Renovate the house with wallpaper

When you live for many years in the same home, you end up getting used to the spaces that you no longer appreciate. Hence the desire to renovate and modify them, changing the layout of the furniture and everything that comes from it.
But often this is not enough, or perhaps not enough.
One of the many possibilities of renovating a home, with great satisfaction is the use of wallpaper to change the face to the environments. Color, tints, decorations, drawings or even panoramic views can make the interior spaces pleasant and renewed with a few simple touches.

Panoramic wallpaper

If we have decided to renovate the house using wallpapers, we can choose from many different types of decor, three-dimensional solutions, colors, textures and above all panoramic solutions.
The panoramic wallpaper allows you to reproduce on the walls of every sort of view we might want.
From the great metropolis to the most desolate land, from the tropical paradise to the redest desert, to the countryside and the most naturalistic landscapes that exist.
In fact, the choice is really very wide: on-line there are different sites that make it possible to custom tailor their home adapting the panoramic wallpaper.

Dress up the bedroom’s walls

Wallpapers can undoubtedly be adapted to any space: living room, kitchen, bathroom bedroom, and relaxation and reading space. Flowers blossoming magically behind a sofa, a big tree projecting behind the living room, a sort of trompe the oil that turns the bed headboard into fairy tale all to tell.

But for the children’s room? The solutions are really varied: from teddy to doll, from celebrities to small, to fairy tales cleverly told on a finished wall with wallpaper. The choice is all about taste, space and color.

Modern wallpaper

Remodeling and making your home unique are the wishes of many, who are committed to finding new furniture or tools to revolutionize environments. Today, however, making our rooms really special is very easy using wallpapers. Forget the usual pastel colors, the floral or the two-colored lines: in fact, the innovative types of paper from the parts are really beautiful and amazing. It goes from fluorescent colors, from optical effects to embossed elements and applications that look like real upholstery. So, as you can deduce, modern wallpaper can help you make your house truly special and clean up the painted rooms of the usual neutral colors. Then give space to fantasy and color through the use of exclusive wallpapers.

3D Models Wallpaper

Wallpapers are very easy to apply, just a little bit of attention and manuality, and the game is done. If you are afraid to go wrong, you can always rely on a professional in the industry to save you worries and scratches. As for the prices, it goes from very small figures to simple figures in figures a bit higher for more particular and elaborate models. In general, however, it goes from 15 to 20 euros per meter for the simplest shades and the simplest fantasies, to reach more significant figures for the most articulated ones, in general we are between 50 and 80 euros per meter . However, this is a very well-invested investment from the point of view of the furnishings and beauty of your home, as modern wallpaper lasts for several years and does not require much workmanship for installation.

One of the most important novelties and peculiarities of the industry is definitely that of 3d models. These are really special rolls, with designs and relief motifs. Beyond being so beautiful to the sight, these wallpaper also become very beautiful and surprising to the touch. Embossed designs are often made of very soft materials, almost like velvet, made to be caressed. In addition, the modern 3d wallpaper offers remarkable new ideas and horizons of furnishings, thanks to the depth of the hand. The designs are, then, really more special and dynamic, making the rooms absolutely alive and full of energy. The illustrated drawings are many and of a variety of shapes, ranging from glittering swallows to more generalistic perspective designs or psychedelic designs. In short, there is really for every taste and needs.

Modern wallpaper price

So if you want to enrich your house’s rooms with beautiful modern wallpaper, you can immediately choose the most suitable models for your environments and the style you want to make. In this regard, obtain or request the catalogs of the major parade brands and begin to choose your favorite models. Many catalogs are also easily available on the Internet, at specialized sites in the industry or directly at the producers’ website. The catalogs are an excellent tool for orienting the best in the choice, when in addition to the product also show various examples of use and furnishing of the same. By looking at these catalogs you can also have great ideas for your home and the furniture solution that you had not thought of.

Choice Guide

For countless years the wallpaper has fallen into disuse. There is no precise motive but evidently associated with an old-fashioned style of the 70’s. In addition, modern painting techniques allow anyone to take advantage of well-crafted walls that give a very beautiful aesthetic effect. Today, paper the parade seems to have been back in fashion and has reappeared in public places such as bars or professional environments and then homes. The current colors appear glowing, intense, solid or with floral compositions, but all very lively and colorful.
But how to choose the one that fits perfectly with your home environment?

Of course everything depends on the furnishings of your home, which if it is straightforward and straightforward, needs to be valued and perhaps enlivened by a pretty brilliant wallpaper. Take your children’s bedroom, for example, if it comes with simple furniture and shades that are not too bright, it can be embellished with a modern and shiny wallpaper. The solutions are two, that is, to fix the wallpaper on a single wall or to prepare the whole room.

In the first solution, you prefer to apply the paper to the wall where the beds are placed and you can choose the most varied theme models with the bedroom, such as fairytale characters or floral motifs, but you can also opt for extremely plain or tiny plain reasons you like.

Kitchen wallpaper

You have no idea what today you can do with modern wallpaper. We are not in the 70s, technology, thinking and innovative ideas have grown thanks to the designers who study this industry for too long. Wallpapers exist for so many and for all the environments and amazing things make miracles. They are able to transform a room, to give it that personal touch in a simple and creative way.

Take for example the wall of a kitchen. A white wall, anonymous, with no significant peculiarities. Try to start your creativity and your extravagance and in a few steps, you will be able to create a rustic or elegant kitchen according to your decor. There are specially designed wallpapers for these venues, with fabulous scenic effects and a very realistic design to reality. There is a brick-shaped wallpaper that can be placed on the wall where the sink, dishwasher and hob goes. At the end of the work, you will find that the scenery is perfect, absolutely similar to reality.

Obviously, you will not be in no doubt because it is normal to think that if the wallpaper is bathed during the usual dishwashing, it may be irreparably damaged. No fear! Experts in this area have also thought about this and the wallpaper that you will put on the wall of your kitchen is made of material called “nonwoven fabric” that is washable and does not let the water inside it fall. In addition, this modern wallpaper is fire retardant, that is, features that make it very small or very slow to combustion, so it suits the proximity of a stove. You will soon be born a wall of fake tiles, irregular bricks or stones with an unparalleled realistic effect.

Stone wallpaper ideas with unparalleled realistic effect.

Are you looking for wallpaper suitable for your stay? Even in this case, you can plan your work with wisdom and craftiness thanks to the craftsmen. If you do not like a heavy space, put the paper on a single wall and come up with a wonderful color gamut especially if you have the cautiousness of painting the other walls with soft or shiny colors that resume the paper you installed. The motives are varied and all very beautiful. Just think that you have to recreate the environment you want, an area that inspires tranquility or an area that gives the impression of a trendy restaurant with a touch of light and extreme liveliness. A very trendy example is a large tree lurking on a single wall while the other three remain white or with soft and very restful colors. There is no lack of modern wallpaper with innovative designs such as photomurales or prints that reproduce old postcards and with the romance of other times.

Do not forget that even bathrooms can be made with modern wallpaper especially in tiled majolica if you like minimalism but also with baroque paper if you love romanticism and the ancient.

Published on Oct 14, 2017 | Cat: Interior | By Lisa