Ikea single bed, a versatile proposal

Ikea single bed

The physical and psychological well-being of any individual can not ignore the quality of sleep. And the quality of sleep is closely related to that of the bed. Mattress included. Anyone who does not have budget problems chooses high-end products so that they have all the security and warranty of the case. And who, on the other hand, can not go beyond a certain figure? Solutions are not lacking. Ikea, the giant of low cost, also produces single beds. “Ikea single beds”: three words that represent a fair compromise. Both bed facilities and mattresses are durable, pleasing and do not cost too much. The choice of style is varied, ranging from the more traditional models to those in line with the trends of the moment. And there are no clear beds made in Nordic style: more than natural, as the company is Swedish. In the photo we show you Tarva, solid wood bed frame with 17 birch plywood slats that fit to body weight increasing mattress elasticity. Price: 89,49 euro. Dimensions: length 207 cm, width 98 cm, pedestal height 32 cm, headboard height 95 cm, mattress length 200 cm, mattress width 90 cm. The product must be mounted, it is also possible to request assembly by the Ikea team paying an additional amount. It is advisable to treat the surface with oil, wax, paint or mordant to make it more durable and keep its features intact over time.

Single beds Ikea

Ikea single beds: The Swedish multinational proposes models of different types and can satisfy many different needs. There are classic more modern beds; there are those with a container and those with the drawers. There are beds for adults and children, padded and not. Wooden or steel, with high or low structures, with or without headboard. And there are also retractable beds, ideal for those who do not have much space. Quality is always satisfactory, in some cases even higher than the prices. Prices starting at a minimum of € 54.49 (we are talking about the Fjellese bed frame, in massive pine, with slatted base but packed separately) to arrive at a maximum of € 308.98: this is the price of Brimnes (in the picture), couch sofas versatile. It can be used as a sitting, bed in a square or double bed or, again, you can decide to take advantage of the two large drawers. The main parts of Brimnes are in chipboard, laminate, ABS plastic; it is matched to a foam mattress (whose coating is made of polyester and cotton) that offers the body a support and optimal comfort. The headboard can also be used to contain books and magazines and hide the cables; Wall shelves are also perfect as nightstands. The elements of the series can be combined or individually used.

Ikea Single Beds with Container

Today’s houses are known to be small in size. As a result, it is necessary to optimize the spaces also through different furniture solutions. Beds, in this sense, prove to be rather precious. For some years now, the container models have become more and more popular with this part, equipped with a specific mechanism that allows to lift the net vertically. The underlying volume, thus, can be used to store bedding, blankets, but also clothing for subsequent seasons. As well as the most varied objects: according to necessities, in short. And if the first models of beds with a container were not very easy to handle and in some cases it was too heavy, now anyone to raise the net and mattress without any fatigue. The Ikea single beds also include beds with a storage box: in the picture you see Gressvik, a trundle bed frame with a high cabinet and headboard. The bed liner is made of polyester and cotton and can be washed in the washing machine. The container is placed under the slatted base. Gressvik costs 269 euros and the price does not include – of course – the mattress.

Ikea single bed for children

Ikea single bed: the catalog also includes models for children. They are in different styles, colors and materials. There are also extensible sunbeds, which grow together with the small, and reversible or transformable from low bed to bed. Most Ikea loungers can be completed with a canopy, to create an even more intimate and welcoming space: a solution primarily for feminine girls. All Ikea children’s beds have a slatted base to ensure a proper position during sleep and rest. A proper position while sleeping is important to all ages, of course, but during the childhood it is even more. In the picture you see Minnen, extensible steel frame structure. The slats are in multilayer: beech veneer, birch veneer, adhesive resin coating. Minnen is coordinated with an extendable bed mattress.

Ikea singles beds: The proposal is rich and is constantly expanding, both in terms of new trends and in providing concrete answers to the needs of modern living. And of these times, you know, space is always a problem. As a result, the Swedish company, which has been offering single beds with containers and / or dressers for several years now, has also recently developed Slakt, two beds in one. The lower one, concealed, is ideal for hosting a friend and has two drawers for the containment of sheets, toys, or anything else. The price is 199 euro; the Luory slate base is included but packaged separately. Wood fibers, chipboard, ABS plastic, acrylic lacquer and laminate are the most used materials for making this product. The folding beds have virtually no clutter. Or rather, they occupy part of the surface of a room only when they are open, so mainly in the evening (or when you want to have an afternoon rest); then it takes just a few minutes to make them disappear. And the mechanisms, now tested, last for a long time. It was just that practicality at 360 degrees to declare its success. And the fact that the Ikea signed ones are cheap does not mean they do little from a qualitative point of view. In fact, once again this brand is synonymous with satisfactory reliability.

Ikea single beds, a versatile proposal: Single Ikea Beds

Ikea single beds are either colored or characterized by natural shades, they are structurally more “important” or, conversely, minimalist. Do you want to see them all at once? Go to the company website and you will be satisfied: each bed is presented with several photos and there are all the information about prices, materials, size, and main features. Naturally, beds, like all other Ikea furniture, have to be mounted; In this regard, it should be noted that the instructions are also available online: convenience in case you lose and an additional element to determine whether a particular model is your case or not. The site is an e-commerce, so you can buy your bed from home, from your office or from anywhere else in minutes and with just a few clicks. It is always preferable, however, to see the product in question personally. Once you have focused your preferences and needs, then if you can go to an Ikea store. So the ideas will be 100% clear. In the picture Mandal bed frame, price 199 euros: it is solid wood, so it has all the heat of natural materials, it is warm and very durable. Length 202 cm, width 90 cm, mattress length 200 cm, mattress width 90 cm. The median beam and the slatted base are included. To clean the bed, use a damp cloth in a little concentrated detergent and then dry with another cloth.

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