Swimming pool prices

Inundated swimming pools have very different prices depending on the model and type of product chosen. In fact, talking about price interconnected pools, cost depends on a large number of different factors, so for precise figures to make a comparison the only way is to contact one or more manufacturers to request a quote.
Price scissors are due to the size of the pool, the depth, the materials used, the model and the place of installation. Among other things, these factors are linked to each other because more than one pool is large, the greater the amount of materials it serves.

In addition, it is necessary to consider whether to opt for an undergrown masonry pool or prefabricated walls. In principle, it is possible to say that underground pools have turnkey prices ranging from 13,000 to 30,000 euros: it is a standard residential standard swimming pool, with standard options, ie a medium-large 1.5 meter deep swimming pool. With a sand filter and a rectangular shape (with standard sizes 10×5 meters) or oval with similar dimensions: in the latter case the structure is made of steel. For different models you spend differently, even more for special models. An example of this type of pool is the Solaris Evolution line in concrete.

Fiberglass Swimming Pools Prices

One kind of inground pool is that of monobloc fiberglass: it is faster to install because the excavation works are reduced. Consequently, speaking of underwater pools prices, the costs are much lower than other models.
However, these pools have two points to their disadvantage: the first concerns the transport, which is to be done only by exceptional means. The second point is that the ground must be absolutely stable, otherwise the structure will crack and the injuries will be repaired with difficulty. Fiberglass swimming pools have turnkey prices ranging from 16,500 to 19,000 euros: the most significant cost is material (12,000-13,000 euros), plus the costs for excavation and masonry works, installation.
The former are about 3,500-4,500 euros, while the second ones range from 800 to 1,500 euros. Inundated swimming pools have prices mostly linked to their measures: in theory, the cost for a turnkey fiberglass product is 200-300 euros per square meter. So if you choose smaller measurements, such as the Vega model (8.80×3.60 m) of Bsvillage, the cost can drop to 11,000 or lower.

Underground pools offered

If you want to spend less when installing an inground pool the best thing is to do a thorough research on the models and promotions implemented by the various manufacturing companies in the industry. In fact, in the catalogs of underwater pools prices are offered more or less consistently.
The first thing to consider is that if you want to customize your pool, this will affect the cost decisively.
There is a wide variety of offers from manufacturers: for example, in the Contemporary Line of Busatta there are various models of skimmer pools that are characterized by a combination of functionality and aesthetics. The measurements and shapes can be geometric (such as the Family or the Pearl model) or free.
Similarly, you can choose the finish and the color: from classic white to bizarre black, passing through the nuance that reproduces the appearance of a mosaic. Always the same company proposes the Green Line, which is a real innovation as it is an eco-sustainable underground pool. These are products that use environmentally friendly materials due to the increasingly widespread sensitivity to the environment.

Pools flood low prices

When choosing underground pools, low prices are due to the used material and reduced sizes. This is also true for the depth: in fact more a pool is deep and larger will be excavation work. At the same time more materials will have to be used. In addition a high quality certified pool will be more expensive than a less valuable one; however, it is good to compare the products of the known and less well-known brands.

It should be kept in mind that there are also retailers who offer the same products at a lower price. Lastly, the area where the swimming pool is installed should be taken into account, as this affects the transport costs: the latter are an important, albeit often omitted, item of underground pools and prices they have.

While measurements and materials cost more or less standard, excavation, disposal, wall work and electrical connections vary greatly depending on the characteristics of the ground and the installation area. For example, for the classical model of Piscine Arrigoni of 5×2.5 m it goes from 4.500 euros only for the supply of materials to 7.300 euros including installation.

Swimming pool pond

A peculiar type of underwater pools is the pond shaped, whose appearance resumes that of the natural mountain lakes. The pond pools have the surface covered with a quartz and sand granite layer and are having great success both for the high aesthetic result of the result as well as for the comfort and comfort in use by the users.
Depending on customer requirements, the walls can degrade more or less accentuated and be integrated with waterfalls, rocks and walkways that can also be used as a springboard. Finally, the pond pools have, in the part where the water is low, of a beach with wet bath used as a relaxation area.

Even though it does not seem, the pond pools do not have a construction system much different from that of a basic basement model, so the costs are only slightly higher. The pond pools have very different prices because they are custom elements, so the cost depends on the accessories and the model. Online search is very useful both to compare the costs of the various models and to evaluate every aspect of the product before buying it.

Arrigoni Swimming Pools

One of the companies that have extensive experience in the underground pool industry is Arrigoni; not only produces sports and leisure facilities, as it provides complete kit and free advice to those who want to create the pool on their own. The construction methods are varied, for example you can choose a swimming pool with prefabricated galvanized steel walls, with polystyrene or fully reinforced concrete. The price list is available through the official website. For each model, you can find a PDF containing the details of the various component groups (filtration, recycling, lighting, walls, edge, masonry, salt water disinfection, etc.). For each group the price is known and there is also the final total. The prices shown are also partially discounted. An advice? Contact the company Arrigoni directly and request a personalized quote. All products comply with European standards and are in most cases guaranteed beyond the limits of the law. On components such as pump, filter, and headlights, the warranty is 2 years, the Pvc membrane is 10 years old; on the structure, piping and fittings the warranty can be 30 or 10 years old.

Inground swimming pool prices

There are several factors that affect the prices of underground pools. The size, first of all. Considering an orientation solution of 200/300 square meters, the cost of a 12×6 swimming pool can also exceed 20,000 euros; a figure that grows if you want a depth greater than standard, as it also increases the amount of material you use. On the contrary, a children-friendly swimming pool, or less than a meter high, requires lower costs. As for the materials, the advice is to always choose Made in Italy or at least Made in EU, although in most cases more money is needed than materials from other countries. But quality does not joke. One must also consider another question: if the pool is built in a prestigious area, unfortunately the cost rises to more “common” locations and on the other hand local taxes and regulations may also affect. Another important note is transport costs, especially as regards islands or areas that are difficult to reach; for example, a 10 x 5 meter monobloc fiberglass pool is to be created in the high mountains: obviously, the price is likely to rise. Just as it is obvious that those who want a personalized swimming pool, or a particular shape, should pay extra extras that are not exhausted with the structure itself but come from a range of accessories that, being not standardized, are charged more. We think, to better understand, the edges with particular rays or the shaping of an isothermal or winter cover.

Pools flood low prices

One way to break down the prices of underground swimming pools coincides with DIY installation. Such a solution, however, is only within reach of those who are able to carry out all the work in question independently. Many companies sell pooled kits, complete with the necessary material; you can also ask for the collaboration of professionals in the industry, but these are not always available. Be careful not to make the longest leg of the leg. And remember that a pool needs permission to get a pool, otherwise you will pay a salty fine and your initial savings will automatically be canceled. Before you start, therefore, it is advisable to go to the City to ask for information and to verify the feasibility of the pool itself.


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