Small bath tubs

Small bathtub

Opting for the little one does not mean that you have to mediate between beauty, class, elegance or functionality. Even in small spaces where you want to insert a small bathtub, the solutions are so many and really functional. The small bath tubs revel in pleasant moments of intimacy, in which to relax and enjoy the time that you live in this space.

The bathroom product market offers really interesting solutions: for example, the Ladybird bathtub, characterized by modern and refined double-function design, designed by Coco Reynolds (pictured). In addition to its classic function, the bath has a body that allows it to be transformed into a washbasin, completing itself as an object of great functionality and at the same time innovative and also suitable for very small spaces.

Small retractable bathtub

A small bathtub, but especially hydromassage and vanity. Incredible to combine all of these features into a single element that is both aesthetically very pleasing and technological, from hi-tech lines. Dominik Chojnacki solves the problem of reduced space by creating a retractable hydromassage bathtub that can be locked in a very stable vertical position without the risk of falling.

The SPAcer tub is characterized by an aesthetic line that reflects on the thought of two drops of water accompanied by a sinuousness and harmony of unimaginable space. An optimal solution for those who do not want to give up design, functionality and great ergonomics for endless relaxing baths choosing among the best small bathtubs

Small luxury bath tubs

For those who do not want to give up unrestrained luxury even in the proposal of a small bath, the solution is to prefer the tub designed by the Wild Terrain Designs studio (pictured), which features a small and pretty luxury tub designed for a very demanding clientele . Made entirely of copper with stainless steel finishes, it is a small, elegant, retro and very classic design tub.

Around the container tank element there is a high-impact helicoidal ladder with LED lighting that emphasizes every inch of this particular element. The bathtub is characterized by a heated seat and an automatic filling system, automated automatic cleaning, and is available in full steel version.

Published on Nov 7, 2017 | Cat: Bathroom | By Lisa