Venetian blinds Ikea

The Ikea Venetian blinds are a practical and functional solution to ensure privacy and at the same time brightness to the environment, without sacrificing aesthetics. These types of curtains are quite common in offices, shops and businesses, but are also widely used in private flats and homes, both for interior and exterior environments, to be applied to windows, windows, windows, and partitions.

Thanks to the ability to orient the slats according to their needs, this type of curtain allows the passage of sunlight and simultaneously covers the glass completely, thereby protecting the privacy of the home or the environment that will divide.

Ikea Venetian

There are many types of Ikea Venetian blinds, different in color and material, to choose from according to your personal taste. The choice of materials is very wide: you can find vinyl blinds, PVC, aluminum alloy, painted aluminum and wood, but also venetian-style oriental textures made of paper. There is also a wide range of colors, from the classic white, ideal for offices, shops and homes of neutral colors, to various brown tones of wood, ideal for completing luxurious furnishings.

In the Ikea store you can also find many other types of Venetian blinds, ideal to meet all your needs, even from the lively colors that are ideal for furnishing of the rooms of the little ones.

How to choose the Venetian blinds Ikea

This type of curtain offers not only practicality and comfort to the environment, keeping it fresh and bright, but also a decorative element that can give personality and style to the room. Is therefore, it is essential that the choice of purchase of the Venetian blinds is oriented towards a tent that matches its own style of furnishing.

Ikea wooden Venetian blinds, for example, are ideal to match in homes where natural tones are also present in other furniture. Wood will be fine even when the furnishings are of ethnic taste. This type of material constitutes a good thermal insulation, and this makes the wooden venetian blinds optimum to increase the energy efficiency of the room. However, wooden curtains are not recommended to be applied in very damp environments, as exposure to water could damage them.

Ikea venetians in aluminum, pvc or paper

If you want to integrate the Ikea Venetian blinds into a modern office or office with hi-tech design, the choice of the best material will surely fall on painted aluminum, plastic or vinyl. The curtains made in these materials are available in a wide range of colors to choose from according to the shades of the rest of the furniture to give harmony and elegance to the environment. Both aluminum and PVC plastic, as well as vinyl, are durable and practical materials that last for a long time. Unlike wood that is a moisture-sensitive material, these types of curtains can be used in any indoor, outdoor and outdoor environment.

The lovers of the minimalist style and for those who want the Venetians with a fresh and light look, they will be able to choose the venetian blinds on paper, also referred to as eastern-style homes. To avoid, of course, the installation of paper venetian blinds in wet rooms such as the bathroom, the kitchen, as they are easily dirty, and in the outside.

Venetian blinds allow you to be applied in any environment and integrated with any style of furnishings, as they do not alter the aesthetics of the window, which makes it a versatile complement of furnishings. There is a wide range of choices when talking about Ikea Venetian blinds, being available in a wide variety of sizes, styles and colors, you can choose to buy a Venetian that integrates with the background, or choose a model in contrast to the colors of the room to give more character to the environment.
As for the choice of color, it is advisable to buy the Venetian based on the shades of the pre-existing furniture, the window and wall colors on which it is to be applied, and according to the coloring of the various upholstery items in the room. It should be remembered that a light-colored tent will have more ability to reflect the light and thus keep the brighter environment; on the contrary, dark-colored Venetian blinds will end up gushing the room.

Venetian blinds Ikea: Venetian Dimensions Ikea

Last but not least, the criterion for choosing the Ikea Venetian blinds most suited to your environment is that of size. At the time of purchase, it is essential to have the exact measurements of the window, window, or room (if you want to use the Venetian blind to divide the environments) on which you will install the Venetian blind, so you can choose the one that best suits the size of your environment.

You can also choose slightly larger curves of the perimeter of your windows: this way, hanging the Venetian on the outside sides, the window will look bigger. If you choose a tent of the appropriate size to be mounted inside the window, the final look will be finer and more elegant and will filter more light inside the room.

Published on Oct 26, 2017 | Cat: Interior | By Lisa