Ikea double beds, practical furnishing solutions

Double Beds Ikea
Modern trends and classic revisions are the elements that distinguish the models of the Ikea double bed collection. Various solutions to meet any need for space, with practical beds provided with large side drawers or with a box. Like the Malm model that hides a large container box under the bed slats or the Mandal series’s double bed with four large drawers placed laterally.

Reinterpreted classic lines distinguish the Hemnes model made of solid wood and adjustable sides. Modern trends and color games for the Duken double bed, the upholstered headboard is covered in removable fabric, available in white or colored. Wood and skin make up the Ikea bed of the Stockholm series by embellishing complementary shapes. The structure is made of beech wood and the headboard consists of two cushions covered in leather.

Ikea double sofa beds

It is often necessary to have a sofa bed in the house ready to welcome any guests. Ikea sofa beds allow to optimize in their models the dual functionality of the complement, solving functional space management.
One of the sofa bed models in the Ikea catalog is practical and versatile Brimnes. The structure consists of two comfortable drawers, in addition to the sofa function you can turn a few gestures into a single bed or a double bed, thanks to the sliding system. It is advisable to match it with a latex or foam mattress. Another of Ikea’s sofa sleeper patterns is Svelvik, simple and traditional lines, outlined by the structure made of black varnished steel and decorated with knobs. Equipped with a sliding system, it is transformed into a single or double sofa bed as required. The slats are made of solid poplar wood and guarantee a comfortable seat and a comfortable and durable net. Practical and convenient solutions for Ikea double sofa beds. A very interesting model is then Backabro, a 3-seater sofa bed with a hard mattress that provides good comfort and has a practical storage compartment.

Ikea foldaway beds.

Reduced space and low functionality, Ikea’s folding double beds solve these problems with practical and innovative patterns. The Hemnes series’s concealed bed is designed to meet the furnishing requirements without neglecting the aesthetic aspects. The structure is transformed into a comfortable double bed thanks to the sliding system, in fact it allows to take advantage of a product of different uses. It is both a sofa and a single bed, depending on the models you can choose between two or three lower drawers. Made of pine wood the complement is available in different color combinations. Trendy and fit to fit modern environments the Ikea Ps 2017 model, is one of Ikea’s disappearing double beds. The sliding system allows to pull out and relax the mattress with simple gestures. Double bed can be used as a single bed and also as a sofa. Also, the model comes with wheels and is available with mattress and pillows included. Practicality and Convenience for Ikea’s Double Beds.

Prices Ikea Double Beds

Ikea double bed rates offer the convenience of saving and the quality of functional and practical products. The structure of the double bed with the classic lines of the Hemnes series available in brown-black is available at $ 314 . Modern trends for the fabric-covered structure with a container of the Gressvik model, as the catalog has a price of $ 353. The Ikea Malm Double Bed Series offers a white box with large storage box, space optimization and contemporary lines for $ 396. In the natural oak pattern of oak wood, four side drawers replace the container box system while maintaining the optimal management of the usable space, is available at $ 353. Large side drawers also feature the matrimonial model of the Mandal series, the structure is made of natural birch wood, available at $ 412. Design from simple and well-defined lines for the matrimonial bed of the Nordli series, the headboard is inclined to facilitate the sitting position, the whole structure is made of beech wood, for sale at the price of $ 258.

Ikea Double Beds

The Swedish company, world renowned for the production and sale of good quality furnishings at affordable prices, offers a wide range of interesting models for double beds, with varied solutions that can be placed in different living environments. For those who are looking for a practical and economical solution and at the same time warm and natural, the Fjellse Series bed can be the ideal answer. It is a solid pine bed made of natural pine so that it can be customized with the preferred color or with a protective wax layer. It has a slatted frame and costs 109 dollars. Those who are looking for a more country and romantic solution can orient their choice to the Leirvik bed, with a painted white frame and a headboard embellished with metal curls. It has a slatted base and costs 150 dollars. This bed is perfect as they want to recreate a more traditional room or shabby style.

kea double beds, practical furnishing solutions: Ikea double bed

The great strength and convenience of the Ikea Double bed models is also based on the fact that by going to one of the stores or accessing directly to the ecommerce on the site, you can buy your favorite bed and have it at home, ready to be assembled autonomy. The prerogative of Ikea furniture is, in fact, the fact that it is designed to be assembled without the need for specialized workers, a factor that would affect the price upwards. Compared to other realities, then, the beds are immediately available, without having to wait long before you can have the new home furnishing. The company is also very attentive to furniture trends and new housing requirements, and for this reason, in its catalog, it offers to its customers standard double beds, but also limited versions of French bed models, which, instead of the classic width of 160 cm, measure 140 cm. This practical solution can be used as a common double bed if the bedroom has a small surface or used instead of a single bed to ensure the best comfort for their kids. There are also modern solutions for double matrimonial beds, as is the Stora bed, one of the most appreciated models of this kind. It is a loft bed frame made of solid pine with a finish that can be white or black. Thanks to this solution you can get extra space inside the bedroom so you can get a more comfortable and organized environment.

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