Mobile pantry in the kitchen

Pantry furniture in the kitchen

Today’s kitchens are real workshops where everything must find its place. We help dispensing furniture, which companies propose super-equipped, so that nothing remains to the disorderly sight and everything, utensils, pots and food, find the right place.
If well organized, pantry furniture is a valuable ally in rationalizing spaces and arranging home supplies in the kitchen. Content needs to be stored in order, thinking about the use we make of the objects and by placing it easily in achieving what we use most frequently. The choice of furniture and the subdivision of its interior spaces will vary depending on the user’s habits, whether single or large family.
As for food, which has room in the kitchen cabinets, they should be stored according to the instructions on their packaging: however, it is best to place them in a dry, protected place, protected from light and high temperatures.

Dispensing furniture Minacciolo

It is the function of containing what drives in the division and organization of spaces in the Minacciolo Natural Skin kitchen.
A new way of expressing the kitchen environment: large volume containers encased in a warm natural leather that has a ‘total back’ structure. Function and technology merge and serve the consumer.
Natural Skin Monoliths separate the spaces by using wall-mounted or free-standing and accessible 360-degree elements. Great and practical container items that cater to the needs of the home and hide it in the view with elegance. In fact, we have all the indispensable things to do in the kitchen: appliances, removable and rotating baskets, drawers, wine cellars. A world in a single compact block.

Scandola kitchen cabinet for dispenser

Country atmosphere with the kitchens of the Scandia Tabià collection, which bring us back to the countryside farmhouses and the rustic, guardians of ancient knowledge and places of a home and work life.
The wooden cabinets combine a vigorous and decisive character with clean and linear shapes to find places in today’s homes as well. The bowl is made of solid wood in malt finish. It is composed in the center by a large showcase and drawers, while the two doors on the sides feature pantry and fridge freezer. The bowl is fitted with lateral “slats” and is complemented by a top frame.

Siematic Multimatic: interior equipment for kitchen pantry

In no other place, space is as precious as in kitchen cabinets, where traditional hangars usually provide only two or three shelves, adjustable in the points provided.
Siematic, with the MultiMatic system, allows you to compose the internal equipment, to complete it and to modify it according to your personal needs and in complete autonomy. In this way, kitchen furniture becomes functional units that can be varied and adapted to needs, making up to 30% more space.

Kitchen dispenser

Kitchen cabinets are a great solution if the cabinets are not enough to accommodate the various foods, utensils, utensils, everything that is indispensable in this home environment. An always moving and always filled with “things”. The dispenser is therefore first of all a functional mobile, but also has a remarkable aesthetic value. It helps to define the chosen style of furnishing, commercially there are many models that can satisfy the most diverse tastes. Dispensers can also be part of a composition, that is, perfectly matched to the other elements that populate the kitchen itself. In the picture we show you a solution proposed by Snaidero, that is, the Container. Available in two sizes (150 and 220 cm), it offers 3 types of interior equipment: laundry, pantry and mix. The column holds a storage weight of up to 70 kg; the internal division of the spaces with movable and adjustable height shelves allows you to store both bottles and jars and pasta boxes and biscuits neatly. The drawers can be individually removed and without any fatigue and provide direct access to the front and sides. The inner baskets provide a good overview of the supplies, so they can be used in good time. It is also easier to take into account what is missing. The containment comes to bear a storage weight of up to 30 kg per bag.

Mobile dispenser

The kitchen pantry can be a stand alone cabinet or be made up of modules arranged according to individual containment requirements. In the picture, you see a pull-out Column of Cesar, which allows you to make the most of the space available both in height and in depth. Cesar also offers a wide range of high-quality interior equipment to help you organize everything efficiently; for example, the Nomad dispenser module, which is made of a perforated base, which allows versatile access to the various accessories in the baskets. The door bases are also equipped in many ways, for example with two or more drawers with door rails. It is very important to divide the various foods and the various objects according to rational criteria. The advice is to divide them by typology: tomato jars and sauces all together on one side, pasta and rice in another place, biscuits and snacks at another place again and again. Remember to reserve an angle only to spices. And remember to put everything ahead of you.

Kitchen dispensers

How to arrange cabinet furniture in the kitchen? Evaluating and selecting. On the shelves and in the tallest spaces, those that are easier to reach, we recommend arranging the foods and objects that are used more often: the large pots, for example. Cyclically verify that there is no food that has expired, occupying space unnecessarily. Then group similar products and place them all close together. Everyday dishes and glasses should be placed in an easily accessible space, not too high and close enough to the dining area. In Scavolini’s kitchens often appear modern dispensers, or rather large and large cabinets that can even touch the ceiling, creating entire walls dedicated to tool stowage. Everyone can decide to give shape to the closet more suited to his needs; if equipped internally with shelves, baskets, dividers or special containers, it becomes a huge dispensation with a depth similar to those of bases (which is usually 60 cm.).

Mobile pantry in the kitchen: Kitchen cabinet wardrobe

Kitchen furniture in the kitchen can have a classic image: it is the case of country or shabby chic models. But there is no shortage of ultra-modern look like the one we show you in the photo and it’s the signature of Lake. It’s called a modular dispenser that can be adapted to any space and customizable in color sequences. Designed with ergonomic focus, it integrates appliances (oven, microwave) by increasing the level of functionality and convenience. The technology is there but is almost concealed in favor of design, the essential lines favor a perfect integration between the kitchen and living environment. There are numerous accessories to choose from for your interior equipment: removable trays, baskets, door rails, and resistant aluminum drawers. Doorless openings and columns that keep electrical appliances help reduce bulkheads. All structural elements, plus deep shelving, allow you to have everything at your fingertips and always in order. It is an “important” dispensation, which entails some expense, but which will daily confirm its many virtues.

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