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Innovation, design features: all this is snaid style kitchen, typically made in Italy. The catalog of kitchens Snaidero offers modular compositions for every need, from the modern to the classic. They all come as “tailor-made” spaces to work more comfortably inside and work in complete safety. Great importance is given to ergonomics, the science that studies the relationship of man with the objects he uses and the spaces where he lives and works: the kitchen is the place where most of the home actions take place, where they prepare the food is cooked and consumed.

In the picture, Skyline 2.0 kitchen proposed in the model with base bases and columns in glossy yellow lemon lacquer complemented by columns with daytime finish in white opaque mat lacquered. Skyline 2.0 is a modular kitchens program, characterized by the contoured work surface and suspended bases that make this model particularly ergonomic, increasing the working surface and facilitating movements in the operating

Snaidero Kitchens price

Beautiful, but above all, practical and functional: these are the main features of Snaidero kitchens. In fact, kitchen functionality means relying on practical and intelligent tools, but also to move and work in maximum comfort and in absolute serenity at all times. The Snaidero collections offer a wide range of elements and finishes and are often complemented by shelves with integrated lighting. So great value for Snaidero kitchens. Affordable or demanding prices, is it spontaneous to ask? It starts from five thousand euros to exceed ten thousand, as in the case of design kitchen in the image.

In the picture, Ola 25 Limited Edition kitchen, Pininfarina design, made in bases, drawers and columns with opaque black lacquered lacquered doors with metallic red lacquered underpumps, glossy black glass top and support of the peninsula fiber shiny red carbon. Ola 25 Limited Edition is an exclusive and refined kitchens program featuring elements with black extraction lacquered or champagne lacquered or lacquered white lacquered doors. The structure of the furniture is made with low particleboard panels of formaldehyde emission in class E1, with ABS edges and HDF backrests.

Corner kitchens prices

For a good kitchen with every comfort you can still stay in the price range between six thousand and eighty thousand euros with the brand Snaidero. Therefore, considering the high quality of finishes, materials and even all the interior and exterior accessories of the Snaidero kitchens, we can say that all prices are affordable and fully justified. From the point of view of the aesthetic design, the possible configurations of these kitchens are practically endless: linear, corner, island or peninsula, however, it is pictured, the kitchen is designed according to functionality and service logic.

In the picture, angular corner kitchen presented in the angular composition formed by bases and columns in the finishing of the canaletto, top and rosewood marble finish. Time is a program characterized by the horizontal line of the doors, with slatted slats made of silk-screened engravings and ergonomic handle made of aluminum alloy, applied on the profile of the door. The structure of furniture and shelves consists of chipboard panels melamine with E1 class melamine resins. The doors are available in wood, teak, walnut or dark oak, or in matt and glossy laminate and lacquered colors.

Contemporary Corner Kitchens

As we have seen with the models presented in the previous paragraphs, the Snaidero kitchens are certainly distinguished by a great modernity, which makes them perfect for furnishing any living space. The company places great emphasis on designing and producing modular solutions of great aesthetic impact, but above all, great usability and great organization. In fact, the brand’s proposals can be arranged in different ways, both in linear compositions as well as in peninsula or angular elements, without forgetting the island-centered solution, a variation widely appreciated for open space environments.

A kitchen that best interprets modern canons and features an iconic central island is the Way model, designed with rigorous and clean lines, able to define the elements in a nutshell, with no room for unnecessary decorative nests designed to increase the functionality of the kitchen. The available versions are different and you can choose from many finishes and compositions to fit the composition into your living spaces.

classic corner kitchens

Although the classic style is less widespread in recent years, it still has a good slice of enthusiasts that are not recognized in the overly delineated lines of modern cooking patterns. For this reason, Snaidero, like all the best companies in the sector, proposes to its customers the most traditional, less technologically-looking, tastefully-designed cuisine, but always made according to the best dictates, using materials and elements of great quality. A perfect example of this type of kitchen is certainly the Gioconda model, which allows to synthesize the best tradition and contemporary solutions, delivering a project of classic modernity, perfect to satisfy even the most difficult tastes. This kitchen is characterized by a great formal search, which concretizes with the large shaped hood, as in traditional kitchens and with the graceful decoration that distinguishes the doors. Another distinctive feature is the decorative design and the elaboration of plans that pay tribute to classical architectures to give a unique sign to composition. The kitchen is available in various compositions and finishes.

During Eurocucina 2016, Snaidero has presented two lines: the System Collection, which is aimed at those who, in their own spaces, carry customization, flexibility and solutions, especially material, innovative and sensory; and the Icone Collection, which speaks to those who seek the quality of the sign of the great Italian masters of industrial design. Three projects signed by Massimo Iosa Ghini: Kelly, Heritage and Frame. The latter is shown in the picture; The self-supporting steel structure features functionally and aesthetically the product, appearing in some precise spots, located between the furniture, bases, cupboards and the island. The full and empty play reveals the intent of concretizing a formal lightness, and even in this way the doors are laid and presented without handle. The leaf is available throughout the range of opaque lacquers, in the lacquered lacquered collection and in two sophisticated wood elm finishes. The frame structure features a hood, which in turn contributes to defining that “industrial” but at the same time professional environment of the environment: it is available in 180, 120 and 90 cm wall versions and 150 cm center-room , and can be positioned both on the wall and on the island. The under-roofing kit fixed in practical stainless steel shelves for jars and small utensils housing, offers functionalities and comfort in the operating phases.

Kitchens Snaidero prices and models: Kitchen Snaidero

Snaidero kitchens: from the new collection, the system is part of Opera, which we show in the picture and which was awarded the Good Design Award by the Museum of Architecture, Design and Metro Metropolitan of Chicago. At the 2016 edition of Eurocucina it was presented in a completely renewed dress, an “industrial” soul that took shape through the use of high quality materials. The central island is made of individually hand-painted Metal Town painted aluminum doors and the hood with rack in the same metallic finish becomes the real focus of the kitchen’s social work and sociality, while around a home-made wine boiserie, a large wooden counter and fully-equipped wardrobes make the most authentic industrial design. The wardrobe area is equipped with two large 3-square-meter Container closets, multifunctional interior spaces equipped with laundry and pantry, allowing easy organization of all those daily living needs.

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