Aluminum windows, without limit openings

The new aluminum windows

When we have to choose the material and the type of infissi that we will enter into our home, the choice can fall on the aluminum windows. Profiles characterized by the possibility of being painted with a wide variety of RAL colors and with a greater rigidity that once laid out in the art rule does not indicate any problem.

Aluminum is a metal and as such it transmits hot and cold much more easily than other materials: after applying the new regulations regarding energy saving you have to comply with increasingly restrictive parameters that imply higher production costs for the adaptation. The result, however, is of increasingly high quality fixtures that guarantee quality standards inside the home of great comfort and well-being for those who live in the indoor spaces.

Aluminum windows: cold cut and thermal cut

There are two main types of profiles of aluminum windows: cold cutting and thermal cutting. They differ mainly from the place of installation, whether in shops, sheds, showcases, and unheated premises or apartments and houses of civil life.
The cold cut for the fixture profiles is used in the first case, and serves for unheated rooms because surface condensation and drips in the glass are created. Heat-cut aluminum is a profile used in homes and apartments since it is characterized by a profile completed with a polyamide insulator that serves to “cut off the thermal bridge” thus reducing the temperature difference and avoiding the formation of surface condensation. Depending on the thickness of the insulation they have better pinion characteristics.

The new aluminum sliding windows

The new version of aluminum sliding and sliding aluminum doors, featuring a retractable door with a fully enclosed frame that allows the door to disappear inside the wall. In this way you can create a fully glazed continuous surface with frameless doors both on the inside and on the outside.
The doors are characterized by an aluminum profile with thermal cut-off and flow slit, and the windows are available in white, black and gray colors with the possibility of customization. Essential and minimalist taste characterize these unique and unique windows to make home space really special. Care and manufacturing skills typical of craftsmanship for Essenza, which produces absolutely high-performance industrial production elements to ensure high performance and total quality.

Aluminum windows prices

Aluminum windows are a category of fixtures that are increasingly used in modern homes because aluminum is a lightweight and durable material. Although it is not a thermal insulator, there are now existing fixtures on the market that, thanks to technological advances, are made with a technique known as “thermal cut”, which allow every aluminum window to become a powerful thermal insulator. Choosing a type of infuser rather than another is determined by the type of performance you want to get and when choosing aluminum windows prices fall into the so-called mid-high band. It should be said, however, that the overall cost is also included in the installation and it goes without saying the better the quality of the material, the higher the expense. Prices also depend on other factors such as greater or lesser insulation and acoustic power, or security (eg unbreakable glasses and armored locks), so usually the purchase and installation costs of the new infix may vary from and 500 and 1,500 euros. This is a highly variable estimate because it depends on the material or design chosen, but also on the dimensions and any options required by the installer. Typically a single window can cost around 150 to 700 euros, to which the installment and the cost of the joiner must be added. Among the aluminum windows on the market is for example Finstral’s Nova-line model. Featuring slim lines and great formal essence, Nova-line is able to integrate perfectly into any building with a modern and refined taste.

Among the types of aluminum fixtures, the aluminum wood windows are the ones most suited to those who love the warmth and natural beauty of wood. They are often preferred because they feel warmer than simple aluminum windows. Aluminum windows therefore have the double advantage of being both beautiful and durable thanks to the external aluminum profile that protects the infeed from the action of atmospheric agents. The particular processing of aluminum allows to maintain all the features of thermo-acoustic insulation even in the absence of maintenance. In addition, you can choose the desired wood essence and tone without fear of time wear. Aluminum windows therefore allow for interior environments, with shades and warm wood qualities while the outside aluminum protects against the most extreme weather conditions. Such as the new window HF410 walnut oak veneer made by Internorm. This is a proposal that allows the maximum customization of aluminum wood. A wide variety of interior essences, new core technology, aluminum shell outside, excellent price-performance ratio are just some of the features of this fixture.

Aluminum windows

We have seen how aluminum is an extremely weather-resistant and durable material over time. It is also available in different types (anodised, oxidized or varnished) which makes it a choice of undeniable versatility. The “thermal cut” technique – inserting an insulating material in the inner and outer trails, which is a barrier to heat and noise and with which the continuity of the metal is interrupted – then allows the window to be isolated thermal dispersions. Aluminum is a light and solid metal, and is therefore used in the production of frames of all types and style. It is frequently used to make shaped and large windows. An interesting proposition is the new Schüco AWS PASK aluminum system, the only one on the market that allows an extremely low threshold, greatly facilitating the transition between indoor and outdoor environments. Thanks to its technological features, it also combines the beauty of a glazed wall, the comfort of a sliding and the holding of a window.

Aluminum windows, unlimited openings: Aluminum or PVC windows?

Along with the aluminum windows, very popular in the market are the pvc windows, precisely because this material has its many benefits including the most advantageous prices, no maintenance, is an excellent thermal and acoustic insulation, weatherproof, versatile and durable. So a question arises: aluminum or PVC windows? If you consider the acoustic insulation there is no doubt, to win will be the pvc windows as they have soundproofing properties that can break the outside noise. The same argument applies to thermal insulation because aluminum has transmittance values ​​(ie heat flow passage) much higher than those of pvc. And heat dispersion means less energy efficiency and therefore higher costs. The relationship between quality and price between pvc and aluminum doors is also in favor of the first, definitely cheaper. It can be said, however, that in terms of maintenance, finishing, design and durability the two types are the same. An avant-garde example of pvc window is Rehau’s Geneo’s new window profile conceived to give birth to a new generation of fixtures able to satisfy an increasingly sensitive environmental and energy market. Thanks to its unique structure and the use of new materials, Geneo is synonymous with efficiency with regard to thermal and acoustic insulation and anti-burglary measures.

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