Modern wallpaper

Modern wallpaper

Modern wallpapers are a good alternative to the classic wall tile. Current trends want the paper to be used no longer to cover all the walls of a room, as it usually did in the 1970s, decades which saw the maximum diffusion of this technique to decorate our homes. In fact, it is mainly applied on a wall only, in contrast to high paintings, or only at some points, perhaps to give more emphasis to a niche, an arc or a column. Even fancy prints on paper have changed dramatically. The classic rows or florals have left room for the most varied, elaborate and sometimes eccentric designs, making the walls on which they are applied turn into real works of art.

Modern wallpapers prices

The wallpaper is very easy to apply. If you choose the type of adhesive, then the work becomes even easier, since it is no longer necessary to advance the glue on the wall beforehand. However, in order to avoid any risk, and if you want the certainty of obtaining an impeccable result, you can of course turn to a specialized company. This choice will of course affect the final cost of labor. The price of the paper instead of posing is quite low if we choose simple designs or a solid color. The price per meter for these models is around 15 euros. The talk changes considerably if we are looking for particularly elaborate designs, as in this case we can even get figures close to 100 euros per meter.

3d Modern Wallpaper

Modern 3D wallpapers are one of the most popular innovations introduced in recent years. The panels have the peculiarity of having the relief design, which is not only beautiful in sight but also surprisingly pleasing to the touch, especially if the decor is velvety. It is possible to find many fantasies in 3d, from naturalistic subjects to geometric or abstract decorations, so that they can be combined with any kind of existing furniture and meet as much as possible with any of our stylistic needs. The décor, being in relief, has the peculiarity of giving more depth to the room, and with wise light games give character to any environment in which they are placed.

Catalog of modern wallpapers

In order to be able to choose the most modern wallpaper that best suits yours, the best way to get the best production companies catalogs is to get a complete overview of the most beautiful cards that are currently on the market. Catalogs can be found either in hardcopy, at showrooms, or simply simply can be consulted on-line on both specialized and corporate sites so you can choose the design that you like best from your home. On the catalogs, you can also find numerous examples to use the various cards in order to suggest solutions and furnishing cues, bringing potential customers to discover the perfect combinations for their stylistic needs.

Wallpapers have long existed and have always played an important role in interior design. In the past they covered all the walls of a room and in some cases all the rooms; they were a luxury, very elegant and not all-encompassing jacket. Subsequently they became a must and therefore more accessible, especially in the Sixties and Seventies. After a time when they seemed to have lost appeal, they were again the protagonists of private homes. Part of their success today is also due to the extreme simplicity of laying: it is not necessary to turn to industry experts, and even those who do not have a particular skill, predisposition, and manual can do it extravagantly. The wallpaper allows you to renew the image of a space with little moves and little money. Modern cards do not really have any limits on colors and fantasies. It is rare that they choose unique colors or particularly sober and delicate drawings; in most cases you prefer to focus on originality and there is a real embarrassment to choice. Still more in vogue are those wallpapers that somehow reproduce landscapes and external elements, thus creating a kind of visual continuum between the “inside” and the “out”. In the photo the K-e-i of the Giocoadue collection of Inkiostro white: “as natural as the wood – reads in the description – tiny as the shades of the sea and the sand. Recycled material and light decorations for a chromatic contrast marked by an enigmatic and emblematic letter. ”

Modern bedroom wallpaper

Wallpapers are widespread in the bedroom. In most cases they are used to frame the headboard of the bed, thus making it stand out and visually moving the entire room. Almost a sort of painting is created. But this is not an absolute rule. Everyone can decide where to place the wallpaper, which I use to do; the advice is just to not overdo it. So it is free to the bright colors and the most original fantasies. It is also free to stylized designs and, on the other side, those that somehow remain anchored to the tradition and at the same time renew it. There are, however, those who prefer resting nuances such as blue and crayons. And there are those who opt for the tone on tone. In the picture we show you one of Jannelli & Volpi’s new proposals for 2016: Barbara Becker HomePassion. A line that contains different genre variants, at times opposite: in line with this summer’s trends, with flamingo pink or seventy-year-old strobo balls; US inspiration with recalls to Miami beaches or city skyscrapers; floral or natural, with bowls of river or petals; still, matelassé or trompe oeil with wooden slats (sometimes on which the graphics are reproduced). Patterns that frame and highlight walls or individual furnishings, thus become protagonists in interior design projects. Wallpapers designed for those who dare, coming out a bit from the schemas, and conceives the home as a young, cheerful and fashionable retreat.

Modern wallpaper with writing

Among the modern wallpapers that are growing in popularity are the ones with the writing. Quotes related to the world of music, literature, and / or poetry, but also phrases that come from memories and personal thoughts. Or even simple letters to each other, perhaps without a definite meaning: in all cases, these are choices that greatly contribute to identifying an environment based on the personality and tastes of those who live in it. They are found mainly in the kitchen, but also in the bedroom; they also serve to interrupt the continuity and homogeneity of the painted surfaces between one portion and the other of the tiles made of ceramic tiles. Letters on the walls also represent a “trend” cultivated. I’m chic, in short. In Italian, English or some other language, they always give great satisfaction. In the picture a beautiful Glamora signed wallpaper: Letters are the background of reproduction of wooden boards, the effect as you can see has a vintage flavor and the atmosphere is very welcoming.

Children’s wallpaper cards

Modern wallpapers also enter the children’s room and boys’ room. And in this case you can really get excited. It is rare, though, that the fantasies are stylized or geometric: they prefer sketches that reproduce colorful and imaginative landscapes, or, in the case of smaller characters, cartoon characters and cartoons. There is the embarrassment of choice. An advice? Choose the wallpaper together with the person you are interested in or the person you are interested in, let alone let them have the last word. Because what most will conquer them, will certainly help to nourish the imagination and even the well-being. The cheerful patterns will give a special impression to the room. One thing to do: look out for a “composition” that can be tiring in the long run.

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