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The quality kitchens are a great Italian art form. Since the 1950s, almost all of the most important stylistic trends that characterized the home environment have been signed by Italian architects and designers. Obviously, each of us would like to bring home a bit of this success story, perhaps with a signature kitchen. They are excellent, both in terms of materials and craftsmanship. If you think that renowned Renzo Piano has recently signed a line of cookware, you will realize that the boundary between art and the functionality of the kitchen environment is now more and more lively. Prices, however, are thrilling. There are kitchens that cost over fifty thousand euros. How to do then if our intention is to get high-quality cuisine at a low price? The solution exists. Visit the “furniture design opportunities” sections of stores and websites. Let’s see how to do it.

Mobili di design occasioni

Occasional design furniture is the key word that often large kitchens factories use if they produce a supernumerary piece of pieces, which remain in stock for too long and come out of the sellable collection. Or it may happen that in showroom stores, exposed display kitchens need a “refreshed”. Or even a company, alas, fails and sells a lot of kitchens. And what about a family who moves and decides to put up new furniture? All different opportunities that have no relationship but which can give us a serious advantage in economic terms to acquire a home furnishings or kitchen.
In the first case all we have to do is go to the factory: selected the brand of kitchens we are interested in, we wonder if they have a stock store where they sell pieces out of the collection. Usually, discounts are about forty percent, and we talk about new kitchens! In the second case, that of the “showroom”, we could find in front of kitchens that, having been exposed for weeks or months, might have some “defect”. In this case however, the price drops drastically, with even seventy percent points.

Tips for buying designer furniture

In the case of the failed factory, we will find our branded kitchen in promotion in the “furniture design occasions” area at those companies that sell stock in stock “in the state they are in.” Finally there are the markets of the used and, of course, and Ebay; both of these methods are terrific to get us a top-notch kitchen at a tantalizing price.
However, there are transport incognito, especially when you buy online: sending a kitchen by mail is not easy and we should arrange for yourself the journey of goods. In any case, we would take advantage of a great opportunity, but given nothing is given, we will have to put on the balance plate a nice amount of effort to care for the transport first so that everything arrives at home. The alternative is to turn to a moving company, with an increase in costs not indifferent.

Designer furniture occasions kitchens

In flea markets, especially in areas dedicated to modernity and home furnishings, it is often possible to find second hand kitchens in excellent condition. Always verify that all mechanisms, hinges, and each piece of work are perfectly working. This is for two reasons: first of all because the kitchen in question might be out of production and so we could find ourselves with no spare parts available, a rather disagreeable situation.
Secondly, because of the lack of missing pieces, those of the signed kitchens are usually very expensive just because they are not commercial. Take all the necessary considerations, take the right precautions, and after the appropriate arrangements for transport from one house to another or from a marketplace to our home of a whole kitchen, we can search for the piece we dream of a lifetime and look for a section that says “furniture design occasions”.

Design Furnishing Home Furnishing Style: Design Occasions

an inexhaustible source of designer furniture at discount prices is surely the internet. With the development of numerous online stores featuring outlet stores, you can find some precious items at low prices. This formula allows you to purchase the finest quality furnishings of well-known brands with discounted prices of up to 60%, because often retailers prefer to buy outfited furniture to make room for new collections. In this way you will be assured of buying a home furnishing or kitchen, but with the advantage of having special conditions.
Occasional furniture design, then present in the outlets can also come from fairs and exhibitions, where they have been used only as showcase products. There are many outlet stores that can be visited and many companies in the industry have one, selling low prices, furniture and furnishings used for photographic services to make the catalog.
Business opportunities are therefore numerous, it is important to carefully consider what the proposed objects are and not just lend themselves to the opportunity to take advantage of an important discount.

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