New skin on the walls

Do you want to change your appearance to your interior, with a sure effect and, above all, reversible solution, if you change ideas, style or furnishing in the future? The good news is that for some time the wallpaper has come back to life, which today the producers are completely new in the materials, in the decorations, in the surely simplified pose. With wallpaper you can either cover an entire wall or just an architectural element of the environment (niche, bow, column) or, why not, part of a furniture (the head of a bed for example).

The laying of wallpaper

Before starting wallpaper installation, make sure that the wall you are applying to is perfectly clean, dry and free from any irregularities, which, if present, should be smooth. If the wall is already covered with an old wallpaper you want to replace, you can remove it by using a special product that loosens the glue (to dilute in water), then remove the paper with the aid of a spatula.
Then it goes to the cut of the strips of wallpaper, abounding 10 cm in the measurements if the paper does not decorate to match. If, on the other hand, there are designs to match, you can help by numbering the back of the sheets.

It is time to prepare the glue, unless the wallpaper is pre-glued: it is poured (powdered) into the amount of water indicated by the package of the product purchased and agitating the compound, which will result quickly dense and without lump, so ready to use.

Finishing wallpaper

To spread the glue on the sheets of paper, we recommend that you leave the center of the sheet and proceed to the sides, not leaking in the amount of glue and be careful not to forget dry parts of paper.
After spreading the glue, the wallpaper needs some time for maceration, which varies according to the type and consistency: there are cards that can be laid on the wall even after a few minutes and more, thicker, they need to a longer waiting time (up to 15 minutes).
When you apply the sheet to the wall, always start from the top; lay it down quietly. When you have rested it completely, you will need to brush it to remove any air bubble, moving from center to side and from top to bottom. On joints between the sheets you can also go through a special roller so they combine perfectly. And to remove any glue residues left on the sheets, a damp cloth is useful.

Custom wallpaper

It has happened to think that it would be great to put on your walls walls a personalized wallpaper according to your tastes, have a picture or a drawing that you talk about yourself and / or your family or for which you are fed by always a preference? Well, this is not an unrealistic desire, in fact: it increases the number of brands in the industry that offer this possibility. In some cases you can modify a wallpaper already in the catalog, in others require a product to be realized ex novo.For example, creates wallpapers from photographs taken by customers and does everything remotely in a completely autonomous way: simply upload the image in question through the company’s official website and cut it to the desired width and height . The studio also deals with color adjustment and adding color to specific objects in an image, moving or deleting objects in a photo, adding various filters to change the atmosphere or enhance the effect of an image. It also offers help in creating photographic collages.

Bedroom Wallpaper

One of the rooms in the house where the wallpaper reveals all its qualities is undoubtedly the children’s and children’s room. It is a valuable tool for renovating the look of the room, allowing you to divide the spaces (for example, by defining the studio area compared to games and leisure), it also enhances corners that would almost end up “disappearing”, giving color and vivacity, and, in fact, allows for changes that work in parallel with the growth of children. On the market, among other things, there are very easy-to-use papers: Agena, for example, produces a pre-glued and available type, which means that it is only necessary to wet the rolls before laying them on the wall. The WallPepper Series Kids series (in the picture a proposal) is, however, odorless, breathable, hypoallergenic, water-repellent, ecological, without dir Pvc, with a B1 class-certified cellulose fiber and textile fibers for fire resistance. Naturally, in the bedroom you can venture on fantasy, originality, creativity. Everything is allowed, in short. The important thing is to make the atmosphere not too chaotic and “electrifying” but giving a feeling of security and serenity. An idea? Choose decorations directly related to the passions of children or adolescents, such as dancers or football players or astronauts. But I also promoted the cards inspired by comic book characters and fairy tales, as well as those that represent imaginative and engaging worlds.

The wallpaper: Bathroom wallpaper

When you think about wallpaper, immediate connection is with home environments such as bedroom and living. It is difficult to think of the bathroom immediately because it tends to almost assume that it is not the most suitable place because of the water and humidity that is practically always present. But wallpaper has also evolved in this regard. For some time there are in fact ad hoc proposals, which offer an equal degree of endurance, practicality and aesthetics. In 2013, Wall & Decò patented the first wallpaper for humid environments, ie characterized by liquid membranes with waterproofing properties. Wet System (so called) is suitable for application on surfaces in civil plaster, concrete, plasterboard, glass and ceramic tiles and resistant to household detergents, flame retardants and abrasions. Unlike other wall coverings, Wet System not only faces the water well but prevents it from passing through the underlying layer, ensuring waterproofing of the treated walls (including shower enclosures). The waterproofing decorative sheathing system in question is also subject to the rigid European Technical Approval Guidelines (ETAG 022), which governs tests that demonstrate the technical capabilities of a waterproofing product to withstand the action of water, temperature variations and the movements of the building supports. Furthermore, Wet System paper tolerates perfectly temperature variations on walls between 10 and 35 degrees.

Published on Oct 15, 2017 | Cat: Interior | By Lisa