Pivato doors: design and functional solutions

The company Pivato is continuously studying new solutions that make it easy to lay, enhance functionality and perfect the aesthetics of our doors. We present the special features of our products so far.
On all pivoted doors the handle is installed lower than the common doors: 980 mm from the lower edge, so as to improve the ergonomics of the grip and “sliding the door” upwards.
We also install the Magnetic Lock as a standard with clean design and with even smaller meeting.

Out of measure
In presenza di muri fuori misura vi proponiamo lo stipite in un corpo unico. Costruiremo lo stipite della porta proprio di quella dimensione, precisa e personalizzata al millimetro, come fosse un lavoro sartoriale mantenendo la perfetta complanarità tra stipite e coprifilo.

Published on Sep 15, 2017 | Cat: Doors | By Lisa