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Inside Doors

The interior doors are a key choice to complement the decor and style of our home. The market offers wood, glass, hard-lacquered or sliding doors for less spacious environments. Wood doors warm the environment especially in darker shades of wood such as cherry and walnut, sometimes made with a central part of glass to let the light pass in the environment or simply for a decorative effect. In the more modern environments, the latest trends want smooth doors characterized by a design handle, usually of a decisive color, never trivial, possibly of the same tonality chosen to paint the wall. If the style of the house is rustic or classic, you can opt for wooden doors with worked or painted glass and arch forms that resemble the classic style or emphasize the rustic style.

Folding doors

To separate large salons or spacious environments featuring modern and design furnishings, they are ideal for sliding doors, even completely in glass, smooth or worked, opaque or totally transparent. The retractable doors are perfect for narrow environments where a door with the classic opening can be cumbersome. In this case, whether in wood or in glass, they literally disappear into the wall without creating clutter in a space such as a toilet or a decommissioning. They are also used in the center of a wall that separates two contiguous environments such as the kitchen with the dining room, in these cases the retractable door could be glass so as to create continuity even when closed. The retractable doors offer numerous benefits in addition to less space and space optimization, allowing customization, functionality, but also style and design.

Folding Doors Prices

The retractable doors are no more expensive than the classic ones and they are commercially available for any price. The installation is not extremely complex and in itself any classical door swing can be converted into a retractable door for space requirements or to free a wall. The retractable doors can be installed either on plasterboard walls or on masonry walls. The most important part is without doubt the counter-frame, that is, the structure on which the door is mounted. The most important component of the “cost” item is the wall work more than the material itself, so it is good to ask quotes for specialized firms that normally have specific agreements with door vendors. For retractable doors, prices around two hundred and fifty euros are considered optimal, however, wall and installation work should be taken into account to have an idea of the finished price.

Other types of interior doors

Unlike the retractable doors the sliding doors do not enter the wall, thus avoiding the complexity of the wall works but at the same time offer the advantage of not occupying space flowing along an external rail attached to the wall. In this case the door needs free space on the wall and becomes a real complement of furniture. There are then the bellows interior doors, generally formed by two folding doors, which occupy little space in the room and on the wall, and in this case also avoid masonry works. These types of doors are used in confined spaces where disappearing solutions can not be used and are hardly chosen for aesthetic discourse. The choice for interior doors therefore varies according to the spaces, the type of dwelling and the environments, the furnishings. But also to materials and finishes.

Published on Oct 23, 2017 | Cat: Doors | By Lisa