Contemporary living room tables

Contemporary living room table

Designed to ensure minimal fit and functionality in top, modern lounge tables are developed in durable materials and feature finishing touches. Their uniqueness is often conferred by the designer’s touch. Because of the mechanisms that simplify the movement, many of these tables are able to change, increasing their primary functions. With these additions, you often dare to experiment and therefore the most futuristic materials and rather practical design combine in styles focused on the latest trends.

Modern lounge tables are indispensable for the support or for displaying ornaments or objects. They are often placed in the conversation area of living, and thanks to their pleasing aesthetics, they capture the attention of the gaze of those who walk through the door of the room where they are located.

Crystal lounge tables

The crystal in the modern lounge tables gives a touch of elegance precisely because of its apparent delicacy, its transparency, its reflective capacity, such as water. The crystal table reflects and amplifies the colors of the living area. The designers of course have been excited about creating original models, thanks to these features.

Harold and Maude is the name of a collection of Glas Italia tables – design by Carlo Tamborini (pictured) made entirely of extralight transparent glass. There are two different sizes available. The distinctive sign of this collection is dynamism, created by curves and angles. The thin glass creates an extremely lightweight effect, yet the table is almost indestructible thanks to a special treatment.

Contemporary living room tables: Contemporary lounge tables

Modern wooden tables, especially solid wood, thanks to the raw material they contain, retain a Dantan charm. However, they are declined in the most current and unusual morphologies, with creative impulses from the designers. Due to their size, they are original pieces that can be adapted to any setting.

Like the Peg di Cappellini coffee table, low and round rectangles drawn by sober curves but accentuated by the ash wood available in whitened finishes, dyed walnut, dyed wengè and dyed black. The floor is made of a panel in solid wood cone of medium density ash, with edges and solid ash inserts. All the details are rounded, from the profile of the plane to the head of the legs. It is characterized by the special engagement of the leg in the plane which refers to the Peg chair and the smallest coffee table of the same family. The Peg table is also provided in the square version.

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