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Minotti sofas prices

The Minotti brand offers excellent quality, Sofa prices include all the expertise, professionalism and good assurance of these products. Talking about Minotti’s Sofa Prices we can say that these are around ten thousand euros. These sofas then fit into a fairly high price range. Of course, the quality of these sofas means that the purchase price is proportionate, because the expense is totally repaid over time, strength, comfort, and the great features offered.
The Hamilton sofa is an example of style and comfort in the Minotti sofas. It comes with a vertical armrest and backrest, a solid wood structure, seat cushion padding and goose feather backrest with high strength polyurethane insert. The base is made of 40×20 oval section metal frame with glossy black-nickel finish, with ground support via black technical back legs. Cat. G color ecru ‘. Fully removable. The list price is ten thousand euros.

Minotti sofas outlet

Every year Minotti presents a new collection. Every new project is studied in detail to impress new furniture. It is therefore possible, every year, to find sofas belonging to the previous discounted collections but of the same excellent quality. If you want to aim at quality then, and at the same time buy a couch at a good price, the best choice is to trust a outlet. Buy Minotti’s sofas in a lounge at discounted prices, outlet outlets with sofas on offer offer the option of furnishing your lounges with the best sofas, sofa beds and armchairs. Thanks to the outlet you can find Minotti furniture at a discounted price compared to the manufacturer’s prices. Many furniture shops in fact exhibit products at attractive prices, with discounts of up to 40%.
In the picture: Minotti, Matisse sofa, a model with a well-defined, rigid line, ingenished by the soft goose feather pads that raise overall comfort. This sofa has been made with great attention to the ergonomic aspect with the design of the correct inclination of the backrest. It can be chosen with fabric or leather lining and there are 4 different variants that stand out for the details.

Minotti Sofa Prices

Minotti Sofa Prices are proportional to the chosen product. To furnish a living room, the sofa is the decorative element on which you usually decide to invest more. The sofa is the central component of a stay and a place to relax at the end of the day. A comfortable and long-lasting sofa is what you usually look for. The decision to spend a high price on this precious product is therefore always justified. The prices of Minotti sofas vary between five thousand and ten thousand euros. The White couch of Minotti, has a price of ten thousand euros. It is a collection of pads characterized by the aggregation of different volumes and materials. The base of the sofa can be covered in fabric, leather or leather and overlapping with its backrest, seat cushions and countertops available in a wide range of materials and finishes. The countertops are provided with lacquered finish or mud-lined leather trim, tobacco, black and brown head.

Minotti sofa catalog

The architect Rodolfo Dordoni, since 1997 supervises and coordinates the Minotti collections. Minotti brothers then share the creative line with him, forming a winning team. Minotti presents in the collection not only sofas but also furnishings, armchairs, accessories, chairs, tables, carpets and beds.Divani Minotti catalog: The 2014 collection features interior furnishings but also proposals for the otdoor. The Alison Dark Brown sofa is made up of new fabrics from the Art Lifescape 02 collection. It is kept lifted from the ground thanks to anodized aluminum H. 3.5 cm blocks, dyed in the same color as the wood. The pillows are designed to transmit a “relaxed sitting” effect and have been made more soft by using new expanded polyurethane foam inserts at highly differentiated and high resilience edges, coated with water-repellent, environmentally-friendly fiber.

As previously mentioned, the quality offered by the proposals included in the Minotti sofas catalog ensures that these pads can be classified in the high end of the market. Certainly the price is related to the workmanship and care of the detail that the company puts on every couch made. To get a glimpse of what Minotti’s solutions are for sofas, just access the company’s website where all the models in production are shown. One of the latest models presented is, for example, the Freeman Duvet sofa, the result of Rodolfo Dordoni’s creativity, which is an element that delivers comfort and comfort. The pillows of this sofa are made of a polyurethane central insert, which is covered with a layer in memory foam and one in feather. The lining is made with a thermally welded fiber, while the backrests and armrests are decorated with special seams that relate to craftsmanship of high tailoring. It can be made of fabric or leather.

The Minotti sofas, the foreground design: Minotti Sofas

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