Adhesive wallpapers, comfortable and modern

Modern adhesive wallpaper

Today, adhesive wallpaper is no longer used to cover only the walls of the old bedrooms or to enrich the already pompously decorated and furnished lounges. The latest trends in interior design and interior decoration have in fact revalued the use of wallpaper in the decoration of our homes, lightening them, making them more modern in design, simpler in application.

Wallpapers are nowadays used as a real item of furniture, often to decorate large walls that otherwise, would run the risk of being too loose. They are used to give color and style to little-used corners or to create backgrounds for minimalist furniture, which can be emphasized by the colors of decorations.

Adhesive wallpaper

The use of adhesive wallpaper has made it even easier for the less traditional rooms, the bathroom and the kitchen to understand. Since moisture and vapors in these environments are likely to ruin wallpaper, there are commercially available special models that incorporate a plastic component that makes them very suitable for humid environments, avoiding water absorption, deforming.
The same plastic component makes it easier to clean, with a damp sponge and a neutral detergent. A real piece of furniture was said to allow us to easily change our home, without having to use dizzying figures when buying new furniture. Normally wallpaper should be applied with special glues and requires the intervention of a professional who comes to our help in order to avoid wrinkles, bubbles, creases.
Lately, however, there are commercially available adhesive tapes that come in handy for a simpler application, without problems, and above all allow us to change the look of our room in perfect autonomy.

Price of sticker wallpaper

Different solutions are available on the market, in furniture stores or in e-commerce sites that sell home accessories or, more easily, in DIY and DIY supermarkets. Like the traditional one, even adhesive wallpaper is sold in rolls, its cost is square meter. But unlike the above-mentioned paper, the “pieces” are smaller, smaller.
Usually, the purpose of adhesive paper is to decorate a portion of the wall, perhaps a niche, or a special corner of the house, to create a tromp oeil, return light and color, but also simply give a sponge effect or reproduce marbles and stucco. Often, adhesive paper is also used to cover an old-fashioned furniture, or just want to change appearance to make it more harmonious with the furnishing of the room that hosts it.

Wallpapers can be of different genres and satisfy the most diverse tastes, there are the most varied models on the market, in endless combinations of colors and fantasies. The types of wallpaper are to be chosen according to the intended use and depending on the room where they will be applied. For classical lovers there are many types, with the most sophisticated fantasy and assembled with the highest quality materials. Modern decorating enthusiasts will be surprised to find out how trendy it is to adopt this type of solution with state-of-the-art design made with the most upturned colors. Using sticky wallpaper will give a great look to the entire home and will be an alternative way to decorate walls and ceilings in an original, unique and creative way.

You can choose from a variety of wallpaper templates depending on our personal taste and the room you will be dealing with. With adhesive wallpaper you can create real wall decorations. The variety of colors and fantasies on the market is so varied that it can meet every need and demand. Wallpaper is produced in a variety of materials such as paper, raw fiber, pvc, cloth, etc .. Certainly, despite the normal painting it is much more expensive but with the advantage of lasting longer in time always keeping a satisfying look. If you have a good workmanship and you are a lover of bricolage, the laying can also be done by DIY, the important thing is that the walls are well polished and do not have cracks and holes that will be stuffed before. If, however, you are not sure of getting an excellent result, it is advisable to contact a professional in the industry.

Wall decorations

By using adhesive wallpaper, different solutions can be obtained: from decorating with pictorial motifs to simple modular repeating fantasy. It is also possible to choose to apply wallpaper only on a wall to create real-like murals with the most dearest subject. Even the bedroom can be embellished using this methodology choosing colors and decorations that best fit the rest of the furnishings. There are models with astonishing effects that perfectly recreate the shades of a sunset sky or the most varied nuances and contrasts of a flowery meadow. Wallpaper allows a wide variety of choices that must always be looked after and in line with the style of furnishing of our home.

Today, wallpaper is a new popularity, becoming a real complement of great design furnishings. Given the great variety of this type of coating, you can find new and original solutions to decorate each wall with style and style. Definitely one of the musts of this year is the use of wallpaper decorated with large floral motifs of considerable size and with a realistic look. A true tendency to embellish with a touch of sophistication up to now unaltered corners or large walls contrasting with monochrome colors of floors and ceilings. Even the 70’s style decorative motifs have come back to life, where rounded and sinuous lines create eye-catching motives and strong visual impact. The wallpaper that reproduces the effect of stone or brick walls is used with wisdom, especially for the decor of decorated rooms in classical style.

Wallpapers For bathroom

Over the last few years, there has been a great revaluation of wallpapers, after years of forgetting.
So much so that companies n are always proposing new models and finishes, and on the market some types of waterproof wallpaper are also available, which can be employed without problems even in the bathroom and kitchen.
Indeed, in these environments, the humidity can be very high and normal upholstery may be damaged in no time and cause stains and mold.

So if you are thinking of giving a new and special look to your bathroom be sure to buy a waterproof and moisture-resistant upholstery to avoid annoying problems that would ruin all the work done.

Adhesive wallpaper, comfortable and modern: Wallpaper Leroy Merlin

For those who want to give a new face to their home, a practical and economical solution can be to use Leroy Merlin’s wallpaper, available in many finishes and colors, to satisfy all your style needs, from the most classic to modern ones. The group, leader in DIY products, in its stores or directly online, offers its customers a wide range of high-quality adhesive decorations at competitive prices, which with little effort and little experience can be placed inside any home, renewing the environment. By visiting the website, you can see how many subjects are available, ranging from plain decorations, or cloudy paper, to abstract designs or reproductions of urban landscapes, for character environments. Prices start at about € 7 for a roll of 10m in the cloudy finish, up to € 30, always for 10m, of a boiserie effect upholstery.

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