Bathtub with leg

Used Bathtub with feet

After being long suppressed by the modern practicality of the shower, the bathtub is coming back. And it does so well-liked: goodbye to the usual, ordinary bathtub and back to the old style bathtub, the Victorian-style English bathtub, which today falls into the category of free standing bathtubs and can be placed in the middle of the room or in rooms other than the bathroom revolutionizing the very concept of bathtub as a personal hygiene tool becomes a cult object for furniture and a place of privacy dedicated to well-being. If you are thinking of placing your own bathtub with your feet at home, you might want to choose a vintage made of cast iron, looking for materials and recovering objects or turning to the used market. These are the most popular companions in this period, so real business has become rare: you can find occasions of bathtubs with used feet that need restoration, or you have to prepare yourself to spend important figures, often equal to the new one.

Bathtubs with legs

The bathtubs with feet have assumed the dignity of a sought-after object in itself. They can be inserted in every context – as well as a modern bathroom – because they now represent that vintage object that many put in to give a touch back to their home, like an antique chest of drawers or a vintage table in a contemporary living style. No particular aesthetic constraint is required, ie: to perfectly resemble Victorian style or to inspire cleaner and more contemporary lines, with its personality determined, the bathtub with its legs will also feature the whole bath on its own. It is rather worthwhile asking some questions about functionality. If you have only one bath, the bathtub with the legs is probably not the most comfortable solution. If there is another service available, or in the same bathroom there is room for a shower, then free to the tub. And if you want to get out of the schemes by adopting a modern solution, you can put the bathtub in the bedroom.

Bathtub with feet measures

Reflecting on vintage patterns, when the bathtub responded to a practical need and was still far from the modern conception of the bathroom as an occasion for relaxation and wellbeing, the bathtubs with the feet tend to have fairly contained measurements. Externally the bathtub measurements with legs vary from 155 to 170/175 cm in length, for a standard width around 70/80 cm and a height of 50/60 cm excluding the legs. With an average capacity of around 190 liters, it means that despite the size of the bathtubs with feet they have a decent depth and allow you to enjoy a comfortable bath. The latest models have added sinuous and rounded exterior forms even greater comfort inside, with design accents accompanying body shapes providing the right lumbar support and allowing you to sit in all relaxation.

Bathtub cost with leg

How much do you spend on a bathtub with legs? Prices are very varied and the range is really large. From 999 Euros to Romance, a Leroy Merlin polished finish and Leroy Merlin-style marble pattern in over 7700 of the exclusive and sophisticated Suite of Antonio Lupi, in the picture, passing through the 4000 Euros of the Hommage tub of Villeroy & Boch with wooden feet. In the middle, of course, there are tanks with legs of many other bands of price. For those who are hunting for occasions, there are a variety of solutions available for all pockets, as always, if you have the time and patience to wait for the deals, you can find some models around 700 euros, which you need to add transport and installation costs, which, especially if placed in the center, are more expensive. If you are restoring an original bathtub model, you can also buy only the feet, about 200 euros.

Classic bathtubs with legs

Classic cast iron bath tubs with pins are based on Victorian-style British lines: rounded and soft shapes, beautiful epoch feet and small dimensions that allow installation in the middle of the room or in other rooms without too much glare. Like any classical inspiration, bathtubs with legs also faithfully reproduce the lines of the era or revisit them in a modern key with cleaner lines or contemporary materials. The current versions of classic models have color variations from the usual white: from pink to blue, passing through metallic enamels like that of the model St.Lyons shown in the picture, which perfectly matched with industrial style destabilizing, with classic shapes , each default rule. The traditional white version of the classic bathtub with legs has variants also in the faucet: golden gilded brides very well with the round and classic lines.

Published on Nov 7, 2017 | Cat: Bathroom | By Lisa