Kitchen Tables how to choose them best

Kitchen tables

Squared, oval, long, short, rounded, extensible, wooden, sheet, aluminum, plastic extensions with countless color variations: kitchen tables are offered with a variety of features but to show a certain discontinuity over the tables standard, there is that touch of creativity and distinction typical of the designer. An oblong morphology, a combination of unpublished materials, a tonality never seen in the kitchen …
Design kitchen tables have also witnessed the evolution of their use over time, particularly because of the ever smaller spaces. Design has come to meet these needs immediately by developing smart models that are capable of transforming themselves without compromising on aesthetics and uniqueness. And the variety of design kitchen tables is really remarkable.

The kitchen table chooses guide

When choosing kitchen tables, it is essential to opt for the most sophisticated morphology to determine the space that will occupy. Rectangular tables undoubtedly represent the category that has less room for space but at the same time creates a hierarchy in the guest’s position, because there will be a capotavola. The round tables generally cover more space, but they place all the diners in the same hierarchical position.
A middle ground is represented by the oval table, very popular with users lately. By now, almost all types of kitchen design tables are also available in the extensible variant that, if needed, can provide three or four more seats. Even elegant tables with tempered glass, transparent or lacquered, with or without frame, can be extended.

Large kitchen tables

Much fashionable especially in spacious and spacious kitchens, extralarge design kitchen tables, for those who love to receive and want to do great. On the market there is a good selection of fixed and transformable models that allow even a dozen people to sit. Wood, in particular in warm shades and with natural finishes, is a classic evergreen. If the table structure is in essence, the plan is usually in wood, with some inserts, for example glass. Designers also propose more fashion models that combine innovative wood plastic materials. The designer has more compositional freedom when the basic structure is metal, as it can be combined with tops in glass, plastic and also stone or wood covered in different ways.

Kitchen table

The kitchen table is, in many ways, a table of “service”; is used every day and several times a day by all members of the family not only for eating meals but also for preparing them and for carrying out other activities, for example, ironing or (in the case of boys) studying or indulging in a small break . As a result, if the aesthetic appearance is very important, functionality is no less. The kitchen table should be beautiful, solid, practical, impact resistant and aggressive substances such as detergent, lemon, coffee, carbonated drinks, vinegar. This is why the glass is not recommended; better opt for timeless wood, lacquered or laminated, or for metal. Or for a mix of these two materials, which among other things is often offered by companies operating in the industry. In picture the rectangular extendable Dot table of Calligaris, Gino Carollo design. The floor is milled in melamine, the structure is in metal. Lightweight and minimalist, Dot can easily fit any type of kitchen. It stretches in the finish as the floor, contained under the top, is positioned manually and the legs are always perimeter, thus guaranteeing maximum comfort to all diners. Total height 75 cm, width 120-180 cm, depth 80 cm. Available finishes for the floor: Silk, Earth, Pearl, Hazel, Gray and White. Available finishes for the structure: Matte black, Matte Tortora, Matte opaque white, Matte gray.

Not everyone decorates their own kitchen with ad hoc compositions. There are those who prefer to choose tables and chairs separately from other furniture in this environment. In this case, there are two ways to choose from: create style or color combinations, or opt for contrasts that give life to greater impact. Harmony, in any case, should be a real dictat. As for the shape of the kitchen table, there are no rigid rules: everything depends on the space available, first of all, but also by the tastes and individual habits. A decisive factor also coincides with the number of people who make up the family. For some time the most requested is the rectangular table, which has stolen the primacy of the square table; The latter, however, has certainly not disappeared and even continues to receive consents. The round table, however, for the kitchen seems unsuitable and uncomfortable. But the exceptions are not lacking. In the picture, the Chablis table of Maisons du Monde, characterized by a bleached oak wood shelf, has two drawers to accommodate any kind of object and can accommodate up to 6 people. The details that make the difference: the shell handle and the aged metal carriers.

Extending kitchen tables

If the family is large, if you like to have guests for lunch and dinner and welcome them in the kitchen, if the space left leaves a bit to be desired there is a solution that is always winning: the extending table. The offer on the market is getting richer and varied, just because the demand is constantly increasing. The extensible kitchen tables have different sizes, they belong to styles also very different from each other, they are made in a variety of materials. The least common denominator is practicality, of course. And the mechanisms look increasingly cautious, well-tested, so they last in time and do not create any problems with the use. In a few minutes the table extends to accommodate 8 or more people, and in a few minutes returns to its original shape. There are discrete and essential models, but also models with great personality that immediately catalyze the attention. In the picture the modern extending table of Arezzo of Stosa Cucine, featuring a metal frame covered with wood and legs in varnished wood. The 2 cm thick TSS laminated or rolled top is available in different colors and finishings including Matt White, White with Nodes, Lime, Cement, Platin Noise, Oak Bead, Oak Jeans and Tobacco.

Kitchen tables to choose the best: Kitchen tables

These are the steps that lead to the choice of the perfect kitchen table: take all the measurements of the space in which you plan to place it, also evaluate the size of the chairs and make sure that the centimeters remain to move smoothly; define your own desires in terms of style and material. It is also important to determine if you prefer an extensible or a fixed model. One suggestion is to browse through the web the various types of tables on the market and focus on the shelves, on the structures, on the shapes of the legs. In short, nothing has to be left to chance. Also because more ideas are clearer, more selection is easy. In the picture Miniforms Ghost table with solid legs and aluminum frame. Laced or lacquered glass top in wood.

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