covering with removable cushions. Available in different versions, even for indoor environments.

How to decorate a terrace

If space is limited, a chair, a pair of seats and a tent can be enough to fit the sun, as well as some spotlights or wall-to-ceiling windows for furnishing a terrace. These furnishing accessories are often innovative and original, but their background concept is reassuring and in some respects familiar, so they are often induced to “dare” for this environment. Still very much appreciated is teak, an exceptional essence both aesthetically and technically. This is an elegant and “hot” material, but also very resistant to thermal shocks and especially to humidity and salt, typical of marine environments. It has different finishing options, including the pickled one that gives a typically shabby chic or vintage charm. However, the most durable and technical materials, such as painted steel, PVC and of course polyurethane, are now very much appreciated. The latter is suitable for indoor and outdoor chairs, often foldable or stackable.

In the picture, Zanotta Club outdoor armchair, characterized by the organic and cozy structure morphology, made of painted steel and wire netting in PVC with internal reinforcement of brown nylon. The Club chair can be fitted with a seat pad, with polyurethane / Dacron Du Pont padding. The collection is complemented by the sofa and interior models, featuring a self-extinguishing foam / Dacron Du Pont foam padding and removable outer fabric or leather cover.

Terrace furniture

To decorate a terrace, furniture and decorations are certainly fit in terms of style to the size of space available, but apparently small areas prefer a decor for a decided and elegant terrace, such as a coffee table accompanied by a pair of chairs, why not? Colored or transparent. For friends it is always better to provide folding chairs or even a pouf that could turn into an original and indispensable solution. Colorful pillows on the chairs should not be missed, while for night dinners just a few candles are enough to make the room look soft and charming.

If space is wide, a fresh and elegant solution for the terrace furniture is the “minimal” sofa with light tones such as crème or ice white on which red or celestial pillows stand out. Illumination could include Chinese lanterns or wall lights to lighten the corners, thus favoring diffused and neutral light spots.

In pictures: Roda’s basketball is a versatile collection that is made up of modular sofas and tables. The seat structure is made of stainless steel painted with backrest in polyester woven belts. Classic versions with a painted stainless steel structure with gray belt and a milk texture with sand strap, are complemented by the new matte finish, which is matched with a backrest that alternates the gray and sand strap. in the picture is proposed the sofa with gray backrest and smoke structure.

Terrace furniture

The table is an indispensable presence on a terrace that you respect. Of course, the size depends on the space available, but do not make the mistake of giving up this furniture item that is useful not only for eating lunches and dinners, but also for having a good meal or organizing a homemade aperitif with friends and family. The table is also a versatile support surface for books, magazines, PCs: why not use it for outdoor work, for example, or to practice some hobby? If your terrace is large enough, point to an “important” and quality table; Alternatively, choose one of the many commercially available models or a coffee table that has been designed as a feature sign (so it does not look awkward). Ethimo’s Play is a table with a contemporary character and harmonious geometries, made of aluminum with casting legs that provide a solid support base, while giving momentum and lightness to the design of the structure. Play’s strength lies in the ability to play with all the aspects that define it: the many dimensions that characterize it (100×100 cm, 150×150 cm, 100×200 cm, 100×274 cm) and the diversity of materials that make up the floor (aluminum, natural or decapitated teak and stone stone effect). One of the absolute novelties is the stone-effect stone finish, an unprecedented finish in the Ethimo collections and extraordinarily resistant to scratches and heat. The shades of the floor are ice and blackboard, usable tone on tone or contrast to the structure. In all-aluminum versions the plan is of the same color as the legs, so completely Warmwhite and Warmgrey.

How to set up a terrace

One of the pleasures closely linked to the beautiful season is the ability to grill in the company. As a result, the number of people who decide to set up their own terrace also increases with a barbecue. The models available on the market are numerous, ranging from the most essential ones and characterized by the size of those that, on the other hand, can be considered furniture in all respects and connotate the environment from a stylistic point of view. In all cases, quality barbecues have no problems with smoke and odors, operating mechanisms and structures are the result of a constant evolution, and the same is true of design and various options: the aesthetic side is always integrated into all functional appearance and ease of use. In the picture, the BBC Cube of the German brand Hoefats, awarded with the Reddot award 2016 and the German design award 2017. It is simultaneously served as a brazier, grill and stool / coffee table; when the fire is on, the evocative atmosphere created by an outdoor bonfire is created. Lightweight to carry and of great practicality, Cube shuts off simply by twisting it, with the hearth remaining in balance due to gravity.

How to decorate a balcony

Illumination is important in the terrace and in the balcony. Daily tasks force you to spend a long time away from home, and this is accompanied by the annoyance of high summer temperatures; the result is that it often becomes possible to enjoy their outdoor spaces only in the evening. As a result, the right sources of light should be chosen to allow you to stay outdoors even when the sun is over, freely chatting or engaging in other activities. Even then, technology innovation becomes an unmistakable ally: in order to be able to use table lamps and floor lamps, it is no longer necessary to have electricity. In addition, many commercially available devices are characterized by an eye-catching aesthetic that increases the pleasure of staying in the open air. In the picture, the Nylon Roxxane Light CL lamp, completely independent of the power sockets, thanks to the long-lasting rechargeable battery (up to one hundred hours). Thanks to the touchless adjustment system of light intensity it is possible to create different atmospheres depending on the moments and the needs. You do not have to recharge the batteries, just bring the lamp closer to the magnetic stand because it connects to the power supply. A “click” indicates that the network connection has been successful. Even disconnecting Roxxane Light CL at the end of the charging process is simple: just press the fingers on the magnetic stand and be ready to be lifted from the charging station.

Decorating a terrace: how to do it creatively: Decorate the balcony

Even the balcony can be an oasis of relaxation: the important thing is to furnish it the right way. If it is very wide, no particular waiver is necessary. If it has small dimensions it is advisable to go for exclusion, identifying those elements that can provide the right level of comfort and contribute to the creation of ad hoc atmospheres. The chairs are indispensable and there are several stackable commercials in the market that in terms of aesthetics have nothing to envy to others. After using them, it is for a moment to put them over the other, thus removing the surface of the balcony again. The most advanced materials, however, have a remarkable resistance to weathering, which results in a great deal of durability.

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