Ikea Livingrooms, low cost and modern

IKEA Living Room

Raise your hand at home who does not have at least one item – mobile or cup – that Ikea bought: Ikea will definitely find the model that will suit you. The Swedish company responds to the need to furnish home, often small in size, with practical and economically accessible solutions without neglecting the care of the design and the quality of the materials. That is why, over time, a number of products, one of them the mythical Billy bookstore, have become classic models that are perfectly integrated into the already furnished environments. The living room is that part of the home devoted to social life and relaxation: it is here that guests are welcomed and where a large part of the activities involving all members of the family are held, such as watching a beautiful movie on television on Sunday afternoon . The spaces therefore have to be welcoming and informal – but not too much – since in many cases they will be a kind of business card for the home and those who live there. In the setting of the photo, the protagonist is the three-seater sofa stocked Stocksund, proposed in an elegant dark gray with legs in black wood, side by side with the chaise longue of the same line.

Ikea living room furniture

The living room is that part of the home that is a compulsory step for the guests: it will be necessary that it is furnished in a suitable way to this function, without losing that aspect lived that tells so much about who lives the house daily. The furniture of the living room will have to be elegant but do not miss the practical aspect that is fundamental in every corner of the environment: if you love simplicity and Nordic design among the proposals for furnishing Ikea living rooms, there is the coffee table Regissor , made of massive birch and ash veneer and proposed in an elegant dark brown tone: the design by Marianne and Knut Hagberg for the whole series is simple and elegant, and shows a special study of the details that are valued through the ” use of wood. In addition, particular attention has been paid to the new production technique that simplifies assembly.

Ikea equipped wall

The furnished wall is a furniture that can not be missing in a living: a little library, a little mobile tv, it manages to characterize the room since it actually occupies an entire wall and therefore needs to be carefully chosen for its own weigh the environment, especially if it is a new purchase to be included in a pre-existing context. In general, the solutions available on the market are modular as they allow for greater personalization of the project: even Ikea living rooms offer solutions that ensure a high level of flexibility in composition. The Swedish company’s proposal is called Besta: this is a system that allows you to create different solutions that can satisfy any kind of need. You can choose from different combinations of shelves at different heights to combine with mobile tv and design your own living room thanks to the planner on the site. That photo is a combination of TV / glass door design made in white, Selsviken glossy with transparent white glass: illumination is done thanks to the presence of a LED spotlight placed inside the showcase.

Ikea low cost and modern living roomss

When we think of a room furnished with furniture from Ikea, the first thing to remember is the color matching that is obviously well-studied both in furniture and in furnishing accessories: the latter generally carry a very important function that is to make the personal and welcoming environment. The Swedish company knows this well and is for this reason offering in its stores an assortment of fabrics, linen, lamps, picture frames with and without prints and more. Obviously every model of Ikea stays can only be very well taken care of: a great example is given by the environment in the picture where the project wire is the contrast between black and white that involves all the elements present. In this context, the sofa-chaise longue and the low cabinet, chosen respectively in dark gray and brown, agree well with each other for color and style; to consolidate this arrangement we think of cushions with black and white, plaid lining and even a soft white and black toy ball. To tie everything there is Sillerup, a short coat made of polypropylene with synthetic latex backing, measuring 3 meters per 2.

Published on Oct 22, 2017 | Cat: Living Room | By Lisa