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Varenna’s kitchens

The Varenna kitchens collection interprets different styles through compositional solutions, materials, finishes and colors. A set of multiple proposals, characterized by a high degree of flexibility, capable of providing highly technological solutions for contemporary kitchens. A true system composed of different types that means aesthetic variety, freedom of composition, personalized solutions for different lifestyles.
Twelve: twelve millimeters defining an aesthetic based on the thin thickness of the horizontal lines. The top as pure surface concept, plan in a geometric sense, designed to maximize the characteristics of the different materials. A kitchen with absolute essentiality, highlighted by the absence of handles, able to stand in different stylistic interpretations: from technical materials such as steel and glass to the top, to new finishes with strong natural connotation, such as spessart oak.

Varenna’s kitchens are numerous and heterogeneous, but all are designed to provide furniture customers who combine beauty, design, efficiency and ergonomics within a single product. The Varenna kitchens are then made available in many different finishes, among which you can choose to fully customize your own composition. One of the most appreciated and known models of the company’s kitchen range is Twelve, designed by Colombo Acrlo and CR & S Varenna in 2017. This kitchen is characterized by a great formal rigor, made of clean and defined lines, very small thicknesses, element which helps to increase the perception of high lightness. This also contributes to the fact that the Twelve Varenna kitchen is free of handles, so that it has smooth and minimal surfaces. the configurations that can be obtained are multiple, as you can choose from many different finishes.

Varenna Kyton

Kyton among the kitchens Varenna testifies to the search for simplicity through practicality and lightness.
A bright, natural, technically evolved kitchen. Kyton, design CR & S Varenna, is a kitchen that expresses an evolved and informal housing concept. The kitchen is available in different colors and finishes as well as in various configurations. The finishes usable for this kitchen are embossed lacquered, embossed aluminum lacquer; lacquered; essence (oak, oak oak, brown oak, spessart oak, wengé stained oak, gray oak and acacia oak); aluminum edge essence; glass (satin or polished). Thanks to the great availability of variants, it is possible to have a Kyton kitchen designed centimeter for your home.

Varenna kitchens

Varenna Poliform is one of the oldest Brianza companies: it was born in the forties and quickly evolved into a highly successful group capable of continuously pursuing quality of its mission, renewing its proposals to always play the best the needs of the end customer and the market, lifestyles and contemporary modes. Today Poliform produces libraries, containers, cabinets, beds, kitchens and upholstered furniture. It is therefore possible to build a real “Poliform house”, stylistically consistent in all its components and of quality above average as compared to the one proposed in Italian furniture shops and outlets. The great Varenna Poliform experience is reflected in the kitchen environment, with modern solutions that showcase it in some of the most beautiful homes in the world. For its minimal, no frills style, lover of good taste, sobriety and elegance, Poliform stands out from all the other brands in the industry.

Varenna Poliform

Poliform devotes its creative and productive resources to the international market, with extraordinary commercial successes that have brought kitchens and other furnishing environments to enrich even the London West End Quay complex, the AOL Time Warner Center in New York, the Presidential Rooms of the Clinton Library in Little Rock or the Palmolive Building in Chicago. Anyone wishing to have a small piece of this great handicraft and creative brianzola tradition can choose today a Varenna 2014 kitchen, which is basically a hymn to the linear and geometric shape. Among the many beautiful models, let’s note, for example, the Phoenix model, a proposal from exclusive aesthetics, where the creative and realization style is completely focused on pure geometry and the ultimate design essence for a project characterized by simplicity and rigor.

Kitchen Varenna Matrix

Another model of Varenna kitchens really worth mentioning is Matrix, from aesthetics once again extremely essential, characterized by the ambition to fill large spaces. This minimalist elegance model is perfect for those who love understatement, but at the same time wants to communicate a “bold” message with the availability of large environments where compositional elements are valued by the alternation of straight lines and edges alive. With the My Planet model, however, Poliform works with the widespread desire for practicality and lightness. This kitchen communicates a feeling of freedom, thanks to the atmosphere of the rooms, the handles and tops of various thicknesses, the clever cuts of light on the panels, the impeccable white or dark pine and dark pine finishes. All Poliform kitchens are distinguished by a great technical ability resulting from continuous research in the field: rotating, sliding and tilt mechanism are proven to last literally a lifetime.

Kitchens Varenna prices

Hardly Varenna’s kitchens fall below the seven thousand euros, with tips exceeding thirty thousand euros. Dimensions and materials are once again important in determining price but it is important to note that quality, in Poliform’s home, is a highly regarded and sought after requirement. The consequence can only be a shift up the list, which may appear to many completely out of reach. As always when it comes to kitchens, however, prices are likely to be downsizing: often, even 40% discounts occur at the right spot at the right time, perhaps in the show-changing period. You should always run a lot, ask for quotes and check if there are any catalogs of old or two or three years old catalogs in some warehouses. In that case, extremely profitable amounts could come up. Better then arm for patience and spirit of observation: your Poliform kitchen might be closer than you might think.

Varenna kitchens, customized solutions: Varenna kitchens

The company’s kitchens are all designed to combine great design and excellent materials that can last over time and give customers a solid and enjoyable product. The company has now become one of the leading brands for high quality design kitchens and has managed to conquer a good part of the reference market. The brand catalog, which can be consulted comfortably online, contains a dozen models of cuisine, all characterized by great attention to detail, with a contemporary style based on well-defined, clean lines, without end-of-the-art manneristic decorations. The skillful combination of materials and finishes makes Varenna’s kitchen a great charm, able to characterize even the most sophisticated environments. One of the novelties of Eurocucina 2016 is the Arthena Varenna model, designed by CR & S Varenna; this kitchen is distinguished by the original processing of the frame with the frame for the doors, which contributes to increasing the perception of quality of the entire structure. The doors are free of handles, so they have clean and essential surfaces, perfect for modern homes. As with Varenna’s kitchens, Arthena’s finishes are different and can be combined to suit the desired effect. Both the planes and the doors are available in many variants, able to satisfy even the most particular needs.

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