Double loft bed, stylish and space-saving solutions

Double loft bed

More and more, the recovery of the old lofts and the refurbishment of old flats while keeping their style.
A solution that contemplates the reuse and relocating spaces of other places that in the past had different functions, such as welcoming small factories or archaic offices. The loft, like the apartment in the ancient buildings, is lived as a form of assimilated culture, such as the natural change of life with time, in order to preserve and reuse what was created in the past but which has now ceased to exist.
One way to enhance and emphasize these spaces is the modern, minimal, and white key that illuminates spaces by making them protagonists of themselves. The large ones lead to the creation of huge open spaces, often with double matrimonial beds: in this way you will be able to take advantage of the great heights generally used in the past, which today unfortunately only entail a great energy expenditure in heating.
In this way, we will exploit the spaces and enjoy the heat that naturally accumulates in the highest parts of these spectacular living spaces.

Semi-double bed

Creating a double loft bed is not a thing to underestimate, as unless you consider the idea of ​​furnishing it with a prefabricated element, it must be built from scratch, as if it were part of a new floor.
But how do you do it?
We can think of creating a supporting structure made of “IPE” or “HE” steel beams, fixed in the vertical masonry to create a steel floor. Above them we can have a wooden floor made of solid strips, which will make the surface smooth and smooth.
In this way, with a suitable parapet closure, in crystal and metallic profile or metallic tubular, we can have a very intimate and secretive space where we can place our double bed, which in this case could also be just a “futon”, a classic Japanese culture mattress.
In addition to our bed, chosen in the style we prefer, we can think of creating a relaxation space with the remaining space where to place armrests and carpets, for a place to relax before accessing the bed to rest.

A more convenient and economical solution for those wishing to expand the space available in their own bedroom and not want to build demanding work to build a fixed structure is to turn their attention to the mezzanine beds that are ready for the assembly. In this case, compared to the solution proposed earlier, a supporting metal structure must not be built, but the bed has a self-supporting base. In this way, the double bed will be placed aloft and underneath it will be possible to find both storage cabinets and a study corner, or a practical cabinet, perfect for organizing objects and clothing. With this solution the structure of the bed is generally made of wood or metal, so that it is possible to find the best solution for the style of your room.
In photo: Loft bed Container of Dielle Modus, perfect for recovering precious space and getting a practical cabinet.

Ikea double mat loft bed

One of the most interesting alternatives to buying a double loft bed at a low cost is to contact Ikea, a world-renowned Swedish company for designing and selling low-cost design home furnishings for years. As for this particular type of bed, Ikea proposes both a metal model in the Svarta series, and in wood with the Stora mat loft bed. The width of the bed is 140 cm so that it can be placed even in the most compact rooms for a length of 200 cm. Between the base of the bed and the floor there are 176 cm, enough to accommodate a study area or practical storage cabinets. The total height of the Stora Ikea bed is 214 cm. The structure is made of solid pine and can be chosen in black finish, or, for those looking for a lighter and bright complement, in white. The cost of this double matrimonial bed is € 249.00.

Bedroom on loft

The solutions outlined in the previous paragraphs allow you to know the most common alternatives for creating a lofty area inside the bedroom, so you can recover space to be able to arrange the furniture best. An important consideration must be made, however, on the rules to be met for the construction of a mezzanine; building regulations, in fact, have precise prescriptions as to the possibility of building a lofty living area. It should be remembered that living space with mezzanine, usually less than the exemptions included in the municipal building regulations, require a lower and upper height of 220 cm; this size can be reduced to 210 cm for service spaces and corridors. This means that, taking into account the height of the mezzanine slab, giving a thickness of 20 cm, the total height of the room should be at least 460cm, certainly unusual for modern homes. These dimensions, it should be remembered, refer to loft-lined areas, which include the stay of people, that is, a room in all respects. The dimensions indicated refer to a fixed loft, made with an earthen and walled structure. The surface that can cover a loft of this type can be equal to one-third of the total of the room.

All these rules are to be taken into consideration when planning to build a mezzanine bedroom. Another aspect to consider is that related to the aerodynamic ratio of the room that will have to be met even with the new surface increase given by the addition of the mezzanine. Certainly, the possibility of making a mezzanine bedroom can be very interesting because it allows you to recover space that otherwise could remain unused. It must be remembered, however, that a loft of this type needs special municipal authorization and it is necessary to request permission to build in order to realize the structure; which, of course, entails an increase in costs, as it is necessary to rely on qualified professionals and pay construction fees. To avoid having to comply with these rules, the solution is to carefully assess whether you choose to avoid a fixed structure, to direct your attention to mobile structures with a mezzanine bed.

Double loft bed, stylish and space-saving solutions: Mezzanine bed

To avoid having to afford an expensive building permit, you can follow two alternative ways: create a lofty structure that includes the placement of a bed above an area that can be used as a walk-in closet or storage room so that you can build it with a smaller height, or buy a mezzanine bed, a very practical solution and, in many cases, also quite economical. With a mezzanine bed there is no problem with the lower and upper height, in this type of structure is mobile and not fixed and therefore does not need any authorization. This type of bed is also an excellent idea for studios, as below it is possible to place a study area or a comfortable sofa, or choose a mezzanine bed with underneath the wardrobe. There are also more interesting and modern models that allow you to adjust the height in relation to the functions that must take up space. a good example of this kind of bed-side bed is the Rising by Cinius bed, visible in the image, which allows to electrically change the height of the mezzanine, allowing you to make full use of any space.

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