Living room tables

Types and Functions Living room tables

Lounge tables are the indispensable elements of the conversation area: service items to be placed in front of the couch or on the side and used as backing surfaces. When there are guests and serve them an aperitif or an afternoon; when you are working or reading comfortably sitting on the sofa and you want to put books or computers on it, to have drinks and sweets during the dinners of your children and their friends.

The more traditional image of the coffee table is that of a complement of low and small size furnishings. In fact, the coffee tables are made by manufacturers in various shapes, materials and models, also equipped with mechanisms that turn them into real dining tables, a great solution for those in the house that does not have much space. There are also small seating tables, the lines of which differ from traditional ones and, in addition to practical support surfaces, also function as small storage cabinets to store, for example, TV and console remotes or the book we are reading, so to have it always at your fingertips.

How to choose living room tables

It is multifunctional and customizable, but above all it respects the Tappo lounge table, which, if desired or according to taste, can also be used as a lamp or storage container. He produces and distributes Logics, with the Lessmore brand, choosing to make it very ecological materials: cardboard, wood or bamboo. Both the base and the floor can be customized in materials and decorations, to have a customized object.Inside the table a LED light source makes it a dynamic and live object. The light, in various colors, filters through the side holes and the shelf and creates eye-catching chromatic effects.

Living room tables: Cubes or coffee tables?

They are a trio and can be used in the middle of the living room between the sofas or as a side. Ice cubes, designed by Philippe Starck for Kartell, are transparent and have three dimensions so that they can be used alone or in a group. Versatile and versatile furnishing accessories, Kartell living room tables made of PMMA plastic (polymethacrylate) and are available with either white or black base.

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