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When reflecting on the type of home you would like to build for yourself, you certainly think of a modern home, equipped with every comfort, functional and fascinating both externally and internally. All this because we are very influenced by the images of modern homes that are presented on special magazines or on the web and allow us to dream, to make our imagination work.
When we see the exterior of a beautiful house, it comes in fact spontaneous to think about how the interior will be externally so enjoyable and good looking. From then on, our curiosity drives us to such a point as to want to go to the envelopes or to think about how they are conceived. Surely they will not disappoint expectations! Whether the house is spacious or not, it does not matter. Architects and engineers are also able to transform a few square meters into fabulous homes and an incredible sophistication and comfort, without missing anything. Modular kitchens, bedroom in the lofts, wardrobes hidden in the scaffolding, spectacular bathrooms made of small spaces and fantastic natural lighting systems.

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Modern homes that are respected must have internal environments to the height of the situation, since everything has to be proportionate. This is done by experts who study the characteristics of the area where the house will be built (if rocky, at different levels) and customer needs and then propose alternatives of great architectural prestige.
We just think how architects and engineers are able to turn a crumbling deposit into a grand living structure, preserving what might be the place’s features, such as phenomenal times or majestic columns or taking advantage of the interior height of the property to create a sleeping area on the mezzanine they would raise. Special fireplaces in the center of the room, exposed stone walls that create a delightful effect. Not to mention the efficient organization of the spaces and the play of natural and artificial lights, lines and depths to give, even to small areas, a breadth ever thought. No centimeter, no niche is lost and the integration of external spaces with internal ones is perfect.

Published on Sep 16, 2017 | Cat: Design Interior | By Lisa