Bath with integrated shower, how to choose

Bathtubs with shower

The integrated shower bath is the perfect solution to not give up the pleasure and comfort of one of the two functions. Is the dilemma buying a combined system or equip the existing tub with a shower cabin? On the market the “all inclusive” options are endless, so often opt for the first hypothesis. However, it is also worth considering the second, if the work to be done is not too much and too expensive.

In the unique products programmed for the double shower / bath function, the latter is already equipped with a front panel. Such combinations often provide easy access to the bathtub, which can be used by the whole family, even by older people and children, as the staircase leading into the tub is low. Here the faucet is usually included: this is a true oasis of well-being, with multifunctional columns and whirlpools. In the image, the Teuco solution 382, ​​which, in addition to its small size, is ideal for children and the elderly because, thanks to the carefully designed ergonomic design and the comfortable structure, it allows easy, simple and safe use

Bath with shower prices

The basin with built-in basic shower, including a simple bathtub with shower cubicle, in the cheapest price range starts at 400 euros to go up. If you are thinking of purchasing a tub with a hydromassage shower cabin, it starts with a thousand euros, while if you go to renowned brands with premium finishes, advanced hi-tech solutions and design touches, the price is several thousand euro. Often, however, if you spend a little you are likely to find yourself in a few months with jets that splash water everywhere because they have no proper filters or anti-lymphatic systems. So it is better not to throw on too cheap proposals, basically the tub with shower is an essential element for home and our personal hygiene.

Hydromassage bathtub with shower

The integrated shower tub can turn into something more than a simple body care tool. It can in fact become a leisure time to which other members of the family can participate. We refer to the whirlpool tub with shower, often equipped with 750 W water jets and various options, such as the mirror, shelves, stalls, and LCD display to set various functions. Different massage modes are often available for full-face massage from the head to toe: foot massage or hydromassage in the sitting or massage by the rain shower, surprisingly anti-stress.

Bathtub with shower cabin

The integrated shower cabin, if equipped with a cabin, is the ultimate in functional comfort as it is a truly “complete” solution. There are several models on the market, although this proposal is a bit more expensive considering its completeness and all the features it is equipped with. The world leader in whirlpool Jacuzzi suggests a combination of remarkable performances, consisting of a whirlpool tub with dorsal vents, cascading waterfall cascade shower and back, Power Fall waterfall, dorsal and vertical hydromassage, multifunctional shower, Turkish bath. This is Flexa Twin, whose design expresses the highest aesthetic and functional levels: from comfortable seats, to storage shelves, to the elegant mirror. Obviously the stereo system and the loudspeaker are obviously missing.

Shower and bathtub

Having a shower and bathtub can be a wish that seems unworkable, especially in the case of small-sized apartments or where there is only one small bathroom in the house. For this reason, the integrated bath tub solution allows the two elements to be joined together in a single structure so that they can fully exploit the functionality of the two systems. Certainly, in some cases, this element may be slightly more uncomfortable than a classic shower, especially with regard to entry and exit, because you need to overcome the bathtub edge, but at the same time it can become extremely comfortable when it does not you want to give up none of the two functions and you do not have enough space to install them separately. in the image you can see the proposal overhead Arblu, with folding towards the wall and opening outwards.

Built-in bath with built-in shower

The bathtub with shower is the ideal solution for not having to give up, especially in very no-big baths, to the pleasure and comfort of one of the two functions in question. You may decide to buy a combined system or to equip a tub already with a shower enclosure. In the first case, there is almost always a front panel and in some cases a lightweight access to the bathtub, especially for children and the elderly: the step inside, in fact, is rather low. Many models also feature whirlpools and multifunctional columns; so it is a kind of mini-spa home. For those who want to equip the bathtub already in the bathroom with a shower panel, there are several possibilities related to the bathtub position with respect to the walls. The basic option consists of a single spatula, fixed or mobile, to be applied on the edge of the tub and fixed to the wall at one end. With three or more panels, you can create an entire wall, even if this is fixed to one end (wall support), so that you can close the entire long side of the bathtub. The panels can be folded back to the book and placed on the wall, while the shorter side of the bathtub remains free.

Do you intend to close the bathtub completely? Then you can buy a self-supporting structure, fixed to the wall at the two lateral ends, with sliding opening. When the tub is drawn into a niche, simply fit the free space left with a single sliding wall. Still, anyone who wants to use only one part or half of the long side of the tub to get the shower can use a paneling formed by a fixed wall fixed to the wall with a curved eyebrow opening. In the picture is a bathtub wall of the Sun Aurora line with a rounded glass door opening outwards. Aluminum profile finishing: white and glossy chrome plated.

If you already have a tub, you can mount a shower enclosure with foldaway and overlapping doors that, if you do not use it, leave it completely free. To avoid changing the faucet, a wall-mounted rod can be connected to the bathtub unit, fitted with an adjustable hand shower and soap dish. If you want to renew the faucet, you can choose between a single tub / shower unit complete with a sliding rod wall mount or a group with separate elements. Multifunctional columns, on the other hand, allow you to compose a wellness corner with different water jets and functions. The solutions, as it appears clear, appear numerous. And just as it is for those who decide to buy a new system combined. In the picture a very interesting example, that is Grandform Double: the tub has a very linear design and a large space inside; the crystal wall, made up of two doors, delimits the space dedicated to the shower offering comfort and intimacy. The shower area is enriched by a comfortable and elegant seat cushion coordinated. The tempered glass door is integrated into the tub and facilitates access, while the stainless steel lock handle guarantees maximum peace of mind. Due to its specific structure, the Double Bathtub meets the needs of every family member, especially for people with reduced mobility. Available with white or black glass panels, the Double Bathtub is provided to be laid on floor. The socket can be removed, for a flat floor installation (in this case we need to collect the bathtub for recess).

Bath with integrated shower, how to choose: Bath with integrated shower

Bath with Shower: Finding the right solution also means taking into account the bathroom structure. If it is long and narrow it is necessary to move towards rectangular combined tanks by evaluating also the size of the door compartment; in a bathroom where it is possible to place the combined tub under a window, you can resize the enclosure. In any case, any reduced size is no longer a problem because there are slim models on the market that do not take anything away from comfort and well-being. Just as there are angular or shapes more rounded, thanks to which you can take advantage of parts of the bathroom that may still be unused. As for the materials, much needed at this time is the synthetic methacrylate, which can be molded in various shapes and is very resistant. In the picture a proposed Hafro Geromin project: the Duo Jacuzzi is completed with a multifunctional shower column to create a functional shower-bath system. The Era 180 × 120/70 model becomes a tub combined with the new Plus Box version. The 6 mm safety tempered glass doors create essential lines in a comfortable, functional shower room.

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