Aluminum wood Fixtures, features and patterns

Aluminum wood fixtures prices

Wooden and aluminum fixtures are one of the types of windows that, in addition to providing a high standard of living both for the performance and the safety, have elegant and refined aesthetics and therefore adapt to every kind of environment and home. This type of fixtures also guarantees an important saving from the energy point of view. The prices of this solution currently available on the market are around 700 Euros for a one-door window and 1500 Euro for a double-sided door window.
The average price for a two-door window is about 800 Euros. In case, then, along with the fixtures decided to buy other accessories such as customized doors or, rather, special handles, the final price will be much higher. The above prices do not include VAT or shipping and assembly charges that will be calculated at the time of purchase.

Aluminum cutlery thermal cut

The heat-sealing fixtures of this kind are the ideal window type for those who want to guarantee their own home a real energy saving as well as a quality acoustic barrier. Such solutions, in fact, are produced using aluminum for the exterior of the windows, interior wood and a polyamide slab, a material known for its insulating capabilities. When purchasing thermal cutting products, you will be able to view the technical data sheet of the item in order to know all the transmitting data and learn relevant information about the product specifications.

With regard to this type of fixtures, it should also be specified that they, after being mounted on the windows, do not require any special care or even less frequent maintenance. Finally, these windows are very resistant to any kind of atmospheric phenomenon.

Energy saving aluminum wood fixtures

In the knowledge that buying this type of infor- mation entails a significantly higher initial cost than the purchase of other types of windows, it should be pointed out that in the long run, they provide significant energy savings. Especially if fitted in a house built following the rules of energy containment, in fact, these locksmiths already allow in the medium term to halve the heating costs by shortening the costs incurred.

Choosing this solution, in fact, means keeping the house at a moderate temperature in both hot and cold seasons, so that the windows become a decisive thermal bridge in energy expenditure. Among other things, this type of fixtures, conforming to the address of current government policies aimed at saving energy and protecting the environment, allows us to benefit from state incentives and / or tax breaks.

Design aluminum wood fixtures

Installing these windows means you have the choice of a number of home window solutions.
The fixtures made with this technique, while being structural elements of the home, have aesthetic features such as a decorative element that can give the house added value. With the aim of meeting the needs of any type of customer, the design of these fixtures can be customized according to personal taste and customer’s specific needs.
There are many models that can be found in classic, modern and vintage style. Wide choice also for painting, which can be done, for example, by polishing or satinizing. Concerning the wood with which the windows are constructed, it is advisable to buy solid wood products rather than lamellar wood, which is definitely much less durable and therefore more susceptible to wear and tear.

Aluminum wood fixtures

Buying new windows for our home is a very weighty and valued choice. In fact, there are many types of windows, such as thermal cutouts, anti-burglary windows, and the materials with which the fixtures are made. Each material has its features and peculiarities and choose the one that best suits our functional and aesthetic needs is a rather difficult task. We can catalog the fixtures according to the material they are made of, and we find ourselves in the market: the classic wooden fixtures, the great aesthetic power but the frequent and constant maintenance, the increasingly used PVC fixtures, the aluminum windows, resistant to time and easy maintenance, and PVC and wood and aluminum and wood finishes. This latter type has the advantage of joining all the advantages of wood and all the qualities of aluminum, in order to obtain a highly performing, beautiful and functional product. Wood in its various essences is located inside the infinity and is therefore visible inside the home environment, so you can enjoy the whole elegance and naturalness of wood as well as appreciate the high thermal insulation typical of this material. Externally, the wood is replaced by aluminum-plated, weather resistant, durable and easy to maintain. The wooden and aluminum fixtures are therefore the ideal solution for those who seek to enhance their living environments with the warmth of wood while at the same time wanting to ensure a good resistance to atmospheric agents, a task in this case well tolerated by aluminum.

Wood for many years has been the only material with which the windows have been made, but its constant maintenance and high production costs have caused other materials such as PVC and aluminum to come to the fore. From the aesthetic point of view, however, wood is unbeatable, and for this reason, thanks to new techniques of working, PVC and aluminum wood fixtures were born. Aluminum fixtures have always been considered very technical, but there are production processes that allow the aluminum surface to take on any aspect and to look almost like realistic to wood, this is also possible thanks to the extreme workability of this material. This allows you to have a durable, long lasting, easy-care infuser that is both aesthetically pleasing, with a look of natural graying and natural shades. The technique with which this transformation occurs is called sublimation. Sublimation is an industrial process that is based on the application of a pre-printed film that has any design on the pre-painted aluminum element. This process is so cutting edge that the ripples and the roughness of the wood can be embellished in the profile, for a truly realistic effect. Aluminum thus transforms itself from technical to high-design product, in which: the colors, finishes and decorations available are almost infinite and it is therefore easy to choose the bush that best suits our home and our tastes.

Aluminum windows

We have seen that aluminum is a material appreciated for its ductility and versatility, but also for its lightness and natural rigidity that allow it to be used to realize even large fixtures. Among its main features are also the long durability and high resistance to weathering, its main concern is to be a natural thermal conductor and thus have poor quality of thermal insulation. In the long run, this would create condensation on the fixtures due to the difference in temperature between the indoor and outdoor environment. This problem can be overcome with aluminum heat-shrinkable fixtures, characterized by the presence, within the profile air chamber, of a low thermal conductivity material, which interrupts the thermal continuity of the material, rendering the infeed performer below the thermal and acoustic appearance. Also worth remembering is the vast variety of finishes and colors available on the market, which make aluminum really ideal to accommodate the most diverse aesthetic needs. When purchasing aluminum fixtures, it should be stressed that all products must bear the CE marking which guarantees quality and control during the production process and is accompanied by a declaration of conformity with the applicable regulations.

Aluminum wood fixtures features and models: Aluminum and wood mixed doors

We have mentioned how the aluminum and wood mixed windows mix the properties of the two materials to produce a product with high technical and aesthetic performance. It should be noted that there are both wood-aluminum and aluminum-wood fixtures on the market. Between the two types there is a substantial difference: the material placed in front of the word represents the predominant one throughout the window, the second of the list, of course, the one in the smaller quantity. Therefore, the aluminum-wood windows indicate that the wood is present in smaller quantities and that aluminum is the supporting structure of the bush. The wood used in these frames can be both lamellar wood and solid wood, the first one has a better resistance / weight ratio and does not have the various defects and knots typical of the natural product. The typical performance of these fixtures is extraordinary: excellent sealability, indeformability and resistance, high thermal performance especially in the presence of thermal cut and then all the aesthetics and warmth of natural wood that enriches the home environment. This combined product lends itself to the production of windows and doors, both with swinging door and vasistas, as well as with large sliding elements.

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