Contemporary corner kitchens

Contemporary corner kitchens

It sometimes happens to choose modern corner kitchens because the planimetric layout of the home or the location of the plants requires it. However, in other cases it is a real aesthetic choice, creatively stimulating, which gives the original touch to the environment. Several architects advise to avoid the hob or sink in the corner. However, often one of the reasons why you choose an angular composition is just to have a design hob with an important angular hood that focuses attention on that area. In this case, you start right from the base located in the corner to then develop the whole composition. There are several kinds of corner bases: the most classic, now obsolete, is cut in 45-degree planks, with a built-in oven or with a 60 cm flat door with a column oven. With this option, the hob can be a common built-in four-burner electric appliance, or five-burner, and centered on top.

Modern corner kitchens

As an alternative to what is stated in the previous paragraph, in modern corner kitchens, there are other furniture that, while being placed in line on one wall or the other, form a corner when combined with other bases, which, by developing a corner straight in the composition, do not allow the insert of the oven under the top, but provide a whole set of particularly useful interior equipment. It moves from simple shelves to comfortable rotating baskets, without forgetting the ingenious mechanisms made of stainless steel container trays that intersect inside and allow you to use the entire space available. This last solution is also less affordable, but among those listed is recommended if you really want to make the most of the corner space available, since, by opening the door, it is the entire containment structure that comes out completely, enabling it a full and rational use, plus a wealth of comfort.

Contemporary corner kitchens

In modern corner kitchens, special revolving and extractable mechanisms often favor optimal space utilization. In “elle” solutions, for example, the corner compartment, whose access is not easy because it is too deep, is exploited by dedicated devices. The corner structure, albeit tiny, is capable of containing everything you need without sacrificing any comfort. It should be emphasized that no doubt the variants with drawers, total drainage baskets or removable turntable shelves are more practical and large than traditional shelves. In order to gain valuable space, the top surface can be optimized for example with angular baking hobs, whose particular morphology allows greater comfort when cooking in stoves, especially when simultaneously using the four burners. The angular columns to be inserted into the space between the kitchen top and the wall units are a great solution: often equipped with removable baskets, are designed to hold kitchen utensils and small appliances.

Corner Kitchen

When you decide to buy a corner kitchen, this can happen by necessity but also because you want to give some characterization to the whole environment. Choosing the furniture of an angular kitchen is of particular importance to keep in mind what is the right size for the various complements and not to be dragged by the aesthetic factor alone. It is essential that the corner kitchen is functional and comfortable and that there are no problems with the use of work plans. Many companies propose angular models, thanks to the fact that, in addition to being characteristic elements, they also succeed in solving space problems in environments with particular conformation.

In modern corner kitchens, the L-shape allows you to create an operating triangle in which to carry out all the tasks related to washing, cooking and preparation of foods. If the two sides of the kitchen are long enough, there is enough space in the middle of the room to place the table, thus setting up the convivial area in which to gather and consume meals together. In some cases, there are two corners and therefore a U-composition, which allows for a much wider work plan. Whatever the aspect you choose for your own kitchen, it is important to place all the elements at the right distance so that you can move smoothly and save both time and effort. Do not overlook the internal equipment of the bases that make up the corner, corner shelves, rotating baskets and total extracting structures: fortunately, most of the compositions are suitable for the design of tailor-made projects that can meet both the needs and the tastes of individual customers. In the picture a composition of the Snaidero Orange Evolution kitchen: the insertion on the base of a 23 cm height socket allows you to recreate the suspended effect while offering greater ergonomics in the use of the operating zone. A style in line with topicality, characterized by primary volumes and “gentle” chromatic combinations.

Contemporary corner kitchens: Corner kitchens

Modern Corner kitchens are a fun and functional solution especially in small and medium-sized homes; if well-organized, they allow you to make the most of the two adjacent walls and especially the hinged space, which becomes a precious focus of operation. Manufacturers of modular kitchens provide a range of equipment including removable baskets, rotating baskets and columns, specially shaped shelves, rotating columns. A list that is enriched with several ad hoc appliances, especially those for cooking food. Superspecialized columns made of aluminum shutters can be used as terminal elements of a base line and can be created with a perfectly camouflaged, perfectly camouflaged storage room using the modern filomere doors. Any washing machine and everything you need to clean the kitchen will be hidden from the sight and the order will always be maintained with ease. It is always advisable to carefully take care of all the measurements of the kitchen, so not only the two walls that form the corner, before turning to a company in the industry; it will be easier to find the most suitable cooking model and composition. In the picture Erikan by Aran Kitchens: new materials such as Fenix, which are spreading at rhythms sustained in Italy, give a technological impression to the model; PET confirms its commitment to working with environmentally friendly and recyclable materials.

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