Ikea wallpaper, practical and economical

Ikea Wallpaper

The Swedish product line has no Ikea ‘traditional’ wallpaper, but there are very special products that can be used.
In this case, we talk about wall coverings and the Ikea collection features a line called Fastbo, ideal for kitchen lining, particularly in areas close to the sink and work surfaces. In this case Ikea wallpaper is converted into a non-adhesive, intelligent panel in its composition as each model has a double face, interchangeable depending on the decorative needs. The models have a slightly rectangular shape of 60X50 cm and can be modulated in length and height.

Ikea Fastbo wallpaper

The main features of the Fastbo paneling are in the composition, made of high pressure laminate, a particular resin alloy that allows a long time and a large waterproofing of the panel. It must be applied by means of a special fixing system, which is made of aluminum and has a length of 120 cm, to accommodate two panels. Obviously they may be more than one, so every two panels must be budgeted for the purchase of the appropriate support, called ‘list’.
Each wall has different characteristics and, for this reason, fixing must match the conditions and characteristics that are encountered. Unlike a vinyl wallpaper, suitable for damp and condensed environments such as kitchens and bathrooms, Ikea panels have a much lower cost, as each panel is presented at a cost of 10 euros, as well as the list fixing system. They are dedicated to covering small portions of the wall, at least as far as height, while in length the chances are very wide.

Thanks to these characteristics, they can be the ideal solution for covering the kitchen wall adjacent to the worktop or to protect the section immediately next to the sinks.

Ikea decorative panels

The Fastbo line features very original colors and features that make it suitable for decorating commonly used environments with simplicity and imagination. Fastbo is available in four color variants, all double face.

The first concerns the black tones and, while a façade is lucidly immersed in the depth of the full color, the back proposes a graphic decoration that recalls the play of the tiles, with white inserts on a black background. The red variant also features a one-sided lighted facade, while the back features a tile-based design, but based on a white base design.

The third option has an aluminum color scheme in a facade and a stain of stainless steel in the other. Its use is suitable for defining more modern and linear environments and the price in this case is 19 euros for each panel.
The fourth and last proposal sees the substitute Ikea wallpaper present a romantic graphic of leaves on the white and light gray and a completely white alternative in the other facade. This latter solution is well suited to bath compositions, as it has more ethereal shades and more restful tones.

Paper Wallpaper Ikea

The solutions of the Swedish company to decorate the walls are slightly different from the classic wallpaper. Ikea proposes the SLATTHULT line, a very practical and functional decoration system. This line is self-adhesive, so it is very easy to apply, provided that the surface where it is applied is smooth and clean.
Better then prepare a good bottom by removing if necessary lumps or mold residues that the wall might have previously developed. It is recommended not to apply it over other wallpaper, which could be irretrievably damaged in case of removal and which, if not well anchored to the wall, could detach itself by ruining all the work done.
A little attention in the face of the great comfort of being able to renovate a room without having to paint or tap. The product is made of propylene plastic, acrylic paint, transparent, and of course paper.
It is also possible to buy Ikea wallpaper online at a cost of about 10 € for a package of the SLATTHULT model.

Ikea coatings

For some years, the wallpaper has come to the fore, renewing the surface of a wall, to highlight an architectural detail, even to dress up the furniture doors and surely to bring color and cheerfulness into the little children’s home. The motives vary from the more traditional ones to decorations that inspire more abstract nature or geometry.
The shades are of pastel, suitable for the bedrooms, up to the warm and strong colors that go well for a wall in the living room.

To make the little ones happy, there is a type of magnetic wallpaper on which children can invent designs and stories playing with magnets of different shapes and colors. Ikea does not have a real wallpaper in the catalog but it can be superseded by wall-hangings or Ikea’s fabrics, which can be used, for example, to dress a furniture or the interior of a wardrobe.

Adhesive wallpaper

The Swedish company, a leader in low-cost furnishings, is always up to the new furnishing trends and the demands of its customers, for this reason, although not having a genuine adhesive wallpaper between the products, tries to supply to this lack with a wide range of wall sticker stickers, which can become the right complement to give a special touch to any environment. Ikea products of this type, like the rest of the group’s philosophy, are very cheap and range from 9.99 euros to Roknas self-adhesive decoration, which is ideal for the smaller room as it measures one meter for children up to 12.99 Euros of Mossen, depicting a gray or Elsabo neitone tree (pictured), composition of green leaves that can be arranged as you prefer to decorate the wall according to your personal taste. Ikea advises not to apply these decorations above a wallpaper because, in the event that you decide to remove the stickers, the upholstery may be ruined.

Ikea, practical and economical wallpaper: Ikea furniture sticker

The solutions presented in the previous paragraphs are also very suitable for those who wish to renew the look of their old furniture in a simple and original way, without having to intervene with heavy restoration work. Thanks to the variety of subjects present in the Slatthult series you can choose the type of decoration you prefer for your furniture, depending on the type of furniture you want to decorate and the room you will be placing in. The application is really very simple, it is enough to prepare the surface in advance, to degrease and clean it, so that adhesive decoration can adhere perfectly. For those who prefer, if the appearance or color of the furniture seems to squeeze with the decoration chosen, you can proceed to painting the surface with a preferred color enamel. Once dried, you can continue applying the decoration.

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