Round beds, modern and original bed

Round beds

Round beds are now a fairly popular furniture product since bedding companies have long understood that the round has a strong appeal on the mind of the consumer. For this reason, commercially available in every style and pattern: there are round beds in leather, fabric or wood; with or without headboard; with the underlying compartment or with comfortable bookcases under the platform, etc. This variety of solutions allows for greater choice of choice by the customer who may decide to furnish their own bedroom in a very original way.

The Zero Side Presotto model (pictured) is in white eco-leather (but can also be purchased in other shades), it has circular shape but traditional mattress and one underneath the net to keep sheets and blankets.

Round bed size

Round bed sizes vary greatly depending on the specific model that is purchased. Usually, the standard measurements of this type of furniture are 260 cm in width and about 230 in length, but of course it depends also on whether or not there is a headboard, any underneath drawers or built-in nightstands, etc. Surely, given the peculiarity of the bed and its unusual shape, this furniture needs a fairly wide environment and is usually placed in the center of the room to allow it to be admired in all its elegance.
For example, the Giro model (pictured) envisages the occupation of a larger space as the important decorated head needs a fairly wide support wall. The ride is eco-leather and can be bought in different colors, from pastel shades to more intense and flashy shades.

Round bed prices

The prices of these beds also vary greatly depending on the model.
Beyond the bed, then, to make a clear difference in cost is also the presence of a traditional mattress or a circular. In fact, while round beds with a rectangular mattress at the end can cost little more than a traditional model when a round mattress is provided, however, the prices rise a lot since the latter has to be specifically realized.
This is also the case for the Otello model of Giwa (pictured) that, with a circular mattress, can cost even a figure of not less than 10 thousand euros. Othello is made of fabric, has a semicircular head and is completely made of removable fabric that can be chosen in different shades from pastel colors to a brilliant red.

Cheap round bed

There are also models of cheap round beds on the market. It is a model all over and similar to design but, perhaps, made with less valuable materials.
Generally, the cheapest models have the traditional mattress – and therefore rectangular – but there are also some round mattress models that, bought together, allow you to save on the final cost. The cheaper models also provide simpler headings or, even, they may also be completely unprofitable.
The model in the picture is very simple as a whole. It has a round mattress and is free of edges; it has, however, a semicircular head that almost gives the feeling of a cozy nest. With this bed you can furnish the bedroom in an original way but without spending a fortune.

Round bed sheets

Obviously, choosing a bed of this particular shape should also buy specific linens.
Bedding for this type of furniture must necessarily provide the corners – or rather, a circular spring to hold the edges firmly, but of course, without edges – otherwise it becomes complicated to hold the bottom sheet.
Of course the top sheet should also have rounded shapes. As for colors and fantasies, however, the advice is to opt for more neutral shades or sober fantasies as already the round bed, in turn, catalyzes everyone’s attention and becomes the main piece of the bedroom , so it is best to opt for tinted shades or small fantasies that do not give too much into the eye.

Double Round Bed

This type of bed is usually made as a double bed because a single bed would have a very large edge, having a single radius to draw a perfect rim. The double structure, therefore, is the one that most lends itself to being made with this conformation, since the length of 200 cm, standard size for a bed, well lends itself to being also reported in width.
A round double bed will certainly be the focal point of the entire bedroom and, to emphasize its peculiarity, if the room’s surface allows it, it is best to place the bed in the center so that its structure is even more emphasized .

The round bed is scenic and elegant, at the same time original and comfortable: these reasons for many of the characters in the show love it. Since it usually has a diameter of about 7 meters, it may be cumbersome in a room that is not sufficiently wide: beyond the initial enthusiasm, therefore, we recommend carefully evaluating available space and taking all necessary measures. Another small neo, if we want to define it, is in the need to buy suitable sheets and blankets, which could further increase the expense. But it’s worth it. Because the benefits offered also go beyond the comfort and aesthetic appeal. The round bed does not need a headboard if it is placed in the center of the room, better if it is leaded with the light of the chandelier; thus creating a 360 degree, unusual and avant-garde room type. The Lullaby Two of Poltrona Frau bed has the wing profile and seams visible in the picture and can be placed in the center of the room thanks to the round and rotating base that characterizes it. The headboard has steel structure and foam padding made of molded polyurethane. The swivel base can rotate 360 ​​° clockwise or counterclockwise; the base is made of multilayer poplar wood and padded with polyurethane foam. The mattress supports are in multilayer, with polyurethane foam padding and Poltrona Frau canvas lining.

Double Round Beds

If you prefer to place the round bed near a wall rather than the center of the room, turn to a professional in the field to create a half-moon headboard (unless the model you choose already does not expect). This solution also takes great care in the choice of lighting, many avoid bedside tables and their abat jours and instead opt for the creation of special light spots, embedded in the headboard or hidden behind it. Do you want to raise the shot? Then match your bed with a water mattress, which is a very long sixties. Excessive? It only depends on tastes and points of view. In pictures Moon Reflex Angelo’s Bed. Featuring a leather lining, it is available with single or double fixed headrest with 360 ° revolving rotating mechanism. Mattress support included.

Round beds, modern and original bed: Modern round bed

Not all round beds must necessarily be matched with circular mattresses; There are also models on the market with a special rectangular frame on which rectangular mattresses can be used. Of course this second type is preferred by those who want to combine the undeniable (and particular) charm of the round bed with traditional mattresses and use “old sheets” instead of buying new ones. The round beds are also static or mobile: in the second case the structure has a mechanism that allows the bed to rotate, resulting in a significant impact effect. By pulling the sums, it is time to finally deflate the commonplace that the round bed is a risky choice, excessive and also uncomfortable and practical; if it were really so, the demands would not increase as it has been for quite some time now. In the picture the Glamor bed by Ennio Arosio & Ivano Redaelli: multilayered poplar wood structure, padded polyurethane padding and removable cover. Round mattress cm.238 in diameter, consisting of two halves held together by two Velcro tapes.

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