Ikea console table, practical and modern

Console Table

The console originates as an ornamental shelf to be fixed to the wall, but nowadays it is a jolly decoration, which makes a beautiful figure even in the living room or in the bedroom. Usually small in size, it is available in several versions: as a desk or mainly table-top. If you plan to use the console table to get a small stand, we recommend the fixed version; if it is used as a table itself, it must be transformable. Much of the patterns are combined with standard sizes that do not differ much in depth and height as they change in width. The Ikea console table is available in a variety of designs and variants: there is no embarrassment to the choice.

In the picture: the massive wood Hemnes Ikea console table gives the environment a natural warmth. It is also available with white finish for those who prefer a more modern furniture. This model is sold at 149.90 euros.

Extending consoles

The extending console tables are about 50 cm deep and the height usually does not exceed 75 cm because it is designed to use traditional chairs when the console turns into a lunch table. The possibility of extending the surface multiplies the console’s usage opportunities, also taking into account the ease with which one can move.
In convertible console tables with regard to versions with stretch mechanism, it is essential to consider the position: there must be space to allow the maximum expansion of the plane and at least another 80 cm around. Typical console table Ikea is Norden, where you can place tableware, napkins or candles in the six drawers under the table top. It has a tilt opening system that allows you to have a larger plan with a simple gesture.

Ikea Console table

Even on the Ikea console tables, the simplest models include double-sided planing, favored by special hinges, generally concealed for aesthetic reasons.
The legs rotate around a pin and, changing position, offer a support to the open portion. To activate the mechanism it is enough to slide your legs, pulling on one side. This operation in the heaviest models can be favored by micro-products hidden within the same support.
An excellent Ikea console table is the “fixed” Rekarne model , which gives the environment a feeling of warmth and warmth.

Console tables prices

The price of an Ikea console table ranges from 100 to 1700 euros. This is, as is often the case with the Swedish furniture giant, of excellent value for money, taking into account the practical elegance of these console tables and the usual variety of models available in the catalog. Models that adapt to any home environment: from kitchen, to bedroom, to entrances, “console” par excellence. Considering the usually smaller dimensions, you can move from one room to the other without any problems or excessive effort.

Ikea console table, practical and modern: Ikea console

In the extensive catalog of the Swedish company or within one of the many stores on the territory, it is possible to evaluate with confidence what the best proposals are for buying a console that can taste and function even the toughest corners. For lovers of classic and traditional style furnishings, the Liatorp Ikea console is one of the most suitable models, thanks to its structure that recalls romantic country-style furniture, with great attention to detail, emphasized by the insertion of a glass top that gives lightness to the set. One of the latest innovations in Ikea console tables is the modern and cheerful Tillfalle model, thanks to the ability to arrange planks, some of which are colored in contrast, in the preferred combination. The structure is made of solid beech. It is for sale at 149,90 euros.

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