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Cost Rubner prefabricated houses

What are the costs of Rubner prefabricated houses? One million dollar question. The answer is not that simple: every home is unique and requires a special quote. Meanwhile you have to understand if you want a home as it is shown in the catalog, without any adjustments or changes. In this case, the savings are maximized and there is no additional cost.
The price depends largely on the complexity of the solution chosen and the level of finishes.
For example, to get the best price you have to choose a prefabricated house with a compact and almost rectangular plant, with standard roofing and basic finishes as specified. In this basic situation, the price is around 1300 € / sqm.

If, on the other hand, you opt for an ad-hoc solution – with this system you can find solutions that completely reflect the customer’s needs – at cost of the home you have to add to the cost of the design, which is usually attributable to 10% construction.
The advantage of choosing a wooden house is above all in certainty of the cost: the estimated starting budget can not undergo any work-in-progress.

Rubner is a manufacturer of prefabricated wooden houses whose history is literally lost in the night of the times.
It was the precursor of a housing policy that would then become the focus of research and is, for this reason, technologically ahead of its direct competitors. Rubner’s prefabricated houses are made of premium, eco-friendly materials, with advanced construction techniques.
The result is a beautiful, healthy house, friendly environment, stable and safe. Depending on the budget available, you can get quality homes suitable for every type of user. This is obviously a strong point. In addition, choosing a prefabricated house Rubner means buying a turnkey product, guaranteed, delivered within about 2 weeks, against the several months that would be needed to build a traditional home.

In addition, the Rubner prefabricated wooden houses are absolutely advisable for the savings they incur because they are energy efficient and allow for savings that can be estimated around 2000 € / year.

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